Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our programmes in 2008!

Just a short note of appreciation for making the IRO Team Building 2008 a success and it was great working with all of you. Thanks once again for all the help rendered and assistance given throughout the whole time till the end! Do extend our thanks and appreciation for the FOCUS team at Bintan who brought us through the whole program and made it enjoyable!
– Sanjeev Tiwari, NTUC – IRD (11th December 2008)

I have received the DVDs and photo frame! It was definitely a pleasant surprise. This year’s retreat was very well received and everyone had great fun! Ling Yu, Ivan and I are thrilled. A big thank you for your through dedication and patience!
– Kenny, DSO

The whole event was fun and enjoyable! Andy and the rest of the facilators were engaging enough to bring the mood to the highest peak ! Will look forward to work with FOCUS Adventure again ! CHEERS :D
– Angeline, Swarovski

The team had good feedback on FOCUS Adventure’s services for the team activity they did last Friday 12th September. Thanks again for all your help and support and we’ll definitely keep you in mind for other upcoming programmes.
– Stacy Pereira, Global Travel Meetings and Events

We(the committee) as well as the management, are happy with the results. In the activities, you have cleverly integrated our core values and objectives i.e. team-building, leadership development, change management and innovation. For this, we would specially like to thank Leonard for the planning and facilitation. As mentioned in the speech delivered by our CEO “give a round of applause to FOCUS Adventurefor the good job!”. WELL DONE! Leonard, one of the questions you asked “what do you want to achieve from today’s event” and one of my colleagues said “memories for one month”. You may like to know that half a month has passed and some colleagues are still talking and laughing about it. It will definitely be good memories for a very long time. Once again, we would like to say MANY THANKS! Looking forward to working with you again for our next outing.
– Catherina Chia, Social Recreation Committee

We would like to put in record our appreciation for your fantastic organization of the activities for our Staff Outing on Friday, 29 August 2008. We received positive feedback from most of our colleagues. Facing reality, there are always a few negative participants. We are not perturb by it because that is the real world. Almost all had great fun and truly enjoyed the activities despite the “childlike” games. The minority of approx 2% found the activities “childish”, “silly”, and commented “not enough outdoor activities”. A heart-warming comment received was “I never had so much fun and laughed so hard for a very long time”.We (the committee) as well as the management, are happy with the results. In the activities, you have cleverly integrated our core values and objectives i.e. team-building, leadership development, change management and innovation.Once again, we would like to say MANY THANKS!Looking forward to working with you again for our next outing.
– Catherina Chia, Social Recreation Committee

Thanks for the prompt sending over of the group photo and CDs.On behalf of all the participants who attended the Team Building program, I would like to extend a huge thank you to FOCUS Adventure, for planning and coordinating such a fun-filled and interesting programme for our offsite. I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves that day. Lastly, it was truly a pleasure to have worked with you and your team for this event.
– Keri Xie, P & G International Operations Pte Ltd

We’ve received the framed group photo as well as the CDs and thanks for the chocs! That was very nice of you. We’ve enjoyed the programme and feedback was that overall programme management was well organised and conducted with good time management so that we all ended on time.
FOCUS Facilitators for the various challenge stations were good, friendly and fair.
Overall, staff have an enjoyable time !
-Calvin KOH, National Arts Council

This is a great course that brings learning outside of work. Was apprehensive in the beginning as to what this course could offer me. In the end, Im glad I came for the course and thoroughly enjoyed myself and reminded myself that I need to be open-minded and to think out of the box.
– Charmaine, Central Provident Fund Board

The training was GREAT and it really help to boost our believe in this business. My self-confident in this trade has been greatly enhanced to a huge extend. This programme have bonded a lot of strangers in a very short time.
– Patrick Wong Jiang Jik, Executive Life Planner

On behalf of Flight Test Centre, I would like to send our appreciation to you and your teams for an excellence job in organising the programme for us.
Our management and personnel in FTC have truly benefited from the programme. They have also enjoyed the fun and enriching activities that you and your team have designed especially for us.
As such, kindly send our appreciation to your team members for their job well done and especially to Andrew Leong for being a knowledgeable, flexible, accommodating and outstanding facilitator. Thank you!
– William Teoh, RSAF

I really enjoyed the event with FOCUS Adventure. All the staffs are friendly and helpful. Activities are well planned.
– Celest, ICES

My staffs really enjoy the fun, the challenge and the theme of team building you have organized for us. I do see the staffs are bonded very close to each other after the program. From the way my staffs are selling the TPC and Flying fox, I am very sure the rest of ICES colleagues are eager to go for it too. We will start planning the team building program by Nov. Once again, greatly appreciated the hard work Leonard, June and ATC staff have put in.
– Doris Tan, ICES AStar

Well organized and professional.
– Hendry Khouw, SingTel

It was an enriching and an eye opener for me. I enjoyed being part of this and look forward to more of such events.
– A. Manodaran, Singapore Power

Well done FOCUS Adventure!
– Ong How Tiong, SSC

I had a great day out and have learnt a lot of stuff.
– Maxime Kor Eng Soon, UTAC

Overall, the experience is great! Many of them who are quite resistant for the high element did actually try them out…
– Shirley Lye, Singtel

It was a very enjoyable and fruitful event the team of FOCUS facilitators had been great.
– John Loo, SLA

It was really fun.
– Sinthu, Singapore Sports Council

I personally love the program. It makes me think out of the box, doing the bare minimum to achieve the maximum results and to be a team player.
– Keith, Singapore Power

This morning’s event was very well organized and our team had great fun. Thank you very much!!!! Please extend my appreciation to Leonard and other team members who assisted in our program.
– Corinna, DFS

A very enriching and fulfilling experience. It was great fun and I enjoyed myself tremendously!! Thanks to each and everyone who was there!!!
– Nikki, LOREAL

I enjoyed myself and was really pleased to complete the session.
– Christopher, T-System

Nothing much… was already a very wonderful experience! Thank you FOCUS Adventure for giving us all at ABB a GREAT TIME!!!
– Nicholas, ABB

The team building programme cater for us was fantastic and very meaningful, it helps all participants in engaging Teamwork and having a lot fun, I’m sure my Hair Care team and our oversea guests are having a memorable and great time last Wednesday.
Thanks for all the support, hard work and coordination which made this activities work so well. I’m happy to say that FOCUS Adventure has been maintaining high standard all these while since the time when I was in Baby and Feminine Care and currently in Hair Care.
– Chorine, P&G

I first got to know FOCUS 3 years back when I attended a Team Building organized by my ex-company. I am now with Standard Chartered Bank and when I was asked to organize a team building event, I proposed FOCUS Adventure! True to my choice, I experienced a top class service from everyone @ FOCUS Adventure. Come next year, I would still want to propose to attend other Team Building events organized by FOCUS Adventure!
– Michelle Wong, Credit Management Unit – Credit Collections

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to FOCUS Adventure and especially Chew and team. My company has come with the objectives of bonding closer and understanding each other better. After completing the course, my colleagues have indeed learned some valuable lessons and insights which are very much applicable to our everyday work. To sum it all up, my company is very satisfied with the whole course and will be considering future events with FOCUS Adventure. Thank you.
– Jeremy Lim, MediaCorp

I have attended many trainings during my 25 years of career, yet, this has been the first and so worth while training I have ever come across. I recommend this type of training for the young people which will help them develop a strong attitude, value and character.
– PK Logun, World Vision

FOCUS Adventure did a very good job, well done! This was the best course that I’ve attended so far, and I really enjoy myself. Thank you guys and keep it up!
– Fauziah Bte Abdul Rashid, Singapore Power

Thank you to the Team of FOCUS Adventure. It was an Exciting kind of Amazing Race.
– Asma Bte Ali, CDC

Great fun, great team, great job done!
– Wee Hang Yong, Canon

I told my Boss that he’d pick a good adventure learning program with a good venue too! May FOCUS Adventure continue to provide the best program ever (even for the not so brave ones *smile*). Thank you
– Belinda, DBS

Thank you to the Team of FOCUS Adventure. It was an Exciting kind of Amazing Race.
– Asma Bte Ali, CDC

– NC Marasigan, UTAC

Fuliflled my aims. Excellent for team togetherness.
– Isabella Tran, NTU

Well done FOCUS Adventure!
– Ong How Tiong, SSC

Have done this the 3rd time. Thank you FOCUS Adventure.
– James, MAS

For the latest event that we had, I would like to thank you for your efforts. Very appreciated and good experience.
– Chayanant.Tiyatrakarnchai, Sanofi Aventis

A great big Thank You for the wonderful event on Wednesday. The folks really had a very good time (not sure about the girl who got hit in the face though) and said they have not had such fun for a while. So Thank You.
– Tng Yan Ling, IMC Corp Pte Ltd

This was one of the best courses that I had attended. It is so modern and refreshing – really reflects the saying that when you do as in both seeing and hearing, the experience stays with you. This course is practical, educational, fun and enjoyable. The trainers (mine were Andrew Chew, Izac and Andi)did a very good job in making us look forward to the next game session. The video session at the end was a bonus. It was so hilarious that we had stomach ache and tears in our eyes! Well Done!!!
– Maggie Lim, Singapore Power

Overall, the facilitor and the programmes were wonderful and for me have thoroughly enjoy myself and can bring out the teamwork within the organisation. As I have mentioned during the debrief, the 2 key words are Trust and Encouragement which all along have been encompassing through us! Well Done FOCUS Adventure!!! I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all facilitors and those whom have rendered your kind assistance and a wonderful training session… BRAVO!!! Cheers!…..
– Lee KH, OCBC

I enjoyed the 1-day Cooking Challenge programme with much fun and learning ! The concepts of WIN-WIN situation, trust, communication and teamwork were brought in amidst laughters and jesting around. The facilitators (Andy, Leonard) were spontaneous and Andi – very professional prompt in his MTV work. Food was also delectable.
– Adeline Wong, MINDEF

What a fantastic course – highlighted the difference between individual and team performance to overcome significant obstacles/fears and had a lot of FUN. Feedback from the team has been great – really well done and my thanks to Andy and the team.
– Jeff Sayed, RBS

Indeed it is a great and adventurous program. We have learnt to understand the importance of teamwork, coordination and leadership skills. Without either one of these traits nothing can be achieve easily and failure may occurs. We enjoy the activities very much and many thanks to Sau Bing for his facilitator leadership in guiding us throughout the program.
– Jaws Lin, ASCENDAS

We enjoyed tremendously and tightened our bond although we were all from various departments. Thank you FOCUS Adventure.
– Laila, Sterling

Well done for a programme that was effectively executed. Im lookin forward to more session with you in the future – hope our admin side would choose FOCUS Adventure again.
– Zahra Aljunied, NLB

Thanks for hosting us. It was a good experience and we had a good time 
– Candy Teo, OBS

Well, the training was just right as our age group was quite far apart. It does letting everybody knows the important of being working as a team in order to success.
– Tan Swee Huat, NUS

Lead facilitators and activities were effective in bringing out talents and out-of-the-box thinking skills that we didnt know exist! Most of all, we got to know better not only our colleagues from the various depts and divisions, both local and overseas, but our very own weaknesses and strengths. I hope to apply the lessons learnt in the workplace and in lifes journey. Thank you FOCUS Adventure for a great time!
– Sally Chia, Wartsila

The Team Building course was very refreshing. It has the ability to rejuvenate a group. Brings in greater awareness of the creativity and capabilities of the individual. Also when harness to work as a closely knitted team – the output would be spectacular…. Thanks FOCUS Adventure and Arthur for taking us thru that journey of awareness..
– Lim Taik Leong, ExxonMobil

The entire day’s program was well packaged, planned and executed with excellent quality! We wanted to applaud and appreciate the efforts put in by yourself and your team consisting of Siew, Alex and Toto. A word of appreciation for Yumi too for the efficient co-ordination before the program! I am sure our staff will remember the day, the learning and the fun we had for a very long time.
– S.D.Diwakar, Tionale Enterprises Pte Ltd

Thank you for making our corporate retreat at Rasa Sentosa Hotel a big hit. The programmes customised for us were most befitting and was indeed a refreshing change to the retreats we had previously did. The trainers you have recommended were not only effective and efficient in motivating our officers, they were also highly professional and competent in helping us achieve the intended objective.
– BEN Tang, Singapore Police Force

We enjoyed very much The Team Building Challenge at Sentosa. We have benefited a lot from the experience and enjoyed very much the variety of creative activities that successfully communicated the messages about the importance of Team Building, communication and encouragement in workplaces. The professional yet interesting and fun-filled manner in which the activities are conducted totally spiced up our learning experience. We are deeply grateful for the encouragement to challenge our personal limits.
– Participants from Transit Link

The last event, Team Challenge Pyramid was no doubt a most frightening experience (I literally froze up there cuz I have height phobia since young) but we all made it. Very importantly, it taught us that we could work very well as a team when faced with daunting challenges and could overcome the odds.
As a matter of fact, every event (including those held in the classroom) put us one step closer to being a more cohesive and high performing team.
– William Chiar, UOB

Just want to thank you for organising the Team Building we had recently. At first, it was apprehensive but at the end of the programme, it was really inspiring. Our team members had a great time despite the difficult situations we were brought in together.
– Aida, NOL

The event went incredibly well, and apart from a few sore legs and shoulders today, everyone had a fantastic time!!!!!
– Rachel Grier, Bintan Lagoon Resort

The Team Building activity was thoroughly enjoyed by our staff and some even feedback that it was not enough! It was the highlight of our conference day which marked the close of our offsite on a great note.
– Elena, Coutts Bank

The organisation both prior and during the event was great and the team reported having a super time and no doubt learnt a little along the way too.
– Phillip Lewis, Bakels Singapore

Just a quick note to let you know I successfully used ‘The Turning Point’ with the group yesterday. The most significant complement related to Team Building. One participant said, “We went out of the room as 8 teams of 8 and came back as 1 team of 64″.
– John Boggs, International Air Transport Association

The highlight of our offsite was the Team Building challenge. Adam Chan and the team had been very professional, motivating and supportive throughout the event. In the course of the activities, we learnt about effective communication, bonding, trust in each other, teamwork and not forgetting the fun and social interaction within our team. Many team members commented that it was the most demanding and rewarding team-building exercise they have every participated in. We congratulate the FOCUS team for a job well done, and certainly look forward to working with you again in July during our summer party in Sentosa.
– Andrew Richards, The Royal Bank of Scotland

Excellent programmes and great learning objectives!
– Verena Poh, Singtel

Many thanks to FOCUS Adventure especially to our lead facilitor, Andrew his team during our 2 days stay in Ubin and those lessons learnt. All these activities cannot be learn from book or just slides presentation. You need to feel physically yourself in that suitation to learn and it will remember in your mind for the next min 5~10 yrs. It is a good training to convey the message clear loud what we mean Teamwork.
– Lionel Yap, COMFORT

Had lots of fun and even learned to really work together. Gave each of us the opportunity to bond with the others.
– Stephanie, Marriot

Btw, when can we start viewing the pics in FOCUS website? The group are ALL VERY EXCITED!!!! Thanks to you and your FOCUS Adventure team for making it so enjoyable… Keep up the good work for the coming group this week ok!!! Thank you!
– Linda Tan, Emerson Process Management

On behalf of Swarovski, we would like to thank you for the wonderful 2 days retreat. it was enjoyable, fun and of course a good time of bonding for all of us. Your facilitators had done a great job! Two thumbs up! We had just received the items from your courier man.Thanks a lot for that.Will look forward to work with FOCUS Adventure again.
– Angeline, Swarovski

FOCUS Adventure is a learning programme that i can recommend to everybody., wherin the strength and team spiritof every individual can enhance knowledge and skills. Its fun and i really enjoyed a lot.
– Gail N. Hipolito, Shangri-La

One more thing to add. Melissa have been very helpful and accommodating to our request too. Think the backroom staff like her needs to be rewarded for all the hardwork put in that no one appreciate and know what she encounters. Looking forward to work with her again!

Would like to thank FOCUS Adventure for conducting another effective team building session for our warehouse staff. We have received very positive feedback from the participants.
– Diwakar, Tionale Enterprises

Thank you FOCUS Adventure for the arrangement. It looks good.The comments have been positive. Thanks for hosting such a successful and enjoyable event.
– Annie, Singapore Polytechnic