“ Good logistics preparation, friendly and approachable staffs. FOCUS staffs very readily accept even challenges that were posed upon them and demonstrated quick and swift response which normally I do not see from other courses Facilitators. ”
-Lee Kok Boon, Assistant Manager, PPL Shipyard

Fun and Exciting.
-Victor Lagura, Project Engineer, ALFA LAVAL

Simplicity and Facilitator.
-Melinda Darabont, HR Manager, Autodesk

The program for The Geocaching Challenge! was well-prepared. The program was effective in building cooperation among the Team members and executing and delivering on their respective assigned roles. Location was convenient and the weather cooperated.
-David Osachoff, Regional Marketing Manager, BHP

Valuable time spent with the rest of the Department.

-Kwan Kok Seng, Engineer, CERTIS CISCO

Working as Team is important.
-Noor Fairuz, Admin Officer, CERTIS CISCO

Able to meet everyone and knew them well. Able to interact with each other in openly; Communication, suggestion, exchange ideas, FOCUS, discussion, feedback before start any of the activities that we had on the day and deliver / achieve them all at the end of the programme.
-Noraini, Project Admin Officer, CERTIS CISCO

The activities helped to build rapport and everyone has enjoyed.
-Quek Pei San, Executive, CERTIS CISCO

Understanding and knowing each other; Sharing of experience as a Team.
-Elaine Feng, VP, DBS

Keep up the good job and add more new interesting stories.
-Heru, AVP, DBS

Learning by participating in activities and grasping the core of the subject or the objective to relate to our job responsibility.
-Ulina, Staff, DBS

Experiential learning behavioural insights, especially around Teamwork were very useful.
-Sydney DSouza, Head – Op Risk (India), DBS

Well-organized and full of fun.
-Chan H N, Regional Controller, GE

Location identification was exciting.
-Sivakoti varaprasad, Finance systems analyst, GE

Good Job!
-William Wong, Marketing Manager, H.B. Fuller

In my opinion, I think the activity, where we need to touch the numbers in ascending order, was quite interesting. It really makes me think that we should not have a fixed mindset when dealing with the different situations/challenges that we encountered each time we re-enter the room. I think this applies to the real world where there is a need to change our mindset in order to overcome any challenges.
-Han Xinchi, Regulatory Executive, HSA

We had time together for understanding each other, and had the time of playing, learning and growing together. There are many laughters and smiling faces that we have never seen.
-Grace Sun, Regulatory Affairs, KARL STORZ

-Ronald Ng Gundran, Technology Service Engineer, KARL STORZ

Inspirational, full of energy, fun and it was really good bonding session.
-Masshita Amjah, Sales Admin Executive, Kraft

Teamwork is fun!

Able to understand each other better.
-Staff, LTA

Overall it give us the chance to explore and to discover how to support each other, base on trust also get the chance to communicate with internal audit staff understand them better.
-Staff, LTA

Synergy. Seeing the Team coming together with one mind working toward a common goal. I see the spirit of Team Building…
-Chow Wee Kong, Senior Engineer, LTA

To be able to explore getting to know colleagues from audit division better
-Florence Soh Bee Hong, ADA, LTA

This activity of the banana boat challenge is one which requires everyone to work together in order to get to our destination smoothly. The fun experienced while carrying out this activity brought everyone closer together.
-Josephine, ERS, LTA

-Lee Siew Gnee, ESVO(L), LTA

Happy to be participate.
-Ng Swee Siong, Spada, LTA

Well-organised activities.
-Vincent Leong, DPM, LTA

I felt the synergy among the group while playing The Banana Boat Challenge!. With the many helping hands,all in one mind, working together for a common objective. This is the spirit of Team Building actually!
-Wilson, HENO, LTA

I believe its the interaction of those different handshakes and also the afternoon activities which made different people really interacting around beyong their groups. Good Job i would say ! 
-Zhuo Ruiyi, Enginerring Officer, LTA

Well Done ! We had enjoyed ourselves thoroughly !
-Pauline Chong, Head of Corporate Development & Services, MOM

Good logistics preparation, friendly and approachable staffs. FOCUS staffs very readily accept even challenges that were posed upon them and demonstrated quick and swift response which normally I do not see from other courses Facilitators.
-Lee Kok Boon, Assistant Manager, PPL Shipyard

1) The people are friendly and fun 2) The location is close to nature and is comfortable.
-Low Ping Seong, Project Manager, PPL Shipyard

I love the event. I wish we could spend more time as Team bonding is the right tool for a successful company.
-Muhd Faizal Shah, Asst. HSE Engineer, PPL Shipyard

Very usefull for job,Teamwork, co ordination and co operation.Well time spent,very fun!!!
-Nagarajan Mathiazhagan, Asst.supervisor, PPL Shipyard

How the Facilitators adjust to the pace and personalities involved. Our group had a very mixed crowd yet the Facilitator especially Dean, managed to make sure that everyone had fun and learn at the same time.
-Nina Lorraine, Training Executive, PPL Shipyard

The way of presentation nice and effective..
-Yeduru venu gopala rao, Engineer, PPL Shipyard

This course managed to bring out my strengths and area of improvement. It helped me to adjust my leadership skills for further improvement.

The excellent staff welfare provided, constant communication built between participants and Facilitators and the hot weather, of course! 
-Herda Bahri, Prison Officer, PRISON

Self belief and self trust towards your Team-mate. ( The Rope Challenge! )
-Kamsol Bin Paiman, Chief Warder, Prison

-Mabel, Cluster SD, Prison

Sentosa is a great place for a getaway from my daily work routine and the activities are good fun.
-Mike Tan Y.K, Staff, PRISON

The staffs are well trained. And hope to join your organisation one day.
-Muhammad Haeikal Bin Abdullah Hew, Prison Officer, Prison

Had fun throughout all the activities and challenges. Especially The Laser Combat Challenge!
-Muhd Adib Akmal, Personal Supervisor, PRISON

Teamwork and how to solve the problem on all the activities.Whatever I learn from this course I will apply in my daily works and share with my family members.
-Narayasamy S/O Gobal, P.S., Prison

The organization of the 5-day course was excellent, esp the coordination between the various sites, etc.
-Shahril, Senior Officer, PRISON

The programme was able to engage participants and help build Team spirit. The playback of the video was a good ending to the programme. However, I do question the effectiveness of the boggle game for the purpose of Team Building. Having said that, it was a memorable session and thanks for that!

The safety concerns and the various activities were very pleasant and ideal for the training.
-Cheang Yew Kong Andrew, Oc Logistics, PRISON

The key punch activity which also served as a good ice breaker for the various Teams. Avenue for new Team members to get to know each other and creating our own fun and laughter. Thanks to the Facilitator as well.
-Jesline Wong, Human Resources Manager, PRUDENTIAL

1. Facilitators approach 2. Design of the programme created the bonding amongst the peers.
-Lee Foong Mey, Specialist, PRUDENTIAL

Facilitators arrived early and started on the preparation work which is necessary for our Team of 70 people. Great work in raising the energy levels early in the morning for a Team which comprise of regional colleagues
-Kelly Chong, Management Assistant, Rolls-Royce

Team building Activity!
-Hub head, SAF

Matter of fact approach.
-Kumaran, Presales, SAP

The activities were very fresh and innovative. Not like the typical Team Building activities that I would have expected. There was often a twist to the objective of the activity making the learning all the more memorable.
-Gladys Chiu, Solution Advisor, SAP

The activities had bonded myself with other participants closer and could relate to them better.
-Andy Tay, Lead Service Coordinator, Schneider

Structured and the variation of activities
-Joakim Stjernberg, Director, Schenker

The programs are dedicated designed, well prepared and effectively delivered. The Facilitators are friendly and professional.
-Seraph Zhang, Business Analysis, Schenker

Its very Good and Nice….
-Kumar, Facilities Engineer, Schneider

FOCUS Adventure Team Members are FUN!
-Shirley, Channel Sales, Schneider

Location is a surprise. Amazed that with limited resources (ingredients + cutlery), we are all able to cook up delicious food and creative presentations!
-Doreen See, MSO, Singapore Polytechnic

Challenging physical and mental activity, Well-organized.
-Bryan Ogden, Director, Singhealth

Good Planning.
-Fook Khoon, Vet Asst, Singhealth

Working together to achieve the same goal. Everyone play an important part and we feel being cherished.
-Lee Wing Sum, Research Associate, Singhealth

When all staff members came together as a cohesive Team playing different roles and yet respecting the guidance of a strong leader. Whilst result-orientated, the Team did not forget the 5Cs by helping those who lack behind along the way.
-Maria Leong Siow Wan, Admin Assistant, Singhealth

The efficiency of the Facilitators!
-Stephanie Ng, Research Executive, Singhealth

Team Building Experience.
-Muhamad Iqbal, Operations Officer, SPF

First time experience with the Geocaching activity.
-Adrian, Intel Officer, SPS

Professionally organised.
-Ayub Mohd, Senior Prison Officer, SPS

Venue is good but food is not so good.
-Robin, SPO, SPS

Friendly Facilitators.
-Tan Aik Tong, Prison Officer, SPS

High energy level good engagement good Facilitation
-Victor, Staff, WDA

The messages are well delivered through out the activities.
-Jon, Chiung-Fang, Hsu, Staff, ZIMMER

Good people from the APR region
-Kerry Foote, Staff, ZIMMER

-Kathleen Rutherford, Staff, ZIMMER

I feel good!
-Kazuhito Miida, Staff, ZIMMER

-Sirirat Jantavongvanich, Staff, ZIMMER