“Engaging and a full heart-thumping 45 min session, Would love it to be in a physical form!”
Eileen Long
Asst Director, Licensing,IMDA
“Great programme that enables participants to have fun while learning about team members and new subjects. ”
Danny Han
Asisstant Director, IMDA
“Very interesting despite a virtual one.”
Pamela Lee
Project Manager,CTS
“It is never easy to organise such event using Zoom. I have to say the activity provided was really good. Automatically broke the ice and every participated. Thumbs up”
Alvin Chiam
Hd Events,Certis
“Great program. Thank you for putting it on.”
Matthew Lewsam
Australia,Certis Security
“Great Activity despite having it online!”
Chan Chee Chong
 “Great Job in organising the event!”
Peter Ong
Head AvSTC,Certis University
“Excellent programme that spaced out nicely for everyone to complete within the time frame. ”
Wong Pang Wai
“Good program very enjoyable”
Badrul Hisham Mohammad Nor
“Enjoyed the activities arranged. thank you”
Magdalene Soh
“The activities were fun and interactive. The facilitators were animated and witty. Had an awesome time. Looking forward to future engagements with programmes organised by Focus Adventure! Thanks FOCUS Adventure team!”
Lyla Azizan
Senior Investigation Officer,IMDA
“I have so much fun today, thank you!”
Woon Moon Eng
Asst Manager,IMDA
“I had fun and a relaxing time, amidst of work!”
Aisyah Mazlan
Assistant Manager,MCCY