“ Very professional. I am impressed by the whole programme which FOCUS Adventure has to offer their customer from logistic, food, programmes, welfare, safety and follow-ups in terms of documents and photos. Facilitators are well-trained, friendly and the support he received from his colleagues just make the whole experience really enjoyable. I will definitely recommend FOCUS Adventure to my friends if they ever need such service. Keep it up! ”
– Finian Lim Run Jian, Manager, SPRING Singapore

“It is a great programme, getting the TEAM to share the meaning of WRS core values was very interesting! It would be better if we can spend a bit more time and focus on selected value to foster stronger bonding among our TEAM members that will be great!

The programme was engaging, none of us felt bored at any point of time.

It was fun and we got to know and mingle with the rest of the division at ease. Definitely have fostered better relationships between staff which would help in getting our jobs done better/faster moving forward.

Messaging could be stronger for the VMV as most of the takeaway was more on teamwork only.

Facilitators especially Sasi indeed made the programme livelier and he responded very well to all our participations which made it a fun programme.”
Wildlife Reserves Singapore

“Overall, the programme was well received and the participants enjoyed themselves during the programme on 21 Oct 2016. Please express our gratitude to Sasi, Jeff and the TEAM for making it happen.”
Louis Tan, Human Resources Manager, Wildlife Reserves Singapore

“The great teamwork shows the great people we have in our organisation! Without the PEOPLE, no positive experiences can come out of it. All the values of the company can be seen in every direction, North, South, East and West!”
– Melinda Tan, Manager, International SOS

“Facilitators were really engaging and the pace of the programme was just right.”
– Kiden, Project Consultant, Morunda

“I enjoy the activities and really have fun. Thank you!”
– Lek Meng Khim, Senior Executive, SONY

“The teambuilding programme has turned out to be a highlight of the day. YJ and the TEAM made it so interacting and interesting! We would definitely love to collaborate once more if any chance holding our programme in Singapore again! Thank you very much!”
– Shixu Yan, McKinsey & Company, Inc. China

“I felt that the Facilitators for the respective activities did a very good job in addressing the objectives and purpose of the activity, effectively bringing across the message to the participants.”
– Hoe Wah Kiat, Management Associate, SingTel

“The liaising process was good and smooth. The Project Manager, Wenjie was very friendly and helpful. The Facilitators were all very helpful, engaging and friendly too. I really do appreciate that our Facilitator Yongjun, even went all the way out twice to pick my 2 late colleagues. This was really good customer experience. The activities were fun and engaging. Not a moment of boredom.”
– Cui Ting, Executive, SingTel  

“Everything was quite smooth. We were well taken care by FOCUS TEAM.”
– Hiu Vui Lung, Assistant Executive, SONY

“The Corporate Social responsibility angle was useful. The Facilitators were energetic and engaging, and treated all participants with respect.”
– Siew Joo, Parliament Secretariat

“Well organised! Objectives for the day of teambuilding has met, in fact exceed my expectation. My TEAM has a great experience.”
– Gladys Toh, Director, Morunda

“I would like to say a Big Thank to FOCUS Adventure for organising such wonderful activities. The teambuilding activities were well managed and we had a lots of fun. Your TEAM had really done a great job. Keep up the good work!”
– Shirley, SMU

“Facilitators were full of energy and got us ready and warmed up from the get go. The amazing race course had plenty of action and challenges without being over the top so that everyone could participate. Furthermore everyone was able to break ranks for a while and equally contribute to the race. TCP course was great to bring everyone together at the end but it was a bit scary when the rope dropped from the 2nd stage element. Would recommend again!”
– Gregory Thomas Ng, Morunda

“The programme has been successfully completed. We would like to convey our thanks to Loh Biao, Ernest, Jeremy and Anto for their guidance and involvement to make this programme a memorable one for us.”
– Nancy Yeo, Benteler Distribution Singapore

“The Facilitators are experienced and skilful, they are able to connect and ensure everyone is engaged. Teambuilding objective is achieved.”
– Clement Lim, Managing Director, Benteler Distribution Singapore

“We really enjoy the video at the end of the programme, as well as how Damien made his observations about our group behaviour and linked it to the corporate work culture. We also like how Damien brought in examples from other companies as illustrations so that we can understand how different or similar we are from other companies.”
– Linette Lim, Director, SMU

“TEAM were warm up and all break the ice and work together to achieve the same goals.”
– Ting Moi Mee, Management Support Officer, MPA

“Well organised, connected, great communication, mind blowing, relaxing, ambience was awesome. FOCUS TEAM is very helpful, friendly, gentle and they certainly know their services. Awesome and Cheers.”
– Mercy Mallari, Sales Coordinator, ISO-Team Corporation Pte Ltd

“The task that seems impossible but at the end we as a TEAM overcome it.”
– Jeffrey ang, CusTomer service, Hafele Singapore Pte Ltd  

“Opportunity to interact with other colleagues.”
– Yvonne Lee, Manager, SPRING Singapore

“Discussion about improvement and direct to our common goal!”
– Takumi Yoshida, Bridgestone Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Just wanted to drop a note to the FOCUS Adventure TEAM, for a very successful and enjoyable Teambuilding Challenge programme at Faber Peak/Sentosa today! From the feedback that I gathered from the participants (including myself), we greatly enjoyed the programme – it was fun, exciting and challenging, and created lots of opportunities for us to work as TEAM, and to build further interaction and bonding with one another! It also left wonderful memories for all of us (especially for our colleagues from outside of Singapore, who have not been to Sentosa before) — From the beginning of the programme at Faber Peak, followed by a delightful cable-car ride experience, and attempting to accomplish as much of the challenging activities as possible within the allocated time — covering various scenic sites and locations in beautiful Sentosa! It was certainly a very enjoyable and memorable experience overall! Thanks very much once again, to you and the FOCUS Adventure TEAM!”
– David Yeoh, Senior Change Management Manager, SABIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Love the outdoor activities that was organised. The programme lined up was different from other teambonding activities. It was fun and the objectives behind every activity not only relevant to our work area but can also applied to build up people and communication skills.”
– Malihha Azman, Tax Officer, IRAS

“Get to know the colleagues and to be able to co-operate during The Incredible Race!”
– Jennifer Tan, Bank of China

“Activities were relevant and we enjoyed them very much. Good job guys!”
– Adelena, Senior Tax Officer, IRAS

“Everything was well organised. Good Teamwork.”
– Chew Chat Fook, Staff Engineer, IBM Manufacturing Solutions Pte Ltd

“Thank you very much to the FOCUS Adventure TEAM, in supporting the IBM programme. It was done very professionally and we certainly had a great time.”
– Efrem Kuan Ming Loh, IBM Manufacturing Solutions Pte Ltd

“Lead Facilitator, YJ and the rest of the TEAM were very enthusiastic and really helped to hype up what would be otherwise be a typically inane teambuilding programme.”
– Lee Jian Le, Engineer, Abbott Manufacturing Singapore Pte Ltd

“The activity was organised very professionally and we certainly had a great time.”
– Efrem Loh, Senior Accounting Manager, IBM Manufacturing Solutions Pte Ltd

“Attended a couple of FOCUS Adventure teambuilding and the experience is always great! Thanks!”
– William Ng, Abbott Manufacturing Singapore Pte Ltd

“Everything was good. Thank you for putting up these activities for our TEAM.”
– Divine Garcia, Senior HR Executive, L&D, Emerson Process

“The grouping is fair and reasonable as it was split during the actual day, and this method also led us working with different people to have different experiences without choosing our own preference group.”
– Tay Huey Weng, IRAS

“Facilitators were friendly and clear in the instructions. Activities were fun too.”
– Kenneth Chia, EPE, Ministry of Transport

“Sailing TEAM and Facilitator Sasi was professional.”
– Juliana Goh Si Hui, Line Maintenance Executive, SIA Engineering Company

“The activities were appropriate, discussion topics/duration was good and photo/video clip was excellent. Well done and thanks!”
– Ernest, IRAS

“It was a day of fun; activities were interesting.”
– Cheng WB, Senior Tax Officer, IRAS

“The activity challenges that we have to do together shows how strong is our teamwork and unity as a TEAM.”
– Sofiyah Binte Mohammad Sofiyan, Tax Officer, IRAS

“The food is nice! Wenjie is very prompt in the follow up.”
– Huang Jingyi, Senior Tax Officer, IRAS

“Cooking is a good teamwork experience out of the clinic job.”
– National Healthcare Group Polyclinics

“The balance of outdoor and indoor activities were good. At least it is not too long in one place.”
– Michael Png, Operation, ARLANXEO Singapore Pte Ltd