A good mix of people with good sense of humor in the training.
-Angelina Lai, ABBOTT

Relaxed, fun activity that needs all participation to accomplish goals.
-Catherine Lee, AVIVA

Good Facilitators, very well-organized.
-Priyanka Wadhwa, AVIVA

Cooperation is very important for success.
-Boon Lay Secondary School

Teamwork , better cooperation , fun.
-Cheong Y.K, Boon Lay Secondary School

Know my colleagues more,had deeper thoughts about who am I, where should I go, what should i do… thinking thinking thinking…
-Veronical, Boon Lay Secondary School

The activities were fun and the Facilicitator was able to interest participants to get involved. The video clip captured some of the interesting snapshots that refreshed participants memories of the event.
-Cheryl Goh ,Carl Zeiss

FOCUS, challenge.
-Geok, Carl Zeiss

Excellent. This my 1st time join this Team Building event.
-Jack Chong, Carl Zeiss

Cohesive group brainstorm on projects.
-Jimmy Ho, Carl Zeiss

Facilitators and the the training structure was good.

The Facilitators are very friendly and helpful.
-Chua Hui Xin, Certis

It was a very enjoyable and fruitful experience. Thank you!
-Dawn Chan, Certis

Well done, I enjoyed the programme very much. Thank you.
-Jimmie Sim, Certis

The energy of the lead Facilitator. Safety officers that were deployed on the tower ensuring our safety.
-Thomas Neo, Certis

Ice Cream. Food. Air-con.
-James Wong, CPF

-Eliza Casipagan, DAIMLER

We had good fun and meaningful Team building activities. Cheers!
-Gopal, DETPAK

On behalf of organizing committee, we would like to express our great
gratitute for the corperation and great services that you and your staff
had rendered to us. Our event was very successful and we achieved our aim
of having fun with no safety incident. Thanks to the hard work of you and
your team.

-Lina Suharjo, ExxonMobil (EMMES)

Great team members and enthusiastic Facilitators!
-Koh Chong Yu, IE Singapore

Group work and outdoor activities.
-Saheer Khan, IE Singapore

Teamwork, mindset.
-Tran Kim Phuong, IE Singapore

The Facilitators were all very thoughtful in all aspects throughout the activities.
-Ivy Phang, DFS

Facilitators were good – friendly and knowledgeable.

Amiable Facilitators and Staff. Wonderful Venue. Creative Activities.
-Levin Huang, DFS

Facilitator was very effective and humourous which made the atmosphere fun and warm. Enjoyed that there was attempt to link it back to the workplace and how to apply it.
-Priscilla, DFS.

It was fun.
-Seow Mui Leng, DFS

Cooperative Team members. Good venue.
-Cindy Tan, Exploit

Having the activity outdoors instead of indoors. Starting off in a light-hearted mode.
-Ho Cheng Huat, Exploit

This is an endurance race and not just leg work but brain work!
-Pauline Yip, Exploit

The post-activity video / photography is well-done.
-Sharon Low, Exploit

An adventurous experience.
-Teo Cher Hwa, Exploit

Good experience for the Team to have some fun and certainly enjoyable in the beach. Maybe good to put in some more elements in the programme regarding working with people with different opinions.
-Clement Lam, Gemalto

Strong camaraderie!
-Wanjing, HTA

Facilitator and his team are clearly excellent team and always ready to help!

Sporting Facilitors were fun. Hardly get to exercise at work due to busy lifestyle.
-Edmund, IDA

Facilitators were enthusiastic and the objectives were clearly spelt out, which made the learning process meaningful.
-Juliet, IDA

Opportunities to get to know the Team.
-Sebastian, IDA

Great Team and enthusiastic Facilitator.
-Koh Chong Yu, IE

Sharing, getting to know.

Working with unity to my Team during the challenge!
-Adelberto Gernale, JGC

The Facilitator is humorous,reaction is fast to reply the audience,made the atmosphere interesting and fun.
-Chew Geok Pheng, JGC

The program activities and the Geocaching Challenge , I enjoyed so much and nice experience, thanks!
-Felix Santander Jr., JGC

No gender barrier when Team building is concerned. We learn to respect each other decisions and work together to meet our objectives. At the end of the day we all had great fun and also had opportunity to get to know our Team members better.
-Foo Mui Li, JGC

-Laure, JGC

The Teamwork.
-Noralyn Sebolino, JGC

Coordination & fun!
-Suthakaran, JGC

It was successful to meet the purpose of Team Building to get get employees relationship closer, work as a Team.
-Toh Chuan Kooi, JGC

The Team make up of various people enable me to know them better through the activity interaction. A whole day event will give more opportunity for interaction.
-Yan Kai Keong, JGC

Team spirit and fun.
-Emily Kwok, LTA

Highly innovative activity.
-Kek Teng Lip, LTA

The DISC exercise and explanation and the blindfold activity requiring to form 3 squares.
-Lam Siak Kuan, LTA

The friendly humorous Facilitators.
-Ng Siew Cheng, LTA

The activities that help builds the Team spirit.
-Priscilla, LTA

Interesting activities.
-Shirley Low Lye Ying, LTA

Activities and Facilitator were just right for the Team Buildings objectives. Most of all, everyone had fun and were relaxed from work.
-Janet Cayabyab, Mediatek

All the activities (indoor outdoor) has been very productive to accomplish the main objective of the event.
-Kath, Mediatek

It gives me a whole new perspective on how to approach certain problems/situations.
-Manoel Ismael Java, Mediatek

The activities were very effective to point out the corporate values such as Teamwork and innovation.
-MJ, Mediatek

Aside from it being a fun experience, the challenges and insights taken from said challenges can be brought to work as well.
-Theresa Cacananta, Mediatek

An experience organizer like FOCUS!
-Dorothy Tay, MEDQUEST

The opportunity to work with different people – The fact that Facilitators do not try to embarrass you in front of others.

Great energy and effort to keep the spirits up!
-Eric Koh, MinLaw

Everything is great!
-Janice Chan, MinLaw

The Facilitators were very friendly, easy going and efficient. The tea breaks and lunch = perfect. The activities organised were appropriate for all. Thumbs up!
-Geraldine, MOM

The Facilitators were AWESOME!
-Lim Pek Shia, MPA

Everything was awesome.
-Mike Ho, MPA

The Team bonding activities are very enjyable and fun to play and participate in.
-Syn Keong Leong, MPA

Team building can be fun and exicting experience!
-Adeline Tan, NETS

Well Done!
-Tham Mun Onn, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

-Teo BH, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Outdoor Activities.
-Eng Yee, NUS

The activities are engaging and fun.
-Lee Bee Peng, NUS

-Lim Siew Peck, NUS

It enhances the bonding among colleagues through the activities.
-Ng Su Chwe, NUS

Being able to interact with colleagues from other sections; helping each other overcome our fears (heights)
-Sandy Ng, NUS

Enjoyed the interesting activities and bonding with of different sections, including the new comers.
-Sim Chor Heng, NUS

A great change of enviroment. A day to have fun. Rides are amazing and thrilling.
-Wong Wai Fong, NUS

We were able to enjoy the activities while learning some practical tips from the Facilitator.
-Annie Tan, OLAM

The activities selected were apt for the Team to forge a strong bond and to open up. The Facilitator also played a key role in making the experience memorable and useful.
-Navin Kumar Askaran, OLAM

-Shawn Teo, OMEGA

Good relaxing enviroment away from the main city. Very friendly staff from FOCUS Adventure.
-Tony Lee, OMEGA

The amazing race format.
-Solomon Lazatin, Pacific Refreshments

The courses were fun, encouraged out of the box thinking, personal interaction and better Teamwork. The Facilitators were professional and made the programme relevant to building an effective Team. Thank You
-Daryl Bisset, Q Lifestyle Pte Ltd

Great Fun and brought us back to where we should be as a Team.
-Gerald A Hendrick, Qi

Fun and acknowledgement from everyone in the different department.
-Habibah D/o Mohd Zabarulla, Qi

It’s great! 
-Jerry Esleta, Qi

The place is very nice and relaxing.
-Marisstel Po, Qi

Co-operation among the group members.
-Shennie, Qi

Fun and relevant to Radius agencies.
-Amy Yeh, RADIUS

It’s awesome.
-Jean Tya, SIF

Facilitators were skilled in evoking participation and creativity and all staff were very sporting.
-Ng Siew Hwa, SIF

Fun incorporated into the progamme!

The cooperation and participation of everybody!
-Dario, SIM

-G Nermeal, SIM

I’m impressed with the turnaround to produce the Team photo mug 
-Caroline, Singtel

Dinner was superb!
-Goh Ee Leen, Singtel

Good pace. Facilitator was quick witted and able to make the tasks fun.
-Goh Kok Yong, SingTel

Learn to share information and resources with others.
-Jenny, Singtel

Get the Teammates closer, share ideas with each other, cooperation.
-Yu Sihua, Singtel

Roller Coaster. Relevance to department working together.
-Koh Boon Leong, SONY

Pace of programmes was nice.
-Koh Chen Ming, ST Aerospace

Enthusiastic Facilitators!
-Tokio Marine, YingYing

Combining fun and Team Building objectives renders the session an enjoyable and meaningful one!

Integrating with staff members from other sections of our deparment. Had some good fun together. Improved camaraderie amongst us. A practice of shared objectives in reaching out for our set goals of finishing the race ahead of other Teams.
-Albert Hoh, UOB

The event was well organised. USS is a nice place for the event. Weather was nice. Team participation was good.
-Chew Soo Ee, UOB

The ice-breaker and debrief were well-done. Facilitator and Team was helpful and friendly.
-Evelyn Tan, UOB

Ice breaking activities at the beginning of the programme.
-Hariyani Haron, UOB

Learnt the importance of Teamwork and made new friends. It was overall a fun experience.
-Jane Low, UOB

The bonding of each Team regardless of some discussion.
-Joey Teo, UOB

It is pleasure to work with Cassandra, a Team member of A-Team.
-Pauline Tan Poh Ling, UOB

Team bonding, fun!
-Xiuyun, UOB

Able to add in FUN aspect to the programme which makes this an enjoyable and meaningful experience!
-Veronica Ng, UOB

Loved the outdoor session, Geocaching. It provides an opportunity for participants to play and sight-see at the same time.
-Yee Foong Leng, UOB