1) Facilitators were engaging and encouraging. It was a non-stressful and enjoyable experience at the activities. 2) Activities were planned such that every participant, including those who are more quiet, can get involved. 3) Thoughtful take-home messages.
– Saw Huiyi, Assistant Manager, Duke NUS Graduate Medical School

“The key takeaways were essential at the end of each activity. They helped us relate it back to school context.”
– Adeline, Teacher, CHIj Our Lady of the Nativity Primary

“Highly effective activity in : – getting to know the new team – understanding the correlation to dynamics of working in diverse teams and meeting the common objectives.”
– Ruchir, Product Manager, Zimmer Pte Ltd

“We are still bowled over the programme. Special thanks to Sasi and team for the awesome job done. It wasn’t my first FOCUS programme; and I know it won’t be my last either Thank you for being so accommodative to our requests and thank you for putting all this together smoothly.”
– Ahneesah, Nanyang Technological University

“I enjoyed the two challenge activities which tested our ability to think and react. It encourages strong teamwork and bonding.”
– Andrew Ong, Senior Associate, Ministry of Home Affairs

“It was an enjoyable day out of office with other colleagues from different department; Seeing how each individual behaves and being team players. Some of the activities actually made us realized that one should sometimes slow down and think through before acting; which could end up with very different results.”
– Irene Chik, Office Manager, AET Tankers Pte Ltd

“Excellence team you have that made the programme a success. Positive feedback from the participants and we are looking forward to have more opportunity to have fun with FOCUS Adventure.”
– Seow Ping, Bromma Asia

“KUDOS to Joey, Wendy and Toro for the time and effort. On behalf of the Balloon Sculpting Interest Group, I would like to express my sincere thanks for making this programme a great success. My volunteers have feedback that they have enjoyed themselves and felt that their whole Sunday was well-spent. CHEERS!”
– Tan Hou Meng, Manager, People’s Association

“The challenges were not that difficult but not that easy. The location and venue is conducive to the activities.”
– Erwin Suner, Manager, Pacific Refreshments Pte Ltd

“The Challenges for teambuilding were good. It made the team to think and work together to complete the task.”
– Phang Kum Kong, Manager, Pacific Refreshments Pte Ltd

“The ability to make something and give back to society was meaningful.”
– Eunice, Pacific Refreshments Pte Ltd

“Hi TEAM, thanks for the wonderful afternoon session. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the programme. Thanks again for the fun programme!”
– Divya Mukundan, Finance, Hewlett Packacd Enterprise

“The Facilitators cheerful and upbeat disposition helped to make a warm afternoon.”
– Eu Mei Lan, Assistant Vice President, UOB

“The Facilitator managed to make everyone feel at ease and everyone was having fun while learning.”
– AET Tankers Pte Ltd

“Firstly, Sasi and team did an excellent job in raising the energy of the participants. There were also very sharp in understanding the teams dynamics and able to apply facility accordingly. And overall FOCUS Adventure did a fantastic job. They will definitely be the teambuilding company of my choice!”
– Linda Vincent, Senior HR Manager, Elizabeth Arden (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“Was good to be out in a casual environment with everyone and work in a completely different manner together. Listening, learning and laughing together to build a better team.”
– Kim, HSBC Trustee (Singapore) Limited

“I love fish and water so the colours sight was a wonderful stress breaker from work. The activity was light fun.”
– May Kwong , HR Advisor , ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Very fun with interesting team activities to bring everyone together!”
– Soh Eng Wei, Regional HR Senior Manager, Teva Pharmaceutical Investment Singapore Pte Ltd

“The humor of the Facilitator makes it more fun for the afternoon.”
– Merry Goh, Finance Executive, Ministry of Manpower

“The programme duration was perfect as it was not too lengthy and capture the participants attention.”
– Michael Han, UOB

“Size of teams were just right to easily move around to collect answers for the photo quizzes and tackle the challenges, everyone in the team had a chance to participate. Mosquito repellent was provided to every team which is a huge essential! =)”
– You Haiquan, UOB

“Lead Faciliator was very enthusiatic, explained activities rules clearly.”
– Wan Cheng, Analyst, Johnson & Johnson Pte Ltd

“The Facilitators are energetic and fun loving! They bring the energy level of the group up right the start, a great way to start the day! Great job, thanks!”
– Goh Yiqin, HR Advisor,  Singapore Economic Development Board

“Good programme – the outdoors and indoor activities, great Facilitator!”
– Cindy Koh, Director, Singapore Economic Development Board

“Facilitators, photographer/videographer carried out their tasks well. The programme was carried out smoothly without any awkward moments.”
– Kaelyn, HR Associate, OMRON Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“It was a good bonding ground with my colleagues and had great fun.”
– Salim Bin Hassan Mohamed, Executive Officer, Law Society of Singapore

“All the activities aside from The Incredible Race! were fun and promotes teambonding. Even though we did The Incredible Race! in the rain, ponchos were provided for us so the rain did not prove to be an obstacle towards us completing the race. Also we were provided tablets to help us in the programme, something that is a first time experience for me.”
– Gillian Tan, Manager, Singapore Workforce Development Agency