"The food catering is delicious!"
Christina Teh
Mandai Wildlife Group, Assistant Vice President Horticulrure
"It was a superb time working with FOCUS Adventure from start to end! Yumi and Sasi were so patient and informative throughout, and the facilitators Ali and Farisa, Heng Zhi were superb!! Thanks so much today!"
-Choo Amelene Isabel
Mandai Wildlife Group, Senior Manager HR
"Good job team!! I enjoy very much and I run programs too so I know how hard and how much effort every team members put to make this happen!! All of you are being appreciated ❤️"
Jacinta Lim
Kuok Singapore Limited Executive, HR Services
"The FAcilitators were friendly, funny and engaging, made the event more lively."
Tan Wee Kiat
Kuok Singapore Limited Executive, HR Services
"FAcilitators are entertaining and able to bring up tue whole session."
Boey Choong
"Extremely good effort by FOCUS adventure team to make this team building event an eventful and enjoyable one!"
Chong Yen Ping
Sartoruis Stedim Singapore Pte Ltd
"We are very happy with the result and hitting our objective of TEAMWORK. Thank you."
-Manager of Finace, SEA + Taiwan
"Sassi was a great coordinator! Always uplifting and clear throughout""
"Excellent FAcilitators and activities. Activities were very fun, well-designed and definitely imparted many important learning points."
E Ho
"The FAcilitators, particularly Bryan and Sasi, were very knowledgeable and injected fun into learning. They were able to share, elaborate on learning pts / comments by participants."
"Very good momentum of the activities that keep the participants going."
"Berwin and Bryan are exceptional at leading the program with high energy and clear instruction. Overall positive experience "
Kuok Singapore Limited, Mr
"Excellent programme and hit the right note. Program FAcilitator able to keep the beat up ! And have fun and learn! Fantastic!"
Thai Kum Foon
Kuok Singapore, CTO/CHRO
"Superb facilitation and program for team building. Lots of fun and laughters, and most importantly, there are some takeaways from some games that are so valuable towards working together and on innovation."
Kam Fong
Kuok Singapore Limited