“ The Facilitators are knowledgeable, experienced and humorous too. I am looking forward for more activities that I have not tried but saw at FOCUS website. It is fun, engaging and stretches our perseverance, patience, capability and courage as well. ”
– Mudawati Bte Surhan, Infant Educarer, PAP Community Foundation

“The TEAM members enjoyed themselves so much that even during dinner they still discussing about the activity and how they could do better. Once again, thank you FOCUS for the support and making this programme a meaningful and successful one.”
– Carol See Toh, Secretary, Standard Chartered Bank

“We like to thank everyone who made it possible for us to have such an enjoyable and meaningful programme during our Staff Development Day. Please keep up with your good works!”
– Danny Lee, Grace Orchard School

“The energy and excitement the programme generated for the TEAM. Some great examples of how genuine, high performing, teams operate.”
– Tony Lewis, Head of HSBC Securities Services, Singapore, HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Singapore) Ltd

“Thank you for the Teambuilding activity! We enjoyed the food and The Supermarket Race Challenge!”
– Vanessa, GlaxoSmithKline

“The programme was just awesome! I managed to get to know everyone of the participants which is from other countries. Thanks a lot to the Facilitators!”
– Dian Erlina Wijayanti, Mizuho Bank

“Teamwork, sufficient communication and preparation in advance.”
– Kevin Tan, Afton Chemical Asia Pte Ltd

“First time experiencing The Rafting Challenge! and find it exciting and interesting. This activity helps to promote the TEAM spirit and everyone in our TEAM enjoyed the programme.”
– Michelle Tan, Supply Planning Specialist , Afton Chemical Asia Pte Ltd

“Enjoyed the nature of The Incredible race! Humorous Facilitators.”
– Hwee Jing, Teacher, Ministry of Education Language Centre

“Foster teamwork and TEAM trust. I am willing to work together with a Spirit of Endurance. A heartfelt THANK YOU for all your efforts and patience with us and my sincere thanks to your cheerful TEAM of colleagues.”
– Wong Yin Leng, HOD French, Ministry of Education Language Centre

“Thank you for making this programme possible and for FOCUS’s help over the public holidays! Pleasure walking with you guys! ”
– Angela, Arnie, Alex, Crocs Asia Pte Ltd

“The fun activities planned out catering to all ages.”
– Genevieve Chee Ying Qi, Assistant Infant Teacher, PAP Community Foundation

“Working together with colleagues, communicating and helping one another during the programme.”
– Annie, German teacher, Ministry of Education Language Centre

“We would like to thank you and your whole TEAM for organising a great inventive programme for us around Sentosa. Everybody enjoyed the challenge and we have good feedback for our attendees.”
– Bastien Jeandupeux, The Swatch Group Ltd

“Have the chance to get to know my colleagues better and to work with them in a non-work environment”
– Sithy Reena Rifky, Infant Educarer, PAP Community Foundation

“Outdoor activity in a humid afternoon may be changed to a better season.”
– Yogesh, PayPal Pte Ltd

“Tse Hao and Pradeep are very good Facilitators. Great job to the FOCUS TEAM.”
– Jemson Lukang, CDK Global (SEA) Pte Ltd

“Fun and relate back to working environment.”
– Clara Ng, Assistant Director, Ministry of Trade & Industry

“The positive vibes experience for the TEAM members to bring back to work.”
– Minor See, Operations Manager, Compass Group Singapore

“All Facilitators were very encouraging at most times.”
– Debbie, Teacher, PAP Community Foundation

“I really enjoyed the programme and the interactions with the Facilitators. They play an important part in making the activities enjoyable. Thank you, Facilitators!”
– Tan Yang Lin, Teacher, PAP Community Foundation

“The Facilitator was well trained, knowledgeable and humorous too. I enjoyed the programme so much.”
– Mudawati Bte Surhan, Infant Educarer, PAP Community Foundation

“All the activities were fun and I learnt something new which is the 4 Ms – Mission, Method, Manpower and Mindset from the Facilitator, Pradeep. He was very clear with his instruction and the most fun Facilitator.”
– Shazanah Musa, Teacher, PAP Community Foundation