“ The activities that were organised enabled us to be more comfortable with one another, as we are just starting to get to know one another. The Facilitators would explain the rationale at the end of each activity, and this enabled us to relate and link it to our job. A lot of the activities, which were new to us, were also introduced. Kudos! ”
– Seri Rahayu, Customs Officer, Singapore Customs

“As expected, John and his team did a sterling job. Staff loved it. Thank you again for putting on such an excellent programme. Much appreciated.”
– Anthony Rasera, Regional Human Resources Manager, Atradius Credit Insurance NV

“Thanks, Hweeli. We look forward to working with you and FOCUS Adventure again. Great experience every single time.”
– Vanessa Xu, Senior Manager, Oracle Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“On behalf of my medical team at Mundipharma, a big thank you to you and Facilitators for the good bonding time at Bintan. The team had enjoyed themselves very much! Thank you once again and hope we can work again in future.”
– Vernis Yip, Executive, Mundipharma Pte Ltd

“Lead Facilitator, Sasi as well as Yiliang and photographer, Toto engaged the group very well overall (Giving instructions, explaining things, cheering us on).”
– Loh Chin Siew, Manager, Mundipharma Pte Ltd

“Our Facilitator, Scott, was fantastic. He really got the group involved in the activities and everyone had a great time.”
– Suzanne, HR Manager, Spruson & Ferguson (Asia) Pte Ltd

“Proactive Facilitator and overall arrangement in terms of quick readiness of availability for the photo and video taken, safety coverage etc.”
– Leow Hee Boon, Engineer, Leica Geosystems Technologies Pte Ltd

“I personally find that the programme is very fun and interesting especially The Cooking Challenge! Through this activity we are able to get to know each other a little better. Thank you for making this programme an enjoyable and memorable one.”
– Shariffah Hussain, Patient Service Associate, National University Heart Centre Singapore

“A very big thank you to Scott and the team that ran our Teambuilding activity in Bintan. Scott and the team did a fantastic job and we all really enjoyed the pre-activity warm ups and The GeoCaching Challenge!”
– Suzanne, Spruson & Ferguson (Asia) Pte Ltd

“I personally like The Cooking Challenge! and the venue reminded me of my kampung days. Thank you for making this programme an enjoyable and successful one. Thumbs up!”
– Shariffah Hussain, Patient Service Associate, National University Heart Centre Singapore

“In my opinion, this is a great activity especially for me to get to know new colleagues and current fellow colleagues outside of work. Really great to be able to mingle with these colleagues in such kind of activity especially we do not always have a chance to do it at work where there is always pressure and other work commitments for each of the department in the office.”
– Louis Lee, International Sales Director, BCI Asia Construction Information Pte Ltd

“Love the concept, nice logistics and Facilitators. Andrew and Yumi, thank you so much for your support to make this happen. Everyone was deeply engaged and had fun. Will definitely choose FOCUS in the future and highly recommend FOCUS!!!”
– Stacie GE, Eastman Chemical Company

“DISC analysis was good and detailed enough for everyone to fully understand the dynamics of the team. Maybe more situation role playing could be done to see how different groups will react differently.”
– Chong Shoulian, Executive, SONY Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“I like that we have a lot of activities and it was conducted in a place that make it exciting and not bored at all. I wish we could have a bit more time to do proper good bye but not off in rush. But overall it was great learning and bonding experience. Thanks.”
– Katherine Jie, Engineering Leader, UL International Singapore Pte Ltd

“The programme really emphasize on team work and making us to be more creative. Thanks!”
– Veronica Sembiring, UL International Singapore Pte Ltd

“This is the 2nd time with FOCUS for organising UL’s Teambuilding activities, and again it did not disappoint me the activities, it was awesome!”
– Shuyi, Marketing Specialist, UL International Singapore Pte Ltd

“Facilitators are pleasant and driven. They know what they are doing. Very good interaction among colleagues during this programme and we get to know more about our colleagues. Thank you! We had a great day with FOCUS and everything went smoothly! Appreciate that.”
– Dawn Chia Siam Mui, Executive Assistant, UL International Singapore Pte Ltd

“Andre has been very engaging, brought a lot of fun during the activities and it has been a great pleasure participating. I heard a lot of good feedback from the participants as well, so this was a great programme overall! Thanks!”
– Matthias Haack, Head of Sales Operations, Nokia Solutions and Networks

“Hi Yuxin, thanks to you and your team once again for a fantastic Teambuilding activity on 3 October. We have also received the framed photo and USB photo stick. The framed photo is taking pride of place in the centre of the legal department!”
– Gary Choo, Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte Ltd

“My many thanks to all that has made it possible and been there for us to make it a successful team away day. We had an awesome time and with it, we brought back lots of moments with us for keepsake. Very importantly, we met our objectives and each and every one of us kept recalling on what we learnt. That’s a positive output from all of us here. Have a good day ahead and we look forward for next year Teambuilding programme with FOCUS again.
– Ally, Digital Marketing, Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd

“I would like to thank each one of the FOCUS Adventure Team for being so awesome on that day. We had good takeaways from the activities that we did and of course lots of fun too. The fear factor of each and everyone in the team was clearly recognised and to top it all, we did it! Yes, we are proud of what we achieved and that really made us sit back and reflect on ourself. The team had a never ending story on each moment we went through and its clearly we learnt and had all the fun we deserved.”
– Masayu Ally, Senior Administrator, Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd

“Look forward for future collaboration. On behalf, thanking you and team for organising such a wonderful activities for the residents and staff of HEB-ASHRAM.”
– S. Ravi, Operations Assistant, Hindu Endowments Board

“Thank you for the loving picture with frame and your token of sticky sweetie. Wow, sweetie with printed words “I love FOCUS”. Yes, we certainly love your service. We have received your unique thumbdrive with all the cheerful pictures saved and the quick caption for memory into videos. Once again, thank you for organising the Teambuilding programme. We have also received good feedback from the staff that they enjoyed the activities very much.”
– Lynna Tan, Associate, Building and Construction Authority

“First and foremost, Serene and myself would like to thank the HR team for organising such a wonderful team building programme. It’s really fun, enjoyable, we learned from different aspects of challenges. It’s a good team bonding too as we have been working day in and day out. All our colleagues have been a great participants too. Everyone was so sporting and responsive.

Secondly, we would like to say a Big thank you to FOCUS Adventure team (John and colleagues) for being such a wonderful Facilitators. They really do motivate and encourage each and everyone of us to go for the challenges and participant positively.

“We were well taken care of in terms of our well being like providing us with sunblock, insect repellent! There was also adequate supply of food and bottled water. The only drawback was the breakfast buffet where there wasn’t sufficient time to eat as the queue was only on one side of the breakfast table so lots of time wasted queuing for food drinks! The flow was much better at lunch! Overall a very pleasant and positive experience! Thank you very much! Job well done!”
– Eve Tan, Administrator, Sumitomo Corporation Asia & Oceania Pte Ltd