“ Such a nice event and awesome..awesome really awesome FOCUS staff.. Bryan , John both made the program interesting.. and other FOCUS staff, I really appreciated you guys are awesome among those I’ve ever met in my Team Building events.. keep it up.. I’m sure to recommend FOCUS to other organisations that want to do such an awesome adventures… ”
-Ramona Thet Mon Aye, Senior Staff Nurse, NUHS

The Strength of the Teamwork.
-Ashok Sambandam, General Manager-Sales, BASF

Duration of course is good so that I don’t stressed out staying in the course for too long
-Angela Chan, Sotheby

It was fun and new learning experience.
-Cynthia Chua, Finance Executive, SIMTech

The rafting challenge was indeed a memorable experience.
-Jenny Lam, Asst Manager, SIMTech

It was good that it was not competitive. I like it that the final winner is everyone. Good not to highlight win or lose. It makes people relax and friendly, not competitive and nasty.
-Jeanette Lim, S Research Engineer, SIMTech

Work as a Team and play as a Team.
-Lee Hui Ching, Senior Principal Executive Officer, LTA

Your Facilitators are brilliant. The time control is perfect.
-Wang Zhenfeng, Scientist, SIMTech

The game is very relevant and easy to remember its message and link it to our business
-Teguh Tarius, BASF, Head of Business Management ASEAN

Good planning and Teamwork are essential for every success.
-Kong Chun Jeng, Senior Specialist, SIMTech

The rafting exercise was good, relevant and fun. Should’ve been more of that and less listening to the Facilitator – also less group hug exercises. We’ve all been around long enough not to need that. More hands on exercises would have been better. Great day though.
-Gan Chin Wei, Research Engineer, SIMTech

Great Team building experience intial classroom time could have been much shorter and actual raft/beach time much longer
-Aiyana Currie, UBS

using play doh to describe LTA and fellow colleagues. It is a good memory.
-Lee Hui Ching, Senior Principal Executive Service Officer, LTA

The debriefing sessions at the end of each activity was insightful
-Si Min, A.M, MOM

Activities and the Teamwork we established
-KOH CK, Manager, ICPAS

Yes, the course was made particularly useful in bringing to light MPAs FIRST principles. Well-focused.
-Jass Un Janir, Civil Engineer, MPA

Good pace
-Glendon, Shipping Exec, MPA

Great Team activities!

We truly enjoyed ourselves and there’s nothing, we can complain about. Except for The Incredible Race, some of the unfit staffs arent prepare for such vigorous exercise.
-Mark Chua, Director,Opulent Marketing

Activities are able to simulate situations in work and organization to improve Teamwork and efficiency.
-Irving, Manager,SIMTech

The energy level of the Facilitator was good and they really got everyone going.
-Keith, Novartis

It’s just the experience to go through it as a Team!
-Belle Liao, PU Coordinator, Novartis

The facilitators were great and provided avenues for us to grow, learn and work as a Team. Everyone’s enthusiasm and general positive attitude made the 2 days enjoyable and memorable.
-Charles Baz, Engineer, ST AEROSPACE

Fun! Video, photographs, all these makes the whole event very entertaining and interesting.
-Diana Ong, AGM, Opulent Marketing

It was fun !!! Laughing the majority of them time.

The responsiveness of the participant were great and the skill of the lead and co-leads Facilitators were good.
-Tan Hoon Chiang, CIO, NIE

Great for me as a first timer
-Kevin Weng, Art Director, XM

The Facilitator is able to control the group, helpful and always with a smile. A great place for team building at a relax pace.
-Raymond Wong, IT Consultant, IDA

energetic and upbeat Facilitator
-Roslina Ng Rosli, Academy Executive, MOE

Team Building activities such as the paintball, number games.
-Phyllis Koh, Executive, MOE

Everything is good!
-Jeslyn, AVP , OCBC

The facilitators were enthusiastic and very positive. Their high energy rubbed on us and all participants were involving and stayed engaged throughout the activities!

As i am new to the company, this program was like ice-breaker for me. I talked with everyone in my company and if there was no such activity, it would have taken me ages to get to know each other. Thanks to my company and FOCUS Adventure.

Everything right – including people (colleagues and Facilitators), place (sentosa), day (Friday), weather, activities ~
-Winnie, Assistant Manager, NUS

Low wall, Rafting, game with passing the ball
-Mehrdad Zarinejad, Lead Heat treatment Initiative, SIMTech

Some of the activites were really fun and we had good laugh over it. That makes our experience very enjoyable.
-Lau Soo Khim, Research Scientist, SIMTech

I think the Facilitator was really awesome!
-Xiu Wen, Senior Associate, KPMG

Link the activities with work and have good review and conclusion
-Goh Kiah Mok, Principal Research Engineer, SIMTech

In overall, its a new experience for me..especially the rafting part 
-Tobias Bestari Tjandra, Research Engineer, SIMTech

Its been really Great and Fun and Educational!
-Hartawan Andry, Research Engineer, SIMTech

Learning with fun
-Liu Kui, Scientist, SIMTech

The sincerity in delivering the programme and the discipline of the Facilitators are commendable. These are most reflected when the safety concern of the participants comes first during the Low Wall and the Rafting activities.
-Teo Phaik Luan, Senior Officer, SIMTech

It was good to bond with all the colleagues and the Facilitators did their job well!
-Deepak Choudhury , Scientist I, SIMTech

I believe the recording of the event by pictures and video will make a long lasting memory of the event. Physical activity is good and sharing tasks with colleagues in a different setting is really an great experience. I personally enjoyed most the low wall climbing and the rafting experience in the lagoon.
-Juan Carlos Hernandez, Scientist, SIMTech

-ANNAMALAI VELU, Sr. Chemical Technician, MSD