“ Every programme was fun but at the same time meaningful. The most memorable programme for me was the Low Wall and without a doubt the TCH. Even though I do not have a great fear for heights, but some portion on the tower really challenge my limit and even overcome it. Personally it makes me want to do everything over again. Thanks for the fun and enjoyable time. ”
– Shawn, Staff officer, Ministry of Defence

“The surprise element in the challenges given in the first activity was exciting.”
– Gerry Ng Eu Han, Strategy Engineer, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“I enjoyed the activities very much and the lessons from such activities.”
– Chew Khien Kuan, Process Safety, ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Well-designed activities that brought out the pertinent issues of the corporate world systems and processes. Timely reminder to rejuvenate and re-jig our thinking.”
– Chua Seng Yew, Associate, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“The activities showed me what I had not known about myself.”
– Ashby Tai Woon Fang, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“Completing High Elements together, especially the TEAM CHALLENGE HOURGLASS! Cultivates strong teamwork and mastery of the mind. Having sufficient time to rest, delicious hotel food and comfortable accommodation.”
– Brian Lee, Economist, Monetary Authority of Singapore

“The Facilitators and the activities were great. The programme was enjoyed by everyone.”
– Swati, HR Associate, Wood Group International Pte Ltd

“Thank you so much to you and the TEAM for the fun filled teambuilding activities. We enjoyed ourselves very much! Please communicate our thanks to the TTEAM.”
– Molly Lim, Regional President Asia Pacific, Bosch Software Innovations

“Impressed by the perfect execution of the activities + the ability of the events company to rouse the crowd to participate which can be challenging for many.”
– Jason Yap Jun Lin, Assistant Manager, Group Insurance, Tokio Marine Life Insurance

“Facilitators were friendly, and programme material given refreshing insights.”
– Marvin Chin Yet Ho, Associate, Monetary Authority of Singapore 

“The Facilitators organised activities that set a joyful and fun mood at the beginning and throughout the day. They also used funny examples in their introduction and explanation of activities which created a lot of excitement for all participants. I also appreciated the insights Facilitators shared with us at the end of activities. Clearly, they had thought through everything and planned activities to build our TEAM while having great fun together. Overall, it was a fantastic experience.”
– Salathiel Ntakirutimana, Marketing Representative, Caterpillar Asia Pte Ltd

“Excellent activities that highlighted the importance of thinking out of the box.”
– Chua Seng Yew, Associate, Monetary Authority of Singapore 

“We have heard nothing but praise from our staff who participated The Pixel Challenge! Our staff really enjoyed the painting challenge and the close relationship with their team mates. We would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by FOCUS TEAM.”
– Elizabeth Lee, Assistant Operations Transformation Manager, Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Ltd

“The environment was inclusive. The Facilitators were very friendly and gave everyone a chance to express their opinions.”
– Prakhar Gupta, Marketing Representative, Caterpillar Asia Pte Ltd

“Interactive, Fun oriented and Get to know more about my colleagues.”
– Syam Sasidharan, Software Engineer, Robert Bosch (South East Asia) Pte Ltd

“Facilitators are clearly well-versed in the activities and learning points to be gleaned from them. They were also helpful and stepped in quickly for issues related to personal safety.”
– Chan Fong Cheok, Assistant Director, Ministry of Education   

“The activities are interesting. The Facilitators are engaging.”
– Khoo Teng Seong, Group Director, Industrial Properties, JTC    

“We would like to thank FOCUS Adventure for the learning programme. The participants had a fruitful and enjoyable session.”
– Pooi Jia Tyan, Assistant Manager, Ministry of Education    

“Overall TEAM from different locations were able to break the ice and mingle around shortly, and all working towards a common goal during the experience made this an awesome experience and programme!”
– Jenny Chin, Financial Controller, Seaco Asia Pte Ltd

“People from different cultural background worked together to achieve a task. Aquarium was amazing.”
– Shama Khule, Assistant Manager, Pacific Arena Pte Ltd

“TEAM Co-ordination creativity helps to complete any tasks.”
– Viji Muddliar, Manager, Pacific Arena Pte Ltd

“Overall I feel the whole programme went really well and looking forward to attend other programmes as well.”
– Darren Khoo, Operations Manager, Wildlife Reserves Singapore Pte Ltd

“Deep was a very good Facilitator. Loved that we found a teambuilding organiser.”
– Jason, Talent Acquisition Leader, Kuok (Singapore) Limited

“The ice breaker activities were fun and effective in getting the TEAM to open up. Loved the old school bunker look of the venue as well.”
– Haslina, HR Business Partner, Desigual

“Make friends and perform task as on three different TEAM yet we perform together as though we knew each other like years.”
– Ridzwan Abd Rahmna, Senior Tram Captain, Wildlife Reserves Singapore Pte Ltd

“I have never tried before these activities from past orientation/camps/workshops I ever attended like the Japanese card activity. The Roller Coaster Challenge! was super fun! It made us to focus for a common goal together as a TEAM spirit! The Facilitator was supper efficient too, even had the time to print out a photo of us!! But I wish it was the fun shot that I can receive!! I prefer the fun shot than the formal picture! Overall, it was a good ice breaking session.”
– Atikah, National Library Board

“The Roller Coaster Challenge! is an interesting activity to learn about teamwork!”
– Norasidah Bte Abdul Razak, Library officer, National Library Board

“FOCUS provided an excellent platform for corporate teambuilding. The activities provided a good challenge and also learning opportunities upon completion.”
– Ian Douglas, Finance, Seaco Asia Pte Ltd

“Its really a good experience for me. Nice and have fun.”
– Dinesh A/L Nagalingam, Service crew, Wildlife Reserves Singapore Pte Ltd

“Combination of both the enthusiasm of the Facilitators and planning of the programme made this a really fun and engaging experience.”
– Dasuki Anwar Bin Abdul Aziz, Management Trainee, Kuok (Singapore) Limited

“The Facilitator made the environment and ambience casual and easy for everyone to interact.”
– Lan Min Hui, Assistant Manager, ARA Asset Management Ltd   

“I was happy to have Deep as the Facilitator, he was clear and to the point. The objectives explained just after the welcome were relevant, especially in an office environment. Overall the participants enjoyed the activity as a whole.”
– Reina, HR Executive, Kuok (Singapore) Ltd

“I though I might not make it but I did it finished it without fear.”
– Alex Thong, Area Manager, OSIM International Ltd  

“I feel so happy and would like to send my sincere thanks to the FOCUS TEAM!”
– Nguyen Tien Dạt, Aesthetics Marketing Asia Pte Ltd

“Facilitators around always give a very clear advise and was very friendly around. Great job!”
– Jac, Area Manager, OSIM International Ltd   

“The activities was good and with all the warm friendly Facilitator, it makes us more passionate confident go through the programme! Thank for all the Facilitators.”
– Jess, Sales manager, OSIM International Ltd  

“The Facilitator were very friendly and helpful. The programme also let us know each other more in just 3 short days. The programme was also all very fun, enriching and entertaining.”
– Wu Wei Chong, Ministry of Defence

“Overall Facilitators were friendly but could have more interaction with the participants throughout the programme.”
– Stephen Koh, Operations Officer, Bank of Singapore  

“The Facilitators and my colleagues are the key areas for making this retreat a pleasant experience.”
– Pauline Lim, Senior HR & Admin Manager, Aesthetics Marketing Asia Pte Ltd

“The ice-breaking activities brought us together as a TEAM!”
– Angelic Wong, Senior Associate, Bank of Singapore  

“The activities were well planned and built up to heighten the atmosphere and spirit. Awesome!”
– May BN Ng, Bank of Singapore  

“We had great fun and at the same time get to understand other colleagues of other home when we participated in the group activities. Learned to be a TEAM player and also got bonded with them.”
– Koonapareddy Kavitha, Admin Executive, Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities

“The programme was more than what I expected.”
– Depit, Software Engineer, Asia Fusion Technology