“ It is a well executed programme with my objectives met. I met more colleagues than I first stepped in to the programme, and I ended the programme with a good sense of belonging with Oracle. The activity is interesting and meaningful. And the lessons drawn out of it are super relevant and applicable to my private and professional life. The Facilitators kept it really fun and light. They have shown good knowledge and understanding of challenges large companies like Oracle. Superb Job TEAM! ”
– Madeline Tan, Program Services Manager, Oracle Corporation Singapore Pte Ltd

“The chance to interact with people from other teams.”
– Shuyun, Business Analyst, Asia Fusion Technology

“Thanks for the mosquito patches. Its really thoughtful of your TEAM!”
– Edwin Chua, Operations Executive, Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities

“Sasi is a very engaging Facilitator, well assisted by Berwin. Over all, it was a very successful programme and I am glad to be part of it. Would recommend FOCUS Adventure to my other colleagues. The meals were delicious!”
– Jacelyn KHOO, Manager, Ministry of Transport

“The teambuilding activity was very fun, interesting and interactive. It allows us to mingle with colleagues to brainstorm together on problems encountered. Through this, we get to see our strengths and weaknesses and this will certainly stand us in good stead in our course of work.”
– Khoo Swee Hoon, Project Manager, Bank of Singapore

“A new experience and yet within our ability and strength to do the task. The atmosphere was set right and energy is high.”
– Christina Tay, Executive PA, Allianz SE

“The energy level of the Facilitator, as well as how he could draw parallels between the lessons learnt from the activity and work.”
– Allianz SE

“Overall it was an enjoyable and fruitful teambuilding programme. Jeff has successfully transpired our key messages and objective of this programme.”
– Sulastri Binte Yusorh, Corporate Communications, Allianz SE

“We thank the organiser in their thoughtfulness in preparing the repellent patch and sunblock. Food Caterer is helpful and nice to give us extra rice and fruit. Thanks you YJ and TEAM for the activities and briefing and of course Yueting for providing us with the special price for this meaningful programme. Excellent Job.”
– Tim Chew, Training Officer, Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore

“Get to know my colleagues well and good environment.”
– CT Ong, Senior Director, Purchasing, Vishay Intertechnology Asia Pte Ltd

“It was a good opportunity to have the entire TEAM together to do many activities. It definitely increased the bonding level among the respective people.”
– Wataru Kageyama, CEO, The Unofficial Official Group Pte Ltd

“The Facilitators are fun-loving and friendly. This makes our day really enjoyable.”
– Monica, Senior Manager, Vishay Intertechnology Asia Pte Ltd

“Participants were highly motivated and exhibited good teamwork.”
– Linda Tan, Director, Vishay Intertechnology Asia Pte Ltd

“So far so good. keep up the good job.”
– SL Chin, Vishay Intertechnology Asia Pte Ltd

“The Facilitator is observant and able to spot suitable staff to participate in the ice breaker activity.”
– Mandy Lai, Regional HR Director, Vishay Intertechnology Asia Pte Ltd

“The enthusiasm of the Facilitators and their willingness to help everyone out was very endearing. Particularly, Jeff was very willing to share more about the DISC personality types and it made us want to better ourselves as well.”
– Kiranraj, Student, Nanyang Technological University

“The activities are fun and the TEAM is able to bond well during the programme.”
– Kwan KH, Principal Engineer, JTC Corporation 

“The Lego Serious Play! was a good activity to demonstrate the importance of effective communication between top management, mid management and operations. And the Sailing was fun and good teambonding!”
– Yeo May Teng, First Vice President, United Overseas Bank

“Everything was well-planned; The food was delicious; Safe environment to have fun; Funny Facilitators”
– Sharon Liu, Analyst, DBS Bank Ltd

“Well done to Mugan! He is able to lead and bring up the atmosphere to the group.”
– Ottilie Ng, Senior Admin Cum HR, Hitachi eBworx

“The programme had to be organised in our limited time frame so overall, the outcome meets expectations. A little more time on our side would have been better.”
– Loke Pooi Yen, Manager, Bayer (South East Asia) Pte Ltd

“Activity was fun and easy to pick up!”
– Sebastian Neo, Engineer, SP PowerGrid Ltd

“Facing my fears and making new friends.”
– Anubhav, DBS Bank Ltd

“All part of programme is the good experience for me.”
– Hoang Van Tue, SKF Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Met lot of new friends The activities were fun and had lot to learn”
– Krishnan Unni, Student, Nanyang Technological University

“The enthusiasm from the Facilitators were the most important factor in making this programme interesting. They were very interactive, and were able to get everyone excited and involved.”
– Vivian Tan, Graduate Associate, DBS Bank Ltd

“Activities were well planned. Execution was top-notch.”
– Kartik Kukreja, Student, Singapore Management University

“The opportunity to work together and be creative.”
– Lee Jun Yan, Student, Nanyang Technological University

“Friendly and fun Facilitator, fast in creating the video and to watch it together, getting one picture at the end.”
– Lien, Digital Manager, BSH Home Appliances Pte Ltd

“Very professional work and preparation. Keep up your good work  ”
– Pat, Sales, Oracle Corporation Singapore Pte Ltd

“That was complete fun for me! Amazing time!”
– Takashige Nojima, Align Technologies Pte Ltd

“A programme like this will be made good and effective if the Facilitator is as good and effective, kudos to Sasi. Well done mate. It goes the same to the other Facilitators.”
– Boyet Cabrera, Principal Technical Accounts Manager, Oracle Corporation Singapore Pte Ltd

“Thank you for the lessons learned and the fun that was shared today. I have been to a lot of teambuilding programmes but today was different. The activity today showed how people of different backgrounds and cultures will work together for a common goal. The Build-A-Bike Challenge! was a welcome, eye-opening and heart warming challenge. Thanks to Sasi, our Facilitator. God bless everyone!”
– Boyet Cabrera

“Having fun together and sharing the insight feelings for each programme of this learning.”
– Ong Beng Huat, Branch Manager, SKF Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“The pace was just nice. Appreciate the restroom with showers. Very considerate with the provision of repellent and sunscreen. Thank you!”
– Boehringer Ingelheim Singapore Pte Ltd

“Work as a TEAM at the Team Challenge Pyramid! Encourage and look after each other.”
– Ferrine, Purchasing Exe, Lingjack Engineering Works Pte Ltd

“Interesting concept on The Domino Challenge! in bringing in the core values and mission of our organisation.”
– Evonik Oil Additives Asia

“Facilitators are friendly, professional, encourage and humours. Hotel dinner arrangement was excellent, venue, food etc. Overall, very good and positive feedback from my staff.”
– Esther Chan, HR Manager, Lingjack Engineering Works Pte Ltd

“Every member in the TEAM is important whether they are 5 cents or 10 cents worth of contribution.”
– Michael Salonga, Assistant Manager, Raffles Medical Group

“People from different departments come together to work on a common goal.”
– Sean, Senior Executive, Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd

“Good overall experience. Went with low expectations and left greatly impressed.”
– Filbert Tay, Assistant Manager, Raffles Medical Group

“I feel the whole programme is well organised. I enjoyed myself very much. Thank you for the effort.”
– Rae, Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd

“All staff are involve into the Lego Serious Play activities. It is interesting!”
– Veronica Joo, Senior Programme Executive, Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd

“Friendly and humorous Facilitators; interesting questions for the Lego Serious Play activity which make us think out of the box and just be creative in creating the Lego pieces together.”
– Janelle Chua, Programme Executive, Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd

“The part where we have a chance to work with different departments and get to know them in real life.”
– Belinda Teo, Programme Executive, Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd

“A day full of activities and food:)”
– Mary Yuh, Global Learning, Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd

“The Facilitator(Sasi) is good and engaging. He has the right amount of character and personality and joke to make the programme lively. Thank you.”
– Johan, Senior Executive, Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd

“Everyone in the TEAM was friendly, helpful and willing to do their best in the area of expertise. Again very impressed with FOCUS Adventure. Thank you guys!!!”
– Tiurma Borutupang, Officer, Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd

“As usual, the TEAM from FOCUS(Sauyan and Sasi) is flexible and responsive to our needs. The teambuilding programme was well-coordinated on the day of programme. The professionalism and effort put in by the TEAM made us(the organisers) feel confident about whole programme. Thank you and look forward to more working opportunities in future.”
– Angela Phua, Senior Executive, Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd