“Everyone enjoyed themselves, learned something from each other and learn to work together even though they do not really interact with each other at work. ”
Wendy Chang
HR Director, LaSalle Investment Management Asia Pte Ltd
“FAcilitators were engaging and pleasant. Activities were fun overall. ”
Tan Xue Si
Software Engineer, Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd
“The engaging and energetic FAcilitators, Tim and Sasi. ”
Edmund Chong
Cabin Services Executive, SIA
“Keeping to time. Get opportunity to meet colleagues from other departments and work on tasks together. ”
Leck KJ
Patent Examiner, Intellectual Property Office
"The program was helpful as we made new friends, got to know about each other and most importantly learned team work. ”
Savneet Kaur
Student, Singapore Management University
“The delegation of tasks was crucial towards building a collective learning experience for those involved. ”
Mochammad Abdurrachman Nurramdhany
Mr, Singapore Management University
“Overall I had a very pleasant experience throughout the whole programme. FOCUS did a great job organizing, coordinating, running the whole show as well as taking care of everyone on-site with very cheerful and friendly smiles. Wonderful job, Team!!! ”
Senior Executive, Colt Technology
“This is probably the most effective team building exercise I have participated in through my career. ”
Richard Tregeagle
Chubb Singapore Private Limited
“It was very fun!! We played our hearts out and it was a very good way to release stress. Felt more committed and grateful to the company after the programme. ”
Lim Qian Ying
Executive Assistant, SP Group
“Got to know more colleagues and learn what they do. This is the best teambuilding which was succesful in mixing the various teams. ”
Parames Ram
Manager, Intellectual Property Office
“The games were fun and interesting. Overall, everybody had a good time. Thanks! ”
Account Director, Colt Technology
“A good opportunity to interact with other departments. Otherwise everyone will be busy at work. ”
Jonathan Ho
Senior Executive, Singapore Institute
“Friendly FAcilitators, flexible agenda arrangement. ”
Leong Wei-Xiang
MA, UOB Limited
“Working together with other people to overcome many different challenges. ”
Marcus Tan
Executive Engineer, SIA
“The outdoor activities were fun, challenging and inculcated the importance of team collaboration and flexibility to adjust strategy to meet the desired outcome. ”
Ador Sunga
Senior Business Partner, Enterprise Singapore (IT),
“The activities were really fun and goal oriented. They were interactive and made us think beyond our personal goals. ”
Student, Singapore Management University
“The FAcilitators were amazing, the weather was great, and the rowing was unexpectedly fun! ”
J.D. Power Asia Pacific
“Something out of the ordinary from other training modules provided, interesting to experience the course (rock climbing and belay). Transport and food were provided as well. Very good. ”
Hooi Ying Yi
Oversea-Chinese Banking
“Getting to know each other better and able to work closely to help each other to achieve the goal together ”
Yeo Seak Li
Business Analysis Order fulfillment & Management, Besi Singapore Pte. Ltd
“Activities were fun and made engaging sort of compulsory. Not any one person were idling. Types of activity are just about right for us, in terms of duration and for our size. Looks kind of custom made for us (even though it is truly not since the Low Elements that we used for the activities are fixed). So, thank you very much! Believed all of us have had a great day and time, hope you guys enjoyed the session as well! ”
Underwriting Assistant, Skuld Singapore