“ I really appreciate all the support from FOCUS TEAM through all the inquiries and bookings that I put up. Your prompt response and follow-ups has indeed show that FOCUS Adventure is very good at maintaining Clientele relationship. ”
– Yunabelle Gan, Project Executive, Event Eleven Pte Ltd

“The reliance we had on our team mates to complete the obstacles, it really made it more fun and brought the team together.”
– Mariam Alkhal, Traveller services, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

“I personally did extreme things that I never thought I could do like the wall climbing, cable walking and the scary leap of fate! The Team Challenge really brought out team spirit and camaraderie.”
– Melanie Low, Manager, Quality & Customer Experience, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

“The Team Challenge Hourglass was a whole new experience and I loved it because it pushed us beyond our humanly known limits.”
– Thea Panes, Senior Manager, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

“Lead facilitator, Sasi and also the rest of the Facilitators were very friendly, helpful and made the programme very enjoyable. Thank you!”
– Adeline, NUH  

“Great co-ordination. Allows for longer team discussion and reflection which is key to fully learn from the activities.”
– Rasyidi Rahman, Senior Brand Manager, GSK

“Great co-ordination. allows for longer team discussion and reflection which is key to fully learn from the activities.”
– Rasyidi Rahman, Senior Brand Manager, GSK

“Cooperation and work as a TEAM to get the work done.”
– Foo Chung Keng, Senior Engineer, Neste Singapore Pte Ltd

“Programme well designed and Facilitator run smoothly.”
– Tracy Yang, Vico Sport-markt

“Trust, Responsibility, Unity, Courage, TEAM Spirit!”
– Wang Chao, OSIM

“Friendly and helpful Facilitators and fun activities!”
– Alphis, Legal Counsel, OSIM

“The teambuilding experience so that relationships are fostered before the respective teams start the actual planning. The discussion on support for the community so that we have a common ground for moving forward.”
– Toh Kian Chong, ICT, Endeavour Primary School

“Friendly, experienced Facilitators and environment was a huge plus. If only we could stay overnight for a longer experience!”
– Kim, Wildlife Reserved Singapore

“Pleasant and enthusiastic Facilitators, which helps to keep the atmosphere lively.”
– Peiying, Wildlife Reserved Singapore

“Facilitator was energetic and funny enough to keep us engaged.”
– Yuka Wakimura, Janssen Pharmaceutica

“I like to take this opportunity to Thank you – Jeff Tan and Totok for their effort to make this programme enjoyable and fun. I have received positive feedback from my boss and colleagues. I will highly recommend to anyone who are interested or looking for teamBuilding company. Well Done!”
– Audrey Chan, Administrator, Janssen Pharmaceutica

“The Lead Facilitator, Pradeep was effective, being able to energise the TEAM and conclude the session by linking to the objectives. Thank you.”
– Chua Hui Pin, Vice-Principal, Endeavour Primary School

“The Mohawk walk building the bonding and cooperation in the team, providing the mental support too to the team mate.”
– Gladys Lee, Senior Buyer, Veeco Asia Pte Ltd

“Excellent overall. We had a great time with our colleagues especially those from other regions. Food was good. The pace and activities are perfectly suited for us. ”
– Wati Salleh, Customer Service Admin, Veeco Asia Pte Ltd

“Hi Mugan and Dianne, we appreciate your efforts and patience with us with the changes for this teambuilding programme! The Mohawk Walk and The Cardboard Race Car Challenge! went well and were very well received! Thank you for helping to make our first SEA Teambuilding programme a huge success!”
– Jennie, Veeco Asia Pte Ltd

“Our TEAM had a great time participating in The Cardboard Race Car Challenge! It was such a feel-good activity! Thank you!”
– Jennie Lee, HR Manager, Veeco Asia Pte Ltd

“A lot of teamwork involved that makes the programme valuable and enjoyable. We were able to interact with our colleagues who we do not talk to often through this teambuilding programme. I love it!”
– Rachel Chong, Secretary, Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd

“Great location, good humoured and professional Facilitators, well equipped. Had a great time – exceeded expectations!”
– Gerald, General Manager, Shell

“Facilitator was great. Structure ability to interact with TEAM and compete with other teams. challenges were fun…”
– Alex Romero, Shell

“Mugan and the TEAM were great! We had great fun and truly enjoyed ourselves. The only feedback I can provide is there were many mosquitoes (big ones!) and the mosquito patches were a saviour!”
– Kristy Won, Personal Assistant, Nanyang Technological University

“I particularly enjoyed The Roller Coaster Challenge! as a teambuilding programme.”
– Jess Lee, Manager, Wildlife Reserves Singapore