“ It was really fun.For the geo-caching,we learn how to use the GPS detector to track our nearest location and thus find the answer.Realise something so true in life,often we may have missed out the little thing which are so close and near to us.I like the roller coaster best and never imagine we can build one out of the simple newspapers and balloon sticks.Indeed proud of my team effort,creativity, never give up spirit.Learn to appreciate things better after this session and enjoy life better. ”
-Ying Kit, NTUC Club

The logistic arrangement and coordination pre and during the trip was flawless.
– Ong Hui Chin, SAD Training & Development Executive, Home Team Academy

The outdoor activity which highlighted the team bonding and interaction with one another.
– Magdalene Tan, Finance Executive Assistant, Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority

The Facilitators were very clear with their instructions and made the learning journey interesting.
– Shamila d/o N K Rishnasamy, Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority

It was a fun session in which officers from different divisions came together to achieve a common goal outside the office premise.
– Jane Ng, Assistant Director, Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority

The activities allowed us to apply it back to our work place.
– Susanna, Personal Assistant

The Lead Facilitator was effective and quick. He was able to lead the team to enjoy the activities and take on the learning. Our team was also cohesive and participated fully in the activities. We enjoyed the Team Building activity even though it was very hot that afternoon. Thanks to our great team and the great Facilitators!
– Elaine Chua, Senior Administrator, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

New settings for teamwork goals: All for one one for all!

The Energizer International Handshake is interesting! Compared to those normal self introduction method used in many places.
– Tan Mui Mui, Executive, Agency for Integrated Care

I didn’t intend to participate in this team building as it was held on a Saturday. However after participating in the programme anyway, I didn’t regret it as it was fun, enjoyable, relaxing and met my company’s expectation.
– Elaine Chng, Logistics Officer, DENSO International Asia

I think we did 4 Activities and I especially liked the 3D model where a member of the team has to pass through it without touching the sticks. The learning points for this Activity are that members have learned to after look out for each other back”, it showed the importance of teamwork and having the right person for the right job.
– Doreen Thia, Management Assistant Officer, National University of Singapore

The programme was well orgainized and interesting. I enjoyed the Activities and the sharing of the video show.
– Jaime Ching, Quality Management Manager, Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority