Sharing experiences
-Pang Kok Meng, A*Star

Having fun.
-Connie Cheah, Alpha

Fun enjoyable Facilitator in appropriate and relaxed environment!
-Justina, Alpha

It was really a fun and unforgetable experience. It was also wonderful to be able to bond with the new employees. Thank you.
-Phyllis Ong, At-Sunrice

The activities were well planned and executed in accordance with the pace of the participants.
-Tan Kok Wah, At-Sunrice

The activities and Energizers are the key areas that made The Team Building Challenge! a pleasant experience.
-Chew Weng Leong, CPF

Overall activities are fun and interesting. A fresh experience.
-Gina, CPF

The countryside location – very relaxing The nature of the final challenge/task: cooking = fun
-Larry Reynolds, CPF

I enjoyed cooking and the activity to build the team together via cooking (The Cooking Challenge!) is certainly my cup of tea!
-Lee Lai Ping, CPF

Everything had been well organized.
-Mah Pei Wen, CPF

Grouping of behavior known as DISC. Help us to better understand the others’ personalities if we are able to identify their group.

Able to mingle with everyone.
-Therena Lim, CPF

Great memories!
-Tan You Han, Diageo

Showing the video of the whole episode within just half an hour was just amazing. The speed at which you were operating was admirable.

With all the helpful Facilitators around!

The outdoor challenges!
-Shanmugam s/o Natchiappan, Halcon

Location of the course, type of activites planned and the facilities.
-George Teo, IHIS

1)Some of our colleagues which we everyday see each others but do not communicate. Through this we started talking and know each other better. 2)I realised Teamwork is very important especially to a big organisation like Infineon
-Jade Teng, Infineon

Activities and events were really fun and enjoyable.
-Kelvin Tan, Infineon

All the activities with its meaning behind.
-Ong Hui Ming, Infineon

Good organization, good balance between thought and play.
-Pei Ying, Infineon

Helpful FOCUS Team.
-Sharon Choong, Infineon

Fun and meaningful activities.
-Sindy, Infineon

Fantastic work by the Pauline, Shan, and the rest of the FOCUS Team in arranging and conducting the programme. The Energizers really got the crowd going, and the activities in USS was a real blast. Well done!
-Desmond Neo, MAS

It was nice to getting to know many people on this occasion and looking forward to have another chance to see them as well as the Facilitators and Instructors.
-Yasuko Shimizu, Mitsu

Fun, interesting and exciting!
-Lynette, MOM

The activities played together as a Team were interesting and we indeed displayed Teamwork during the activities.
-Sze Mun, MOM

Good Facilitator who knows how to build up the energy and interaction during the event.
-Elizabeth, NORIS

Out of Singapore, and Out of work stress. No crowd, no disturbances, no worries!
-Joshua Goh, NORIS

This is my first time having Team Building. It give us some experience in adventures.
-Latipah Binte Hitam, NORIS

-Tobey, NORIS

The Team Building Challenge! was fun and I learned to communicate much better with my colleagues.

Everyone had fun during Team Building.

I loved the challenge of the pyramid – wanted to right be up
-Annette, Omgeo

I had so much fun!
-Ailene, UOB

The indoor activities and the picutre taking!!!
-CarolineAsuncion, UOB

The venue is so nice and enjoyable.
-Elijah, UOB

Everything is great!
-Harold Piz Jison, UOB

Two thumbs up!
-Ian Gabriel, UOB

Skyride and Luge
-Jane, UOB

-Keeve Phua, UOB

The skyride and luge was fun.
-Melanie, UOB

Rafting was fun!
-Xiao Yun, UOB

The Facilitator is fantastic, able to bring the team to FOCUS on our tasks. All the activities are nicely designed for all ages to participate in. Great venue. Overall experience is great especially Team-bonding activities and Energizers!
-Ng Wee Ling Dawn, Changi Airport

Good pace and clear instructions 98% of the time, able to engage audience and improvised where neccessay, good job Dean!
-Terence Chua, Changi Airport

-Chen Wei Wei, CLS

-Jinan, CLS

Friendly Facilitators and good workout.
-Nike, Dell

The emphasis of involving every participant and the importance of UNITY, regardless.
-Rosnani Saini, GEA

Overall very good group activities in order to strenghten the Team spirit. Just continue like that.
-Sven Mario Jadzinski, GEA

The assistance and patience from Facilitators. They are humble and always smiling despite that we are rather demanding and can be difficult.

The Cooking Challenge! enabled each individual to showcase their strengths and sharing of resources to make the impossible Possible. Thus we are all Winners of the Challenge!

A great activity for bonding!

One of the best Team Building I ever had.

The Team Building activities. Really enjoy!!!
-Tan Chay Hua, HP

Beach volleyball !!!
-Sanjay, JP Morgan

Great Facilitators!
-Wei Ling, JP Morgan

Personally, this is my third time with FOCUS Adventure and am pleased that you guys have keep up to the standard. Keep it up!
-Melinda Chia, Johnson&Johnson

The activities organised especially The Rollercoaster Challenge! and Rafting.
-Agnes Kok, LTA (SAI)

1) Interaction with colleagues through informal, fun activities allowed me to see a different side of some which will enable me to build a better rapport with them at work. 2) Through the activities, I am reminded how we can achieve win-win situations through collaboration.
-Adeline Tang Oi Ping, Mizuho

Teambonding. Fun.
-Doreen Teo, NETS

The challenges were tough but it became a lot easier with the energy coming from the Team and even from the Facilitators of the event. It is truly a memorable experience and a worthwhile learning activity for all.
-Tricia Leh, OMGEO

The Faciliator injected a lot of fun during the session.
-Chen Chai Kim, Pei Tong

Joey was a great facilitator! He was able to connect very well with the group. Kudos to him!
-Jenny Lim, Pei Tong

I liked the way it was being facilitated. What is the possibility of teachers joining your company for a work attachement?
-Lim Teo Kwee, Pei Tong

The activities were challenging and the post-activity discussions helped the participants to reflect and learn about teamwork values.
-Nor Hapifah bte Othman, Pei Tong

Interaction amongst the participants is key to building a team, esp after a full year where the people just work and work, so this is a time to let the hair down and intermingle with one another.
-Teh Kee Huat, Pei Tong

Like the outdoor activities, not too demanding but yet allow team building.
-Teo Eng Hong, Pei Tong

The outdoor challenges.
-Thila Natarajan, Pei Tong

Learning and team building is made fun.
-Tricia, Pei Tong

The vegetarian food is good.
-Yvonne Ng, Pei Tong

Fun and something you dont mind doing without thinking hard.
-Pei Tong

The activities and the post-game review : )
-Pei Tong

High Elements
-Tan Chin Yeap, Roechling

Lots of interaction with my colleagues with the activities well planned. I had lots of FUN and enjoyed myself very much. I love hearing laughters of my colleagues and those around me;)
-Christina Gee, Singtel

The relevance of the activities to what I had in mind for the Team.
-Caleb, Surbana

It’s a great bonding time with my colleagues and getting to know them. It added to my confidence and determination to finish the task. I can apply these in real life – in despite of hardship I still continue the battle by trusting myself and the people around me.
-Lorelie Indionela, Surbana

The challenge is variant and creative. It touches different aspects of life. It’s interesting to get to know different reactions in different situations.
-Rut Nurhayati A, Surbana

The Facilitators were great – they know what they are doing and saying. The Amazing Race and The Cooking Challenge were 2 things I have never done as well as things which no other dept in Vestas has done for their Team Building so that I was happy with.
-Murniati, Vestas