“ The whole experience was very enjoyable and fun. Facilitator was able to bring in lots of fun and at the same time highlighting the important learning points for the whole team to back after the activities. An excellent Facilitator. We would not hesitate to engage FOCUS for our future teambuilding programme. ”
– Shannen Ang, Senior Counsellor, Sage Counselling Centre

“The ability of incorporating the company message into the fun and imparting them in a casual manner. Well done! ”
– Damien Goh, General Sales Manager, Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages Pte Ltd

“Engery checking part was really fun. When diving into groups, method used was fun and natural which led to a good mix of staff from different departments.”
– Felicia See, Manager, Home Nursing Foundation

“Good programme managed by good Facilitator.”
– Wilson Yau, Vice President, Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd

“Friendly Facilitator who gave very clear instructions throughout the programme.”
– Feng Han, Manager, Singapore Customs

“The teamwork and the enthusiasm of some of the team members were some good experience and could bring in the experience to our work.”
– Tan Ru Sheng, Key account, Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages Pte Ltd

“I liked The Incredible Race! and the the activities were very fun for the second day indoors. Overall very good, had fun!”
– Shanti, Assistant Executive, Nanyang Technological University

“The Facilitator is very knowledgeable. the role-play and peer learning from sharing experiences the activities were an excellent reflection on our abilities to not only cope with, but embrace change with a positive attitude and a great can-do spirit. Its relevant and useful to my work.”
– Joanna Lai, Support Staff, Nanyang Technological University

“The lead Facilitator, Mugan is really good. He knows exactly our requirements after speaking to him. I am really thankful that he came back in time to lead our programme.”
– Oh Hui Peng, Strategic Sales Effectiveness Manager, Coca-Cola Singapore Beverages Pte Ltd

“I really enjoyed the activities, never a boring moment!  ”
– Nurashikin, Senior Library Executive, Nanyang Technological University

“The programmes offered on embrace change was good.”
– Vanitha Murugayen, Senior Library Executive, Nanyang Technological University

“We had a great time in Melaka, and we have received lots of positive feedbacks from our colleagues about The Incredible Race! I believe most of them, including us, have truly enjoyed themselves very much. Kudos to the FOCUS Adventure group, especially to Mugan, for the fantastic work!

Below are the feedback from our end:
1)    We had great chemistry with Mugan & team, and thanks for accommodating all the last minute changes due to the over-run of our earlier session.
2)    Mugan has done a fantastic job on stage, and even my CEO is singing praises of him.

There are some other minor hiccups here and there, but overall the programme is a huge success!

Thanks you once again! =)”
– Oh Hui Peng, Coca-cola Singapore Beverages

“Be able to interact and bond with other team members.”
– Eleanor, Manager, Pacific Refreshments Pte Ltd

“We really were very pleased with the programme, and I’d like to provide a few specific comments. Yong Jun and TEAM were wonderful, organised, professional, friendly, responsive and knowledgeable. YJ and TEAM facilitated a very successful programme, and brought in our theme of embracing change in very nice ways. The handling of some unexpected incident was exceptional such as the bus breakdown and especially the loss of a passport.  I cannot thank Lindsay, Heather, Tze Hao and Mugan enough for the expert handling of this situation. The Incredible Race! was very good and everyone enjoyed it. The Facilitators were excellent, engaging, energetic and fun! The second day activities were very well connected to change by the Facilitators thus I was very pleased about that. The stay at Hatten Hotel Melaka and the Peranakan Dinner at Equatorial Hotel were very good! Many thanks to all for an excellent retreat and everyone had a very good time; they loved seeing the photos and videos of our adventures! ”
– Dianne, Nanyang Technological University

“Your team had been very supportive and helpful in dealing with our proposal and I really appreciate Gladys quick responsiveness to all our need! Thank you very much and looking forward to work with your great team in future projects. ”
– Anna Wong, LVMH Watch & Jewellery Singapore Pte Ltd

“I found the Lego Serious Play experience the most useful.”
– Yiukamyuesther, Sage Counselling Centre

“It was good experience and learn new things.”
– Nazim Tamboli, Account Manager, Atradius Credit Insurance

“As Henry Ford said: Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is Progress. Working together is Success. That says it all! I had a great time. Thanks to Sasi.”
– Savio Fernandes, Administrator, Atradius Credit Insurance

“Relevant activities could keep me engaged.”
– Navnit Kumar, Business Head, Atradius Credit Insurance  

“Overall the programme of teambuilding is really nice with fine climate and right place which gives enjoy to our programme activities.”
– Vinod Devidas Pednekar, Associate Underwriter, Atradius Credit Insurance  

“This was a good programme for staff who have newly joined the company. It helps them to get to know others better but could be made better if some interventions that were kiddish in nature are not considered.”
– Arun Rajan, Country Head, Atradius Credit Insurance 

I would like to extend my appreciation to FOCUS for a remarkable service. The activities planned for on 23 Feb 2016 were awesome. And FOCUS have been a great help in making this programme successful. Lastly, it has been a pleasant experience working with your team. Thank you =)
– Salimah Shaik

Thank you and your team for organising such an interesting and meaningful teambuilding programme for us. Everybody, especially our overseas colleagues, had a great time and even requested for a longer session next time. I will definitely recommend FOCUS Adventure to my other colleagues and friends in other companies.

Please also extend our thanks to Joachim, Mugan and Fajri for their energy and engagement. We look forward to the videos and photos!
– Candida Lee, Executive, Operations Support Delivery, InterContinental Hotels Group

“Everybody was having fun and was learning on every task and experience.”
– Maria Cristina Miranda, Analyst & Support Consultant, InterContinental Hotels Group

“Another job well done. Thank you FOCUS!”
– Anthony Rasera, Atradius Credit Insurance (Mumbai)

“The services rendered by Sabrina and Joachim were excellent. Sabrina was prompt and responsible in her follow-up, attentive to our planning details and has a very approachable personality. Joachim was cool and jovial. We have thrown him a very last minute situation on wet weather programme arrangement and he was able to advise us constructively and calmly. His candid way of leading us through the afternoon session was my favorite. Thank you Sabrina and Joachim.”
– Victor, Senior Project Manager

“Tasks and engagement, laughter during the programme at an outdoor location.”
– Sachin Vij, Leader, GE Healthcare

“The team enjoyed the sailing very much. A great time together with the support of your team. Thank you very much!
– Vernis Yip, Senior Executive, Mundipharma Pte Ltd

“Damian and his team is simply awesome!”
– Vishwash Gaur, Manager, Allianz SE Singapore Branch