The FOCUS Adventure learning site was a nice location with fun Team Building games.
-Jovine Ho, Asia Pacific Breweries

A chance for the entire marketing team to be away together, minimising distractions, and bonding together.
-Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd

It was fun and relaxing as it allowed strong Team Building amongst members.
– CapitaMall

I was able to overcome a past setback during the 2nd day when I finally conquered the Postman Walk.
-Charles Moy, Central Provident Fund

The activities were very interactive and the presentation was inspirational, not forgetting, the Facilitator was also entertaining!
– Chee Wei, Central Provident Fund

The activities held were able to hype up the participation. The video captured were memorable moments.
– Emerson

All the activities and overall lead Facilitator was very good and motivativing.
– Emerson

I had fun with my colleagues regardless of designation!
– Emerson

The ATV ride is so cool!
– Su Qi Qi, National Instruments

It was a right balance of both physical and+ non-physical activities. The Facilitator was witty and he was able to engage the group. The actvities were fun and easy to comprehend.
-Lynette Yong, Procter & Gamble

The programme was done in a very funny and relaxed way which makes it very enjoyable, doesnt feel like work!
-Procter and Gamble

The team all enjoyed themselves. I think the FOCUS Team did a very good job. I was very happy with the program. I really liked the fact that the goodie bags were kept in the other room and was only brought over at the end of the program so everyone was so pleasantly surprised when they turned around and saw the bags. It was a really nice finish to the program. Thank you and I certainly look forward to the next time!
-Lynette Yong, Procter & Gamble Asia Pte. Ltd

These simple activities are fun and i realise the importance of information sharing, teamwork and collaboration for performing.
-Renesas Technology

The lunch and tea breaks and of course with the FOCUS Team all made this a fantastic event, cheers! 
-Sally Lim, Renesas Technology

The video recap was hilarious.
-Agnes Ang, Singapore Institute of Management

This is the most fun and useful Team Building event that i have ever attended! The Lead Facilitator was great and awesome! During the activity called Trolley, I will always remember what he said: An Obstacle that we encounter can be an Opportunity to us! Big thanks to the Photographer/Videograhper, for his great work too! 
-Ming, SMRT

The making of a Raft during The Rafting Challenge! where teamwork, communication and every ideas are taken into consideration is essential and important.
-Parman Bin Tarojo, SMRT

The programme was fun and I learnt a lot from it.
– Starhub

All of us who were present were fully participative and that made it a successful event.
-Erinna Lim, Starhub

The Facilitator was able to inject enthusiasm and move the participants. He was also efficient and effective in getting things done in a short time.
-Cheng Shin Joo, UBS