“ The facilitators did a very good wrap up after the Team Challenge Pyramid, with a sharing session, singing If We Hold On as a group, and even having participants present the certificates of achievement and momentoes to each other with a big hug. It ended the course on a meaningful note, and sealed the bonds that had been forged during the 3 days. The pre-activity energizers (particularly pirate ship) were very effective and fun. ”
– Jonathan Chan Chung Ming, Policy Analyst, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“1. Raft building exercise excellent. 2. Volleyball activity well received.”
– David Schaefer, Managing Director, AEW Asia Pte Ltd

“Really like how we incorporate our STB’s nature of work to create an amazing race of sorts for us. We had an enjoyable and fruitful learning experience.”
– Singapore Tourism Board

“Fun activities.”
– Julie Boh, Senior HR Manager, Monetary Authority of Singapore

– Mangesh, Regional Supply Planning Director, Estee Lauder

“Good energetic participants.”
– Jason Chan, Assistant Director, Singapore Tourism Board

“Fun element.”
– Elsie, Ministry of Defence

“Good teamwork, meet the objectives of this retreat.”
– Florence Lim, HR Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“The activities planned.”
– Linda Wai, Ministry of Defence

“Well trained and versatile facilitators.”
– Wong Neng Yang, Associate, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“The Roller Coaster Challenge! and the hoola hoop game remind us to think out of the box. Would have been more interesting if we could participate in The Amazing Race. Overall the programme was enriching.”
– Kimberly, Executive Officer, Ministry of Defence

“Activities were well spaced out hence not too tiring. Location was nice. Good that there were no night activities, so we had free time.”
– Yiliang, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“I like it that all the activities FOCUS on Teamwork, which build up effective communication in a group.”
– Heong Ziyin, Associate, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“The enthusiam and vibes of the facilitators.”
– Henry Goo, HR Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“Hi Hwee Li, I would like to take this time to thank you and your colleagues for organising this wonderful team challenge. It was a fun and good bonding session for the team.”
– Cheryl Chua, Human Resource, Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore

“The facilitator was awesome!”
– Jenkins, Manager, Procter & Gamble Asia

“Time spent in Aquarium, getting to work with other colleagues.”
– Bernice, HR Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“The activities and good co-ordination of the facilitators.”
– Kimmy Lim, HR Manager, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“Friendly facilitators.”
– Elaine, Deputy Manager, Ministry of Law

– Thinzar Win, Account Executive, ISO Team

“Special thanks to John who seamlessly lifted everybody’s spirits and enthusiasm. It is admirable on the co-ordination, delivery and spontaneity he has under the hot sun! He and his team truly made a difference for our off site event.”
– Tricia, AEW Asia Pte Ltd

“Thank you for the amazing program and hard work. Everybody in the office has nothing but positive glowing remarks for your company. We really appreciate everything that you have done especially organizing last minute requests, coach bus services and the walkabouts we had prior to the event.”
– Tricia, AEW Asia Pte Ltd

“Fun enjoyable.”
– Ng Kwee Mee, Senior Admin Assistant, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“Had a lot of fun and facilitators were engaging, very strong team bonding element. But programme over-ran, pace could have been tighter – eg. Energizers, Loose Change and Pirates Walk The Plank took too long. The Trebuchet challenge! only started around 4pm, while only 2 hours was allocated for Photo Hunt in SEA Aquarium, quite a waste.”
– Monetary Authority of Singapore

“The activities that we had in between, which allowed us to mingle and interact with colleagues whom we dont usually work with. Definitely like the time spent at the aquarium.”
– Sabrina Lee, HR Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“Good balance of fun, exciting activities and relaxing clay moulding. Good learning objectives behind activities such as loose change. Opportunities to be part of different teams in the morning and afternoon, and knowing our colleagues better.”
– Lynna Wong, Senior HR Manager, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“Outdoor activities would be good to let participants to do warm up.”
– Jonathan Chua, Project Manager, ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) Pte Ltd

“The facilitators were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.”
– Elissa, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“Enthusiastic facilitators.”
– Tay Ai Ling, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“We had a great time last Saturday sweating out for our first Team Building Challenge. We had so much fun and excitement… and enjoyed the camaraderie with one another. On behalf of UOB, we would like to thank you and the facilitators for a wonderful job done!”
– Charles Tan, Credit Management Division, United Overseas Bank Ltd

“Overall feedback from the team was that it was a very good session enjoyed by all work levels. The activities which had been arranged linked quite well to our work environment and got many of us thinking and relating back to day to day interactions as a team as well as with stakeholders. Kudos to the facilitators who 2 years in a row have managed to energize a typically quiet finance crowd. Their enthusiasm and energy in guiding the team through each activity was very contagious and got everyone into the same state of mind. All in all a very well organized team building session with good feedback from the rest of the team.

Thanks once again Renee and FOCUS for your flexibility and support in accommodating our many changes in terms of dates and locations for this event.”
– Mindy Wong, Unilever International

“John and his team are awesome! Efficient, Efective and Systematic. I will surely make good recommendations when opportunity strikes.”
– Adrian yang, Associate Director, AEW Asia Pte Ltd

“Facilitators were very approachable and flexible, which was essential to helping us enjoy this course together.”
– Eugene Goh, Associate, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“Relaxing environment enhanced the openness of sharing with one another. Common love for durians . Team challenges with different colleagues. Temporary escape from phone calls and emails.”
– Rani, Secretary, Tiger Export Pte Ltd

“I get to interact more with other colleagues from other departments.”
– Kenny, Teas Lead Events, Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore

“Everything save the mousetraps.”
– Timothy Ng, Trainee Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“Getting to know the rest of the trainee officers in my batch better.”
– Toh Ling Yan, Economists, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“The clients were truly delighted and this was exactly what they quoted “FOCUS was the BEST recommendation. They are professional and know how to meet our needs!”. Thank you for being as always, a cooperative partner to work with. I always feel “Safe” with our clients in your hands.”
– Carole See, Director of Sales, Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa Singapore

“Hi Renee,
Thanks again for everything. Credits to Andre and team for their professionalism in handling the group and indeed we have so much fun! Overall the event is well-organised and well-received by the team.”
– Yip, Shell

“Have activity together learn to know our colleague well.”
– Shirley Tan, Sales Executive, ISO Team

“The facilitators did a very good wrap up after the Team Challenge Pyramid, with a sharing session, singing If We Hold On as a group, and even having participants present the certificates of achievement and momentoes to each other with a big hug. It ended the course on a meaningful note, and sealed the bonds that had been forged during the 3 days. The pre-activity energizers (particularly pirate ship) were very effective and fun.”
– Jonathan Chan Chung Ming, Policy Analyst, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“Extremely fun and enriching experience. Great bonding programme! Really enjoyed it thoroughly. ”
– Lim YunXiao, Associate, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“Happy ,Fun Teamwork.”
– Cherry, Senior beauty consultant, LVMH Fragrances & Cosmetics

“Programmes are fun, facilitators are friendly, stress free.”
– Teo Eng Keong, Trust Executive, Ministry of Law

“The interesting analogies and of course, the company whom I spent my 1.5 days with.”
– Grace, Account Manager, Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore

“Able to mix with other department not all activities are in the same grouping.”
– Serene, Account Manager, Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore

“The environment ambience was a plus. Facilitator was effective in transferring of knowledge key messages to the crowd”
– Lam Wai Yen, CRM Capability Manager, Kimberly-Clark Singapore Pte Ltd

“Everything is just nice with great pace and fun. Thanks for the activity. Its is much enjoyable for me to breaking ice with my company colleague while i still new join in this company.”
– Lee Heng Wai, IT Executive, Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore

“Just a short note of appreciation for the fun filled session at Nirvana, Bintan. We had a fun-filled and engaging team building session facilitated by John Seah.”
– Rani, Tiger Export Pte Ltd

“Very good facilitatior, the activities were very relevant and interesting. Had lot of fun!”
– Radhakrishnan Nair, R&D Manager, Hill-Rom Services Pte Ltd

“I would like to particularly highlight that John is an engaging facilitator who knows how to blend in fun with values.”
– Huang Jirong, Research Analyst, Ministry of Manpower

“Being able to complete most of the challenges and having fun at the same time was a great experience. however, wish we had more time in the park for some free and easy.”
– Dorin, Senior Product Manager, Kimberly Clark Singapore

“Fun, great Teamwork and spirit, know more about Sentosa.”
– Lee Choon Moi, Senior Financial Analyst, Hewlett Packard Singapore

“Promote Teamworking.”
– Lau Wen Pin, Mill Manager, Kimberly Clark Singapore

“Each area is a pleasant experience.”
– Liu Yu, Patent Examiner, Ministry of Law

“Team Building!”
– Audrey Low, National Sales Manager, Kimberly Clark

– Siew Tek Meng, Application Engineer, Yamazaki Mazak Singapore

“Having fun with colleagues.”
– Teo Eng Cheong, CEO, IE Singapore

“Lead Facilitator John Seah was very engaging and the session was indeed fun!”
– Elmer Khong, Engineering Specialist, Ministry of Manpower

“Interesting activities with useful lessons.”
– Zhihao Chen, Associate, Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd

“The facilitator (John) was very entertaining for the crowd.”
– Vanessa, Ministry of Manpower

“GeoCaching was really a good excercise!”
– Hemang, Project Manager, Loreal

“Activities were well organized.”
– Joyce Teng, Personal Assistant, Loreal

“The facilitators were enthusiastic and effectively motivated the audience.”
– Brian Lim, Director, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific

“Time management for the programme was excellent. Participants were kept occupied throughout the day. This maintained their energy level throughout the programme.”
– Miguel Longue, HR Manager, TUV SUD PSB

“The trainer is able to break the ice making us more relax and eager for the activity.”
– Sinly Hertanu, Human Resource, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific

“Swimming pool very nice.”
– Subarao Thatha, Engineer, Raytheon Anschuetz Pte Ltd

“I like the Loose Change activitity – it makes you realise that even the seemingly small things do count as well. It’s a fun and impactful way to get this message across to everyone. The presentation of the photos right after the session was a nice surprise.”
– Venus Tan, Ministry of Education

“i was really enjoy my stay in Bintan Resort.”
– Subba Rao Thatha, Engineer, Raytheon Anschuetz Pte Ltd

“Fun and interesting.”
– Qiu Yan, Human Resource, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific

“It was just an exciting adventure, I felt like I am in one of the TV shows.”
– Shamma AlTamimi, Student, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore Pte Ltd

“The lead facilitator and his team members have done a great job in delivering things that we might meet in our daily working life to our team activities.”
– Zheng Caihui, Admin Executive, TUV SUD PSB

“Team building !”
– Shashi, Vice President, CapitaMalls Asia Limited

“The constant evolving change of team members.”
– John Zhang, Manager, Singapore Workforce Development Agency

“This is my second experience with FOCUS Adventures and it is always very well organized and relevant and FUN!! Thank you once again.”
– Rohini Srivastava, Finance Manager, Unilever International

“Thank you !!! ”
– Jasim Al Hammadi, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore Pte Ltd

“The fun team bonding activities.”
– Jane Chan, Account Executive, ITS Group

“A good opportunity to interact and have fun among colleagues.”
– Cyndi Chua, Junior Account Executive, Raytheon Anschuetz Pte Ltd

“Its fun, everybody very eager to win, challenging activities.”
– Rosaliind Chay, Ministry of Education

“Working together (collaborate with one and other) to compete and to achieve breakthru against given benchmark. Could be better if can inject some physical activities to build confience teamwork.”
– Chee Hoong Onn, Senior Client Manager, HGST Asia Pte Ptd

“Helps in reconditioning the mindset with a more positive approach in handling problems.”
– Jasmine Lim, Purchaser, Raytheon Anschuetz Pte Ltd

“Overall the programme is fun!”
– Zainab Bebi Bte Abdul Rashid, Admin Support, CapitaMalls Asia Limited

“Building a working trebuchet was fun effective.”
– Leong wern iu, Design Manager, CapitaMalls Asia Limited

“Facilitator is able to have some ice breaking activities prior to main programme. Facilitators are friendly and relax.”
– Adrian Ting, Senior Manager, CapitaMalls Asia Limited

“The Ubin Amazing Race was fun, but to reach Ubin at almost 10.45am and to return to Changi Village Hotel by 12.45pm does appear rather rushed. It could be quite interesting to provide meal allowances/rations to allow the groups to find food (lunch) for themselves – which may allow more time to understand each other/build a stronger bond.”
– Christopher Lim, Executive, CapitaMalls Asia Limited

“The facilitator engaged every one well!”
– Roderick Leong, Senior Commercial Development Executive, Asia Pacific Breweries Limited

“USS is an unique venue, fun and exciting. Each group size is just about right, everyone had good fun.”
– Derek Png, Country Manager, MCC Transport Singapore Pte Ltd

“Fun activities.”
– Alicia Tan, Sales Executive, MCC Transport Singapore Pte Ltd

“Teamwork and all of us are having fun in finding the clues around Singapore shopping paradise, Orchard Road.. ”
– Lyn Yap, Underwriting Executive, Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Limited

“Would appear that there was a change in venue from one zone to another (our team wasted more than half an hour at Dhoby Ghaut station, after several phone calls to the facilitator, was finally told to go over to Somerset stattion – by then, we were one of the last team, if not the last team). Faciliator should have at least return my call after my inital phone call but I had to make at least 3 calls to him before being told to go over to Somerset station. ”
– Ee Chew Poh, Claims Manager, Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Limited

“Strong team bonding and professional conduct of activities.”
– Han LiYing, Singapore Workforce Development Agency

“The program itself is very smooth and the facilitators are very experienced and connects to the participants.”
– Ivson Manuel, Engineer, ITS Group

“Excellent facilitator skills. The program is just too short, same remark as last year!”
– Pierre Radas, Senior financial and controlling analyst, ALSTOM China Limited

“The scores are reflective of my personal opinions about the session.

I brought the group there with three broad objectives:
1. To let them know each other a lot better and build strong bonds and friendships.
2. To make them appreciate our core values.
3. For them to achieve point #1 in a fun way.

And Dean, Shams and Toro made that happened. So we have a pleasant first experience with FOCUS Adventure. Certainly looking forward to more sessions in the future for our new hires.”
– JC, SPRING Singapore

“John was the facilitator and together with his colleagues made the programme very fun and engaging . He is funny and witty and also took care to ensure that we play safely. They are a very fabulous team. Thumbs up! The programmes were also very fun and we enjoyed and learned a lot .”
– Sally, Procurement Associate, Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte Ltd