"Thank you for FAcilitating our 2 team building events and the links for the photos and videos.
Colleagues were really engaged during the activities and there was lots of laughter and team work.
Bryan was clear and managed to make it interesting when explaining the objectives for each of the activity.
He was also attentive to details and he would advise improvements for the second run, provide pencils for the event including stickers for participants to write their names for easy identification.
It was a great working with FOCUS Adventure again."
Christina Ong, Senior Manager, Customer Experience
Singapore Pools
"Fantastic programme. I enjoyed it even after participated 5 times already."
Lim Boon Leng , Programme Director
"The activities are well organised and fun with good team building. "
Abdul Alim, Senior Consultant
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
"Excellent and enjoyable "
Cynthia , AD
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
"FAcilitator is well prepared and engaged the ground well "
Lee Ang Noi, AD
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
"I definitely enjoyed myself with the activities today and getting to know my colleagues better. Thank you FOCUS Adventure ;)"
Simin Woo, Manager
"Awesome session.. Special thanks to all FAcilitators"
Maniam , Customer Care Executive
"Good and engaging enjoyed it"
Tan Geok Heok, Customer experience officer
Singapore pools
"A fun day off work! Keep it up!"
Eric, Senior Manager
"Awesome experience and fun activities. Great job team!"
Leu Huimin
"NUH is a big organisation, through this team building we are able to know different colleagues from different departments which possibly benefit us in future. "
Leanne Hwee
"Very engaging and fulfilling"
Sito Jowyn, Senior Executive
"Thank u for organising!"
"Had gained a number of valuable insights today, e.g. need to avoid falling into tunnel vision, importance of working for the collective goal instead of just assigned tasks (and realizing and rallying people towards the common goal), difficulties in communicating through the layers and the need to troubleshoot at different points in time to ensure that instructions are understood and executed correctly. It was also very fun and I'm happy that i made a few lunch kakis! "
Leanne Hwee
"Great way to keep the day lively and fun... Kudos to the FAcilitators."
M Ganesh, Operations Manager
"Berwin and team was extremely engaging, hilarious and passionate. Thank you for your exceptional hosting!"
Tan Xiao Min, Operations manager
Certis Group
"Fun and chill activities"
Tan Xiao Min, Head, Line HR and Admin
Certis CISCO Secure Logistics
"Well organised and good energy"
Lin Zhijie