Thank you FOCUS Adventure for a job well done. The feedback gathered were positive. Participants learnt the positive side of working together & how to improve managing a team through fun activities created by FOCUS. Once again, thanks for FOCUS’ kind support and time.
– Hamidah Bureau, Club Med

The FOCUS Facilitators are friendly and upbeat at all times. This helped us to loosen up and enjoy all the activities given.
– National Environment Agency

I am fine with the overall experience with FOCUS. However, I would like to thank the FOCUS Facilitators for handling some of our groups who were very noisy and those who got carried away and got too playful. Once again, thank you.
– Ms Wati, National Environment Agency

The ENERGY from the FOCUS team makes the whole Team Building programme energy pack.
– National Environment Agency

The last part of the day where everyone gathered in the hall to do the Turning Point really shows that if all of us are united, nothing is impossible.
– William Lim, National Environment Agency (South West Regional Office)

The FOCUS Facilitator was able to engage the whole department in the activities.

– Eshal Tan, National Trades Union Congress

The FOCUS Facilitators have the ability in inducing a high level of energy and maximum participation from all the attendees.
– Frank Chang, National Trades Union Congress

We learnt about excellent Teamwork, Team spirit, Care, Trust, Respect and to work together as one organisation.
– Hamzah B Awang, National Trades Union Congress

FOCUS Adventure taught us to work like a Big Family, under One Roof.
– Helen Tan, National Trades Union Congress

Good and wonderful Team Building programme with 100% marks.
– Ken, National Trades Union Congress

The MOST pleasant experience were your Facilitators. They made all of us comfortable and we wanted to engage in their activities. I guess these are a bunch of experienced guys you should keep to generate success in the future. Thank you Guys.
– Rahim Alias, National Trades Union Congress

FOCUS Team Building Programme enabled us to work as a team, cooperate, trust, take ownership and learn new ways to achieved our goals.
– Rusli B Ismadi, National Trades Union Congress

The activities were innovative and fascinating!!
– National Trades Union Congress (Trading)

Excellent job, FOCUS Adventure!
– Yen Ping, IBM

FOCUS Adventure taught us Team Spirit, Care, Trust and Respect. It was a wonderful learn and play programme. Overall, it was a fun workout. Doing things we do not usually do in our daily life. E.g. Hug together.
– Rena Wong, National Trades Union Congress

We had a wonderful time at Bintan last Friday for our Corporate Challenge!

– Wee Jia Hui, Supreme Court of Singapore