On behalf of the committee and staff, we would like to say a big thanks to you and your Team for making our company’s Teambuilding programme a successful one! We had fun, we learnt a few things and we got to know each other a little bit better outside of office environment! So once again, thank you so much for the enjoyable weekend! We will be sure to keep your contacts on hand in case we are in need of your services again 

It had been a blast! And I will inform the staff to login and see the photos available on the website. Thank you so much for the services and all the assistance rendered! ”
– Sharifah Zaihenah, HR & Admin Executive, CMA CGM & ANL (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“I was able to build camaraderie to my Team and gain new frieds. kudos to everyone!”
– Mayrene Larga, Retail Training Manager, Levi Strauss Asia Pacific Division Pte Ltd

“I really enjoyed the activities and at the same time learned the objectives of Teambuilding.”
– Pauline Goh, Business Controller, SKF Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“All Facilitators were friendly and energetic.”
– Geok, Senior Finance Manager, Apple South Asia Pte Ltd

“Fun activity where you get to know and interact with people from other Teams and teaches us the value of Teamwork.”
– Shara Jane L. Aying, Procter & Gamble Co.

“Environment with a countryside feel and look definitely provides a relaxing mood compared to formal and conventional way of learning. New discovery on many talented cooks among our colleagues ”
– Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

“Co-operative Team members and friendly Facilitators.”
– Lee Yong Seng, Executive, Ministry of Law Singapore

“The ice breaker and energizer programme was fun and enjoyable.”
– Lee Wen Ai, Procter & Gamble Co.

“It was a very good experience for me, lots of fun and also learned many things. Thank you so much!”
– You Yuan, CMA CGM & ANL (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“The activity was fun. We enjoy it.”
– Sandy Pham, Procter & Gamble Co.

“Awesome Facilitators, fun Teambuilding activities.”
– Wan Ling, Senior Executive, Ministry of Law Singapore

“Understanding of each other and how to work together.”
– Malini Kadmadi, Ministry of Education Singapore

“Was all that I expected from an outdoor Teambuilding experience, good job!”
– Augustine Tee, Senior Consultant, Changi General Hospital Pte Ltd

“Everyone in the Team was supportive and positive. Most importantly that everyone had fun.”
– Rosalisa Aris, Secretary, MW Group Pte Ltd

“It was the Teamwork when we have to sell our goods to exchange for points to redeem clues to piece up the picture. Our Team leader started drawing and subsequently all of us started to paint the drawings.When table drawings were being pieced together, we got a clear overall view of a greater picture with the effort of all participants. CHEERS! FOCUS Adventure, thanks so much to all of your Facilitators for making this Teambuilding programme a success. I have enjoyed it very much.”
– Hazel Tan, Assistant HR Executive, Ministry of Education Singapore

“The nature of the small activities to achieve the larger goal is meaningful. Thanks!”
– Sharon Khoo, Assistant Manager, Ministry of Education Singapore

“I believed most of us enjoyed the programme. Thank you”
– Cindy Ng, Executive Assistant, Remy Cointreau International Pte Ltd

“Very difficult to single it out. We had lots of fun. Entire programme of 4 hours was memorable.”
– Kamlesh Paibir, Country HR Head, Vishay Intertechnology Asia Pte Ltd

“Delicious food. Fun Teambuilding activities in air-conditioned comfort. Spacious venue.”
– Roche Singapore Technical Operations Pte Ltd

“A day full of fun, laughter and sweat. I believe all my colleagues are all having fun and the short time of the activities really let us all bond together as one.”
– Xiang Hui, Remy Cointreau International Pte Ltd

“Able to work in a Team though we are from various department/section to complete the tasks given at a certain time. Through this programme we can apply the same techniques back in our office.”
– Derek Chan, ANZ Singapore

“The activities allow us to bond as a company as well as Team and let us have fun at the same time.”
– Lee Xiang Hui, Account Executive, Remy Cointreau International Pte Ltd

“Easy to relate between the activities and the key takes away through the debrief programme.”
– Muhammad Dhuha, Procter & Rocter (S) Pte Ltd

“Very enjoyable, no dull moments… place is good.”
– Jaclyn Moh, Supply Chain Planner, Neste Oil Singapore Pte Ltd

“The activities were simple to do but very relevant.”
– Kirby Joseph Neri, Nutrition Marketing Manager, Nestle Singapore

“Co-operation and element of fun among participants.”
– Grace Uy, Medical Director, Nestle Singapore

“Teamwork one day away from work, chance to interact with colleagues freely without job tension.”
– Ravindra Nikam, Technical Proposals Leader, Vetco Gray Pte Ltd

“Working as a Team – a chance to know colleagues from other departments.”
– Yam Chee Wai, Material Planner, Vetco Gray Pte Ltd

“The programme was exciting and challenging. It would be helpful to do some stretching before participants are expected to start the climb up the pole.”
– Merck Pte Ltd