“ The programme was a huge success and rated by our colleagues as the best of all programmes we had so far. The whole programme and activities were well organised and kudos to the FOCUS Facilitator. We all had an enjoyable time and great teambonding with colleagues across departments. All the activities including the energisers were well-planned and executed. Hats off to the Instructor for preparing the slideshow in a short period and it was very thoughtful of your Team to send us all the photos and videos. Even those who couldn’t make it, had vicarious fun watching the video. ”
– Vidya Jayaraman, Development Consultant Specialist, CSG International

“The venue is great. Thumbs up to FOCUS Adventure staff involved in our programme from the planning stage to the execution stage.”
– Muhammad Irfan N R, Executive Officer, National Institute Of Education

“Everyone enjoyed the learning, especially our partners from Europe and US. All these were possible because of your excellent project management, Totok’s mastery with the video and photo, and Jeffray and Team on the rafting logistics readiness. WE worked as a TEAM.”
– Abdul Wahid, REC Solar Pte Ltd

“In retrospect, my colleagues and I have the following things to say:

–    The Team had a good fun over the entire programme and came back to the office re-energized and more engaged
–    Half-day programme for 11 people was enough to achieve our goal to provide a venue to promote bonding within the Team; full-day would have been too taxing and tiring
–    Personally I find the introductory/warm-up activities a little dry and something to be improved on
–    Dean and his Team were very good hosts, all flexible and responsive to our needs (e.g. time adjustment, break, etc.)
–    Overall, we had an enjoyable time and we appreciate the help provided

Thanks and until next time!”
– Che, Team Leader, Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Dear FOCUS Team, I have received great feedback from my Team on the wonderful and productive Teambuilding programme in US – Sentosa. Many thanks for organising this and looking forward to the next programme in Singapore.”
– Gaelle Ndjeuya, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“Hi Christine, we had a great time at the programme. Damien and the rest of the Facilitators did an excellent job. Thank you!”
– Jernice Li, Senior Compliance Expert, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“Dear Christine, thank you so much to you and your Team for leading and organising such an amazing Teambuilding programme for us. It was really super! Many thanks!”
– Huda, Personal Assistant , Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP

“The activity at USS was a nice time to bond with fellow colleagues outside of the office and you get to see the other (fun) side of them  ”
– Nadia, Executive, Singapore Management University

“The activities are well-planned, and the Facilitator took the time to ensure everyone understood how the activities are carried out, and also the significance of each of the activities. The activities are also simple to follow and be carried out. The food catered is good too, definitely a booster for the Teambuilding programme.”
– Lim Wei Shyong, Executive, Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan

“Dear Hwee Li and Team FOCUS Adventure, thank you for a good programme, for all the enlightening messages, and for guiding us to think beyond what we can…. We would like to express our appreciation to Joey Ng and his Teammates. The Team has helped us and encouraged us along the way… Very professional and dedicated group. We have lots of fun and have lots of takeaways after the programme. Definitely, a good programme to recommend to other companies! Keep going FOCUS Adventure!”
– Grace Yang, Assistant Director, Suntec Singapore

“We can work together through play and know each other better. There is Teamwork. Participants contributed their ideas and knowledge in their different ways in solving problems. We can solve problem by seeking help from other Teams. As the navigator, I got to learn how to use the GPS. At first there is a mental block to learn something new. However, we managed to overcome it. Lesson learnt: If we make effect and try, we can still acquire new skill/knowledge.”
– Lim Choon Seng, Manager, Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan

“The Facilitators were actually quite nice and did a good job in sense of presenting and hosting the programme! It was a funny and easy atmosphere. The outdoor activity was not too bad but due to the heat, it was rather difficult. It felt like rushing through the activities, just to get it over fast to get out of the sun. If it had not been so hot with a too aggressive sun,the activity would have been better to enjoy.”
– Corning Singapore Holdings Pte Ltd

“The activities were creative to associate with the current work situation. It stimulated thinking.”
– Preiyaa, Manager, Land Transport Authority

“The activities done in the morning, the balancing of plank, cable walk and the numbers activity was fun, that created bonding with Team members.”
– Kiruthika, Land Transport Authority

“I think its the fun factor(The Incredible Race!) that made this Teambuilding an enjoyable one, even though it was under the hot sun.”
– Francine, Quality Service Officer, Land Transport Authority

“Strategise to complete the activities, and build a good synergy among the Teams. Good communication and coordination that make the activities success.”
– Ling Yng Yng, Assistant Director, Singapore Management University

“The Mobile Adventure Programmes were really fun and pretty cool that activities can be done in a small space with so much fun.”
– Shirley Soh, Manager, Singapore Management University

“It was very exciting experience that we talked frankly to each other with participants who were from different culture and expertise. And we could be one Team at last.”
– Katsunori Ubunai, Product Manager, Ecolab Pte Ltd