Able to work and Team-up with other colleagues in our division.
-Elvira Suniega, Abbott Nutrition

Fun, interactive, adventurous.
-Joanne Liow, Bank Of Singapore

(1) Know colleagues whom I have never worked with, even though we are on the same floor. (2) Build bondings.
-May Wong, Bank Of Singapore

The Presenters and Facilitors were overall very pleasant and communicated very well. Thanks!
-Robin Chay, Bank Of Singapore

Very fun Team building games that allow me to discover the strength and weakness of both myself and my fellow colleagues.
-Zhou MeiTing, Bank Of Singapore

The main Facilitator was enthusiastic and had a good sense of humor. This made the entire experience pleasant and fun.

The whole programme was a delight! Looking forward to many more such sessions with Focus !!
-Thiyagathuraivan Sankar Narayanan, Cargill

Very well-organized and encourages interaction. Good sense of humor!
-Tobias Scigala, Cargill

Many thanks for the Team Building Activities, all of us from Singapore DUCKtours had great time and we never felt this close after a long time.

Your staffs were highly professional as they paid attention to all aspects of safety.
-Chen Zhihao,Singapore DUCKtours Pte Ltd

Drawing really practical lessons from the activities done.

The roller coster activity tested our Teams abilities and initiative.
-Myra, Halliburton

Getting to know each other better!
-Ng Jing Yi, Halliburton

Interesting games.
-Yong Bing Choo, HSA

The programme had provided the opportunity for the participants to bond.
-Raj, HTA

Simplistic but effective activities.
-Gurmeet, Insead

The way the whole programme was structured, fostered strong Teamwork.. And of course all the fun elements in whatever we did..apt mix of fun and learning..
-Pratyush Dasgupta, Insead

Everyone in the Team participanted actively.
-Karen Loh, ROCHE

Great energy of the Facilitators!
-Subhajit Chakrabarty, Insead

I think that the challenge was extremely well-organized and the best part is that my Team (and all other Teams I’m sure) had great fun!
-Ai Jia, Jobscentral

The icebreaking/warm-up exercise was fun.
-Rebecca, Jobscentral

Appropriate venue. Enthusiastic Facilitators . Bonding with colleagues.
-Joanne Quek, LTA

We did have a wonderful and unforgettable Team building experiences. Facilitator is so professional in making the activity so effective. He really knows our needs and expectations and made adjustments timely to keep training pace more productively. Instructors were working so closely and efficiently to make our training successfully, especially when he quickly prepare all materials by the end of the programme. Project manager is so helpful and always shows Can do attitude. We have a high opinion of your Team and work!
I am positive we would have more opportunities to work together!
-Swift Gao,MGM Grand Sanya

1.Activities are interesting 2.Food is nice 3.The interaction between Participants and Facilitator is good.
-Gean Goh, NETS

The Trainer, the venue, the programme!
-Soon Kok Leong, NETS

Facilitators kept well- focused to the objectives of the programme and are able to capture participants attention throughout the entire day of activities.
-Vivian Ang, NETS

Keep up the good work!

Fun and energy of the Facilitators really make us want to try our best in all the activities arranged.

Very smooth, enjoyable and smooth flow of the programme paired with a Team of Facilitators with great presentation and interaction skill with the participants. Indeed a fantastic experience! Much appreciated!
-Leong Yik Min, OCBC

-Amelia Tri Octavianty, PANASONIC

Fun activities yet educated.
-Richard Oktavianto, PANASONIC

Well organised, everyone had fun and got to know each other better through the grouping in the USS event. Ice breaker was quite fun.
-Dawn Lee, Qiagen

Your staffs were highly professional as they paid attention to all aspects of safety.
-Chen Zhihao, Singapore DUCKtours Pte Ltd

Able to face personal fears and conquer them and encouraged Teamwork and Communication as a whole.
-Joanna, Singapore DUCKtours Pte Ltd

The video was a nice closing to the end.
-Neo Lee Min, Singapore DUCKtours Pte Ltd

Thank you for the well-organised Team Building activity conducted at Bintan Indonesia for our Regional Planning & Governance team, a division group under the Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd from 2-3 Sep 2011.

This is the 2nd time, this Team comprising about 40 personnel, has engaged Focus for its now, a recurrently annual event.

Despite the many varied requests and last minute changes in ferry transfer, program modification, and the application of DISC profiling tool, your Team has remained helpful, versatile and flexible in meeting our needs.

We observed that all the Focus Team members who facilitated the Team Building were well-trained and professional in handling and applying the experiential learning methods in the Team Building games. They were able to captivate the participants, mobilize them to actively participate in the activities and forge Teamwork amongst them.

We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to each of the Focus members: Shan, Jay and James for making the event a success. This Team Building has allowed the participants to learn and interact with their fellow colleagues and management in a fun and spontaneous way. From their interaction, we could see that many participants have returned from the Team Building with a stronger bond and a better sense of belonging. This indeed is what we aimed for in a Team Building.

This is our applause to you, Focus. We thank you sincerely.

-Hidekazu Henry Kudo, Director of Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Well planned schedule and great Facilitator, it was a pleasant day Team building! Thanks heaps! Applause Applause Applause!
-Angie Wong, SONY

The activities were able to apply the Teamwork spirit.
-Francis Lucero, SONY (GISS)

I get to know my colleagues, understand them for future Teamwork.
-Lynnette Leow, SONY

Getting to know others.
-Max, SONY

The whole course planning Facilitator presented well (towards to humerous not boring)
-Rain Khoo, SONY

Good workshop with effective learning skills.
-Rajendrapillai Raghavendran, SONY (GISS)

Friendly. Innovative.
-Sam Chai, SONY (GISS)

The success of building and connecting all miniature roller coasters together as a Team and most important thing – elements found: Teamwork, enjoy, happy, fun, family … This Team-building changes my perception of Team-building is boring and looking forward for another soon.
-Wendy Chan, SONY

It was an enriching course that explores our strengths and weakness. It also enables us to know and work with one another which will definitely benefit us in a long run in our organisation. Thank you!
-Liaw Wei Xiang, ST Aerospace

Friendly Facilitators with contagious enthusiasm.
-Shawn, ST Aerospace

Fun in learning understanding.
-Alvin, ST Kinetics

Able to twist and turn when forming in Group member and unite people and breaking ice effectivly.
-Lee, ST Kinetics

An opportunity to interact with colleagues through games and activities.
-Lee Yin Fun, ST Kinetics

Listening, Teamwork, Communication, Attitude.
-Yong Yam Fee, ST Kinetics

-Faisal, Taiki-sha

All the Facilitator was very friendly and made our day.. Thanks a million..
-Saravana Krishnamurthy, Taiki-sha

The relaxed environment and the activities had made the overall experience fun and enjoyable.
-Jessica Loh, TEKNOR APEX

Fun and Teamwork spirit displayed.

I enjoyed the venue, the activities and the camaraderie.
-Alice Tan, UOB

The activities were fun and they promote bonding among the colleagues some of whom we dont even know even though we are in the same office every day!
-Chow Wai Leng, UOB

It was fun and everyone enjoyed the games.
-Darren Seah, UOB

It is simple and effective. Maintain the standard please.
-Heng Lee Nah, UOB

Sentosa is a great and exciting place compared to say Changi where we had our previous session.Games are sufficiently challenging.
-Koh Poh Guan, UOB

-Koh Seok Khim, UOB

The Objectives and experiences behind the activities point towards Teamwork and sharing of knowledge.
-Lawrence Lam, UOB

A lot of fun and laughters!
-Rachel Tee, UOB

The venue was great and ideas were good.
-Tan Sor Pheng, UOB