“Hi Tessa, It was a fantastic team event experience, maybe even the best I have ever attended so far. Your team members are quite capable, they managed the sessions very well. Have a good week! “
Nihan Belik
Category Senior Director, Asia Strategy & Innovation & Ecommerce
Just dropping a word here, to let you know we had a great Teambuilding event yesterday. I would say the whole thing is close to perfect. We learned, we got active and we had fun. Bryan and his team was wonderful. Couldn't have asked for better group of FAcilitators. Thank You
Multi-Wing group
Indeed, the DMO team have enjoyed the session tremendously. In addition, here is a big THANK YOU to your wonderful team, Bryan and team for making the experience memorable and fruitful. Have a great weekend ahead! 😊 Thank you.
Jolie Wong
Manager, Distribution Middle Office Income
“Dear FOCUS Team, On behalf of the Orientation for New Employees Singapore (ONES) Committee, we would like to thank the team once again for helping us facilitate the Grand Opening 2023 on the 16th of September! The team’s professionalism and enthusiasm has contributed greatly to the success of this event. We are particularly grateful to the team for the flawless execution of games, quick coordination and for keeping the event safe and enjoyable for our participants. We look forward to working with you again in future. Thank you! “
Suan Hwee
Singapore Liquids Logistics Advisor ExxonMobil
Thank you FOCUS for planning and organising such an amazing Team Building event for my employees! They had tons of fun and everyone really enjoyed themselves! Thank you for making this event possible! 🙂
Desiree Tan
Commercial Manager, Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore



Kyle has a strong passion for the outdoors and never fails to back down from an adventure!

With more than 5 years of experience in the industry, he strongly believes in not only having the element of fun, but also to make it a great learning experience for all who participates in his programmes.


  • RMIT Bachelor of Business (Management)

Professional Certifications

  • 1 Star Sea Kayaking
  • 1 Star SUP
  • Standard First Aid Certified (AED & CPR)



Once again, FOCUS Adventure did not fail to impress with their excellent facilitation and fun and creative activities.
Director, MSF
Really had a good time today. Beyond my expectations.
Karin Lee
Assistant Director, RPG
I think this is one of the more fun and enriching orientation that I have been to. Kudos for the presenter and team who really made the session more interesting and engaging!
Muhammad Hizam Bin Kamis
Manager, IMDA
Thank you Wenqian for coordinating our last minute requirement for the team building. Berwin and team did a great job and our teams were highly engaged, reflecting on learnings while enjoying themselves bonding with each other. FOCUS Adventure is fortunate to have this team and I will certainly recommend your company and Berwin as the FAcilitator to others! Thanks.
Frankie LEE
Regional Leader, Asia Pacific and META | Marketing, Gfk
First time attending a teambuilding where the activities actually mean something
Totalenergies, Asia Pacific and META | Marketing, Gfk
FAcilitator Bryan and Berwin were very experienced and friendly. Really enjoyed the session so much.
Executive Engineer, PUB
Awesome, as usual! Thanks Sasi and team!
Assistant Director, MSF
Well done. I feel good as it’s the first time for the team to get together, know each other better and solve all the challenges together..shall recommend to other team in company.
Connie Lim
General Manager, MOL Chemical Tankers Pte Ltd
Lead FAcilitator, Berwin able to articulate very well and able to align with our company vision. He is good at his job.
Lek Ju Ying
Engineer, SPGroup Limited
“Thanks Hweeli. Appreciate you helping us with this event through all the last minute changes we had to make. The team had a great time and shoutout to Bryan for making it a smooth and comfortable session. “
Natalie Guo
Veeva Systems
This is the unicorn of adult team building that manages to subvert the expectations, and I wholeheartedly enjoyed the programme.
Jonathan Lim
IT Planning Analyst, PUB
Good job Bryan, Kyle, Berwin and Heng Zhi for being such warm and friendly FAcilitators.
Ng Jia Cheng
Executive Engineer, PUB
Excellent FAcilitators that make the programme so much interesting
Senior Engineer, PUB

JULY 2023

Excellent Event management
Annavajjala Vijaya
Pall Korea Ltd, Commercial Director FTAP KOSEA
Bryan, Kyle and Totok are great FAcilitators who ensured we all had a fun time learning and took care of our safety! Thanks FOCUS Adventure!
Glenn Sim Hoon Chang
NUH, Exercise Physiologist
Awesome team of trainers. Have lots of fun and learning along the way. Jave a good day ahead and thanks you very much. From the bottom of my heart..Love you guys..
PUB, Asst Engineer
Really enjoyed the event. Learned a lot about my colleagues. Facilitators were very good. Great pace. Showed good insight into group
Nicholas Cox
Amount of activites were just right. It was a short stint but definitely eventful and the FAci were amazing
Muhammad Azfar Bin Sukardi
Instructor is very enthusiastic. We enjoyed ourselves!
Singtel, Management associate
FAcilitators were professional and took care of everyone. Overall, the programme is fun and it is nice to get to know more people from the organization.
Shue Chin Liat
Thank you for watching over us for our safety and everything!
Arief Kresnadi Ignatius Kasim
Kudos to the FAcilitators -- appreciate their wit and light-hearted humour. These made a real difference for me, compared with other events in my previous companies.
Gary Goh
Objective of teambuilding met and had fun as well.
Leslie Lee Roberts
MPA, Manager
Learned a lot and had so much fun! Good for corporate events. Highly recommended.
Saiful Anwar Bin Hamzah
PUB, Senior Assistant Engineer

Wenqian WANG

Wenqian WANG, Senior Executive (Projects)

Contact Wenqian WANG at

What our clients say about Wenqian WANG

Thank you Wenqian for coordinating our last minute requirement for the team building.

-Frankie LEE, Regional Leader, Asia Pacific and META | Marketing, Gfk

JUNE 2023

Didn't expect a team building program. It was quite fun
Deputy Director, IMDA
Good engagement, clear instructions to rally the guests and staff. Good job!
Ocean Network Express Singapore
I love the programme! The host and the team were very dubamic and funny. Keep up the good work! Audience were very engaged throughout the programme.
Thank you for the fun session! I love how the Lego activity could tie in so nicely with teamwork and also incorporate our IMDA values. :))
Simrin Parmar
Wonderful teambuilding course, professional actions by Berwin and his team
Bernard Chua Ming Sheng
MPA, Marine Surveyor
Objective of teambuilding met and had fun as well.
Leslie Lee Roberts
MPA, Manager
Engaging and fun morning we had with the Focus team! Thanks!
Zhong Yizhuang
"On behalf of SPPL Management and Organising team, please also help to convey our appreciation to Sasi and his team for planning such engaging activities; providing connections and teamwork among participants. It was a fun and memorable team building experience for our team and we look forward to future collaborations."
Singapore Pools
Facilitators (Berwin and Kyle) were great and paced the whole event well. Berwin’s humour is one of the best points of programme, very spot on. Overall video was well edited as well.
Mei Ying
It was fun and enjoyable experience with an important lesson learnt which is relevant to my work.
Muhammad Haziq Bin Zulkifli
APD, Patrol Officer

MAY 2023

Didn't expect a team building program. It was quite fun
Deputy Director, IMDA
Good engagement, clear instructions to rally the guests and staff. Good job!
GM, Ocean Network Express Singapore
Thank you very much for this – your team was brilliant and we had a lot of fun! We have also share the photos/videos with the team. Please thank your team for the great work.
Best wishes Jae Hee
Jae Hee Suh | Counsel International Arbitration Allen & Overy
Exceeded my expectations. Will definitely encourage others to give this a go!
Amirul Syafiq
Wonderful teambuilding course, professional actions by Berwin and his team
Bernard Chua Ming Sheng
MPA, Marine Surveyor
Facilitators (Berwin and Kyle) were great and paced the whole event well. Berwin’s humour is one of the best points of programme, very spot on. Overall video was well edited as well.
Mei Ying
Facilitator has good energy levels to rally participation. Prog is succinct and interesting. Logistics and time is well kept.
Bernard Chua Ming Sheng
Assistant Director, IMDA
Thanks for the support and the professional work from FOCUS Adventure Tessa and Sasi! 😊
Trainer was knowledgeable and approachable
Syah Nizam Bin Zainudin
Singapore Police Forces,
The course pace is just right. Participants get to blend in together. More of a sharing knowledge moment, teamwork and compliment each other. Kudos to all.
Saiful bahri md kasim
APD, Patrol Officer
I love the programme! The host and the team were very dynamic and funny. Keep up the good work! Audience were very engaged throughout the programme.

The AR Rush Challenge!

The AR Rush Challenge

The “AR Rush Challenge! is an exciting new corporate teambuilding program with teams working together to complete a series of challenges using cutting-edge AR technology. The program encourages teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills in a high-energy, competitive environment.

During the program, teams will be tasked with completing a series of challenges that require them to navigate through a pre-planned customised route using AR technology. The program encourages teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills in a competitive, high-energy environment.

Each team will be equipped with a tablet with AR capabilities that will allow them to see and interact with virtual objects in the real world. They will also have access to various other tools and resources, including maps, puzzles and clues to help them complete each challenge.

The AR Rush Challenge! is a thrilling and engaging teambuilding program perfect for companies looking to improve communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills among their employees. Its exciting blend of technology and competition will surely be a hit with teams of all ages and skill levels. 

Learning Outcome:

  1. Improved Communication Skills: Teams must communicate effectively to complete the challenges successfully. This program can help participants develop better communication skills, including active listening, clear expression, and collaboration.

  2. Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: The challenges in the program require participants to think creatively and critically to find solutions. Participants will learn to break down problems into smaller components and develop innovative solutions.

  3. Increased Adaptability: As the challenges occur in various locations, participants must quickly adapt to new environments and situations. This program can help develop a sense of adaptability and flexibility, which can be useful in various professional and personal situations.

  4. Better Teamwork and Collaboration: The program’s competitive nature requires participants to work together to achieve their goals. This program can help individuals understand the importance of teamwork and develop better collaboration skills.

  5. Fun and Engaging Learning Experience: The program uses AR technology to provide a unique and engaging learning experience that participants can enjoy. This program can help participants learn fun and excitingly, leading to a more positive attitude towards learning and personal development.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment

With an emphasis in today’s world on Sustainability, organisations worldwide are starting to look into their environmental footprint and sustainability practices. Our 50-item assessment covers social, environmental, economic, transportation, energy, waste and water sustainability, helping your organisation measure its performance against the triple bottom line. With this, an organisation can identify areas for improvement, measure progress, set sustainability goals, gain actionable insights and ultimately help you make informed decisions to demonstrate your commitment towards sustainability. Impress the stakeholders by enhancing your organisation’s social, environmental and economic impact. Join the movement today.


Learning Outcome:

  1. Enhanced understanding of the importance of sustainability in business operations
  2. Awareness of the key elements of sustainability, including social, environmental, and economic aspects
  3. Increased knowledge of sustainable practices and strategies that can be implemented in various aspects of the organisation, such as transportation, energy, waste, and water management
  4. Ability to assess corporate sustainability practices using a comprehensive questionnaire
  5. Understanding of the triple bottom line concept and its relevance to business sustainability
  6. Development of a sustainability action plan that addresses specific areas for improvement
  7. Increased collaboration and communication among employees and departments regarding sustainability initiatives
  8. Ability to identify and overcome potential roadblocks to sustainability implementation
  9. Improved commitment and motivation towards sustainability goals
  10. Understanding long-term benefits of sustainability, including cost savings, reputation enhancement, and positive social and environmental impact

The Monopoly Challenge for 3000 pax!

The Monopoly Challenge for 3000 pax!

FOCUS Adventure recently made waves by running the biggest Monopoly Challenge program, with almost 3000 participants joining in over one week. The Monopoly Challenge is a highly interactive and engaging team-building activity that combines the classic board game of Monopoly with physical challenges and strategy.

Participants are split into teams, each given the Monopoly App (Designed by FOCUS Adventure). The objective is for each team to collect as much property as possible by completing various challenges, ultimately becoming the wealthiest team at the end of the game.

The challenges test participants’ physical abilities, mental agility, and teamwork skills. For example, participants might be required to solve a puzzle or navigate an obstacle course before acquiring a particular property. The challenges are strategically located throughout the event venue, and teams must work together to determine the most efficient way to complete them.

FOCUS Adventure, a leading team-building and leadership development company based in Singapore, has been running The Monopoly Challenge for many years. The program has been a hit with participants because it combines Monopoly’s fun and excitement with the added physical activity challenge.

To make this year’s event a success, FOCUS Adventure had about 50 instructors each day, working tirelessly to ensure everything ran smoothly. The instructors were responsible for setting up the challenges, guiding the teams through the game, and ensuring everyone had a fun and safe experience.

The Monopoly Challenge is a unique team-building activity that requires participants to work together to achieve a common goal. It promotes communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills essential for building strong and effective teams.

In today’s fast-paced and constantly changing business environment, it is more important than ever for companies to invest in team-building activities that help employees develop these crucial skills. The Monopoly Challenge is just one example of how companies can use creative and engaging activities to promote teamwork and leadership development.

Overall, FOCUS Adventure’s recent success with The Monopoly Challenge program is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing high-quality team-building experiences that are both fun and effective. With its combination of physical challenges and strategic gameplay, The Monopoly Challenge will remain popular among teams looking to build stronger relationships and improve their teamwork skills.