“ My team and I had a blast at this year’s Teambuilding. The objectives listed out by the committee like focusing on changes, communication, collaboration were met. Thank you for allowing us to achieve all these through the fun activities! ”
– Low Chelsia, Operations Manager, National Instruments Singapore Pte Ltd

(1) The intentional effort in grouping us in different groups for almost all activities allow us to learn to adapt and work with different people, develop empathy and understanding towards each other.
(2) Though most of the activities were in smaller groups, but the intentional effort in getting us back as one big team allowed us to the whole team as ONE team.
– Linda, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

“The fun laughter, viewing photos and videos, and the fun memories of Teambuilding programme! Great Job! Thank you ”
– Joanne, Higher Lab Execuitve, Nanyang Technological University

“I have just received delivery of the framed photo and thumbdrive, thank you! Speaking with some of our participants, they definitely enjoyed the programme as well as kudos to the entire FOCUS Adventure team who came down. The Facilitators, Fidelis and Scott, were professional, funny and relevant. They did a great job facilitating the planned activities. The group photo given to all participants was an especially nice touch as well. Thanks again!”
– Soke Wai, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore

“We basically have fun throughout the whole get together and the timing was right for activities and food which comes one after another without any disruptions. We get to know our colleagues better and definitely is a plus to have this kind of programmes regularly.”
– Stewart Chung Chu Chun, Support Executive, Nanyang Technological University

“Facilitators were friendly, guided the participants well and willing to extend their help to assist in getting food for vegetarian particpants.”
– Vincent Lim, Manager, United Overseas Bank Limited

“The Facilitators, Fidelis and Scott, took our suggestions into consideration and worked them into the activities planned for our department retreat. They were enthusiastic, funny and interesting when prepping us for the activities. Especially liked the video at the end of the programme plus the group photo that was presented to all participants, a very good touch!”
– Kok Soke Wai, Executive, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore

“Getting to know our working colleagues better, team work, trust and meeting challenges and overcome difficulties.”
– Vijaya Kumar, Project Manager, Fortune Travel Pte Ltd

“Its an experience for us. The programme and activities were lively, exciting and challenging with lots of fun especially The Angry Bird Trebuchet Challenge! With all these activities, Teamwork and cooperation were achieved… and we can build this dream together… Standing strong forever.. Nothing is going to stop us now…… Thank you to the Facilitator and team for doing a great job!”
– Agnes Chia Peck Lan, Executive Officer, Nanyang Technological University

“The idea that the activities mean a lot and would really trigger something within yourself and your group.”
– Lorenz Yatco, Field Applications Engineer, National Instruments Singapore Pte Ltd

“Great team communication and Teamwork to accomplish the tasks achieving the goals! Had much fun enjoyment ”
– Jennie Lau, Dimension Data (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“Key punch activity was something interesting for me to see how we have to adapt to changes. The other aspect of when your team member is switched and you will need to accommodate new team members into your own team is really refreshing.”
– Patrick Chong, Manager, Safe2Travel Pte Ltd

“On Behalf of Safe2 Travel we would like to thank you and your team for the good job done for our corporate client, National Instrument. Thank you once again and looking forward working with FOCUS Adventure soon.”
– Perlin Neo, Sales Manager, Safe2Travel Pte Ltd

“Having the opportunity to team up with various colleagues from different regions and departments made it fun!”
– Trixia, Airbnb Singapore

“The programme brought everybody together and work as a team. The activities also allow individual to test on their own limit.”
– Chan Pang Boon, Head of Safety & Health, Fortune Travel Pte Ltd

“My take away is the collaboration and trust among team members. It is truly amazing as we can accomplish much more as a team and it is not about who take the credits.”
– Maureen Pang, Head of Human Resource, Gammon Pte Ltd

“The warming up activities indeed was an ice-breaking session. It was fun and thoroughly enjoyable.”
– Agnes Tan, Manager, HSBC Trustee (Singapore) Limited

“Overall, everything was run smoothly from start to end. I appreciate that the Facilitator team took time to understand the 5QBs and link it to the days activities.”
– Lily Tan, Specialist, Novartis Singapore Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd

“Programs were well organised and efficiently carried out. The Facilitator had a lot of energy which motivated the participants. The photos and video added to the fun of the day.”
– Esther Qiu, Documentation Specialist, Novartis Singapore Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pte Ltd

“Thank you very much for organising a wonderful “Teambuilding Challenge” for our company. The whole programme and activities were well organised and kudos to Scott, Totok and his team. We all had an enjoyable time and a great team bonding with colleagues across departments. All the activities including the energisers were well-planned and executed. It was real fun watching the videos and photos after the session and hats off to Totok for preparing the slideshow in a short period. Thanks a lot to your team for making our programme memorable.”
– Vidya Jayaraman, Development Consultant Specialist, CSG Systems International Inc.

“From the people to organisation, well done FOCUS. A special thanks to Hweeli and John!”
– Antony Rasera, Regional HR Manager, Atradius Credit Insurance N.V.

“The lead Facilitator, John was very pleasant to work with. ”
– Nisa, TNS Investigator, Airbnb Singapore

“Able to establish bonding and fun even there is wide ages gap within the team.”
– Ivy Tan, Foo Kon Tan Grant Thornton LLP

“Hi Hweeli, my team feels the re-charge and my boss see the great effect from your team. Thanks.”
– Alex Tan, Value Stream Leader, BD Singapore

“Activities started by using the stories was really good. The Facilitator and the people who supported during Team Challenge Pyramid was made very pleasant.”
– Manikandan, Senior System Analyst, Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific

“By randomly grouping members into various groups to complete a set of objectives. Despite being unfamiliar with most of our members, we collaborated together effectively in order to complete the given tasks in the most efficient and effective manner.”
– Lawrence Tham, Assurance Associate, Foo Kon Tan Grant Thorton LLP

“Dear Tessa and Andre,

We just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work and support you provided in organising our 2014 Teambuilding programme. From the feedback we’ve received from colleagues, it seems a most enjoyable day was had by all.

Tessa, thanks to you for all the help and information you provided in the run up to the programme, and for making yourself so available to answer our queries throughout.

Andre, thanks to you for ensuring the seamless running of the programme on the day itself, and for your ever-engaging MC skills.

We look forward to working with you again in the future.”
– Lucy Cromwell, Sales Support, Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Ltd