"FAcilitator is very engaging. Managed the activities superbly. Clear communication."
Jackson Lim
Assistant Director
"Sasi kept the programme interesting and engaging. He was also able to insights and external inputs which was beneficial to the overall team"
Raymon Neo
Assistant Hr Manager
"Good job always . Thanks so much for making this event successful, interacting and beautiful . Ok"
Merlessa Toh
Human Resource Manager,
"Well done. Enjoyed myself very much and had a better understanding of the area and bonded happily with my team mates"
Ryan Foo
Qihua Pri, VP
 "Very well thought through programme that complemented the learning points well. Interactive, never a dull moment. Experienced and friendly FAcilitators."
Felicia Everard
Senior Occup Therapist, NUH
 "I completely enjoyed myself through the team building activities and it brought back good memories from my younger days when I used to go for camps that contained activities like these. Hope I could go for more in time to come."
Care Coordinator, NUH
"I learned a lot from today's activities. It was very fun and productive. Keep it up. Thanks a lot! "
Mae Zarsona
Respiratory Therapist, NUH
"Very energetic FAcilitator team! Our team had fun and definitely bonded the team on the first day of our offsite event!"
Standard Charter Bank
"Activities are well thought through for team building and collaboration.The speed of photo and video production is mind blowing. Good job!"
Kong Weichao
Manager, IMDA
"Had a great time! I've heard about using Lego for team building and was very glad to be able to experience it today. FOCUS is super efficient with the photo and video too, instant production. WOW!"
"Very lively and fun session with team. Thumbs up for FOCUS Adventure "
Diana Tan
Deputy Manager Share