“ We had a very enjoyable time. The challenges really helped us to bond as a Team and also helped to bring out the strengths (and weaknesses) of our Teams, which we will take back to the workplace and develop on. Once you have sent us the videos and pictures, it will be interesting to go through them to see ourselves in action. In the meantime, we would also like to thank the Project Manager, Lead Facilitator and the Team for helping us with the planning and facilitation of the programme. Thanks again for making this a memorable programme. ”
– Darren and Serene, Borouge Pte Ltd

“Building of Raft is interesting and rewarding because the activity instil a sense of Teamwork. Everyone must play their part to make a workable raft – one that is able to support 2-3 persons and float.”
– Lau Weng Hong, Deputy Director, Ministry of Manpower

“The activities were well planned and were able to involve active participation of everyone. More importantly, the fun factor is high and at the same time meeting the Teambuilding and bonding objective of the programme!”
– George Na, Senior Assistant Director, Ministry of Manpower

“Hi Tessa, the feedback was very good and positive. James said it was a very good programme. Next round, we will have more rigorous and different activities… Hope to see you again!”
– LC Tan, Marcomm Administrator, Qioptiq Singapore Pte Ltd

“Dear Tessa, we have received good feedback from the participants from both runs and please convey my appreciation once again to Dean, Damien and the other 2 colleagues who helped with the photography/videography for facilitating both programmes well.”
– Lynn, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

“The Trebuchet Challenge! was interesting and a fun experience to work with other colleagues.”
– Ashikin Zaini, Land Transport Authority

“The Incredible Race! organised by FOCUS is fun! Cultivate Teamwork spirit in order for us to accomplish the race. Food provided is delicious!”
– Agnes Kok, Senior Engineer, Land Transport Authority

“We have not gone down to the detailed feedback, but generally the sensing is people enjoyed the programme and they gave pretty good feedback on their learning experience. They have been talking about their rafting and cooking activities so that is a good sign…  And please convey my personal thanks to Andre and his Team. Please let them know I am really grateful for the level of professionalism put into our programme.”
– Wency Chay, Assistant Director, Ministry of Manpower

“Hi Yuxin, thank You for everything! We had lots of fun and our colleagues enjoyed themselves very much especially the lunch break. They like the food especially the crab meat rice. Thank you for allowing flexible arrangement made. Your colleagues from FOCUS Adventure did their job well. Well Done.”
– Gui Hui, Land Transport Authority

“The load of the activity is not heavy and things are very organised. The Facilitators knew what they are doing as they are very experienced.”
– Vivian Chow, Ministry of Manpower

“Being outdoors and away from the office, even if it is for only a day, to move around, stretch, and interact with colleagues and having fun together.”
– Joanne Tan, Land Transport Authority

“Learned from other Teams on how to resolve problems as a Team and to help each other for achieving the goals.”
– Sathiyavani Muthu, Supervisor, Land Transport Authority

“It was fun although certain activities were not suitable for older colleagues. The food was okay. Had an enjoyable day as this programme helped us to bond with our colleagues.”
– M Kaladevi, Land Transport Authority

“It was a really fun and enjoyable experience, when put into challenging situations we were able to work together to complete the task.”
– Blake Bochynski, Ecolab Pte Ltd

“Hi Tessa, thanks for the great effort and hard-work displayed by your Team. Great Job! It is really fun and engaging. The participants enjoyed a lot and the Teambuilding programme was well-received too. Once again, thank you very much!”
– Florence Teo, SATS Ltd

“Fun outdoor activities, right environment/venue, good food and refreshments. Overall group size is just right.”
– Heng Gek Kuang, IT Officer, SATS Ltd

“Excellent experience. Hoped the time catered for the activities could have been longer to cover such a large area. Facilitators were excellent and managed to bring out the best in the participants.”
– SATS Ltd

“The Challenge Stations (Luge and Skyride) are great! And the Facilitator is professional, humor, and responsive to situations. The video (during debrief session) makes a very good closure of the activities, which ends with a happy note for the programme. Great Job!”
– Florence Teo, Manager, SATS Ltd

“The Facilitators (especially the Lead) were professional, friendly and effective. This Enterprise Development (ED Day) programme was a highly successful one. The entire ED team had a great time of fun and bonding together on 09 Jan 15.”
– Joseph Chua, Vice President, SATS Ltd

“The activities carried out ensured that everyone is involved in it and allowed us to communicate in order to finish the task at hand. There is another chance for us to re-look the strategies used and come up with better ones to achieve better results. It ensure only with Teamwork, communications and helping one another out would the optimal results be achieved. The debriefing summarises the half day activities and allowed us to apply it at work so we can work more efficiently and effectively.”
– Ng Li Keow, Accounts Executive, Singapore First Aid Training Centre

“Christine, let me extend my warmest appreciation for a job well done during the programme and the best for 2015 for you and FOCUS Adventure.”
– Yusri Abu Bakar, Ministry of Defence