GPS activity was good fun! New for me atleast.
-Aditya Seth, Amerop

Motivational Facilitator makes the event more fun and highly regarded.
-Ho Li Shan, Angliss

The fun, environment and subtle messages slipped in between the messages.
-Sammy Chen, Angliss

Yes, I do agree that some of the activities can be applied in our normal day at work and also within the family. Thanks FOCUS!
-Toomy Ng, Angliss

Getting to know each other better from other department.
-William, Angliss

Very well-structured Team Building programme.
-Caleb Ling, Barclays

Creative ideas arose out of training – I am pleasantly surprised.
-Edith Cheong, Barclays

Good combi for Classroom and outdoor. The Value add on Certs / Photos / CD.
-Tay, Barclays

The Facilitator – Andy made the whole Team Building not only a learning experience, but a fun and enjoyable moment for all of us.
-Zenzi, Barclays

It was fun and the progam was nicely tied to our LIFE values.
-Mi Son, Bayer

The programe is awesome! After each session, the debrief and reflection time is very effective to relate the session to real life situtation! It’s fun and educating.
-Chew Hock Chye, CapitaMall Asia

The way the Facilitators conducted the programme. They made it fun and always kept the energy level up. Interesting how they can make the crowd lively even though the atmosphere is getting bored towards the end when it started raining.
-Masngut Bin Margimin, CapitaMall Asia

Teamwork is the main key point. I Love it and I have also spread around that my company sent me for The Team Building Challenge! by FOCUS Adventure.
-Simon, CapitaMall Asia

Enjoying all the activities!
-Surawankarlen, CapitaMall Asia

Awaiting and craving to come back again!

Building roller coaster with balloon sticks straws. Although my Team’s roller coaster didnt work but it was fun and interesting.
-Joyce, CPF

Feels so good. At least The Team Building Challenge made me loosen out abit!
-Noor Azza, CPF

Andy and Team were very patient and were able to take our nonsense. They had a great sense of humour and made the Team Building programme a pleasant and enjoyable time which met my expectation of having a good time. Thank you Andy and Team. Well Done!
-Harold Desker, DBS

It is my first time attending outdoor training organised by the bank and it is also strongly applicable to my current job-scope.
-Irene Tay, DBS

Facilitator was GREAT! Tremendously enjoyed it.
-Karen, DBS

Really enjoy this Team Building Chellenge. Very thoughful to tailor the games to suit the senior citizens.
-Poh Khoon Juay, DBS

Informal and engaging.

Getting to know more colleagues.

Coordinate and communicated with colleagues to achieve results!

Enjoyed the session, good work out and learning. Good interaction between employees outside the working environment.
-Abdul Kareem, Invista

First of all is to have great Team members who really wanted to enjoy have fun. Great Teamwork and cohesiveness. Good and positive experiences where work and designations were put aside just to have enjoyable and memorable event.
-Irshad Bin Abdul Shakor, Invista

Fun and rewarding.
-Khin Mar Win, Invista

Great Team interaction with the GPS navigation and lots of fun on the rafting event.
-Low Han Woon, Invista

Good planning of games…=)
-Sharlene Wong, Invista

The activities were real fun and enjoyable.
-Thanga, Invista

It is a full day of joy filled with my colleagues. We experienced and learned that sometimes words are not giving the right meaning! This will fall in that sort-criteria..! Thanks FOCUS

All are very interesting.

The Energizers are s good and fun and brought lots of laughter.
-Jenny Chung, Louis Dreyfus

Clear instructions with freedom for Team-members to interact with each other throughout the race :)
-Lay Peng, MAS

It was a fun event, and everyone got into the swing of things.
-Toh Hooi Min, MAS

Good programme.

1) The slides show of our managers on funny frames. 2) Passing ball which test our open mind. That show there is a way when there is a will.
-Noorhaizad Bin Mohd Amin, NEA

The activities were creative in providing a thought-provoking lesson.
-Pearly Son, NUS

It was really fun; moreover we could learn sharing own rules and doing together is very good things to see a same goal as one Team. Plan-Do-see!!
-Micho, P&G

The activities promote Teamwork, understanding and it was filled with lots of fun and excitement.
-Tan How Koon Jeffrey, P&G

Friendly and communicative Facilitators!
-Jade, SDC

We learned to be more understanding, caring, to be communicative,closer to each other and most importantly we all had fun and high team spirit. We really enjoy it so much.
-Samsiah Kasmis, SGH

USS experience was great and The Rollercoaster Challenge! was really good for Team Building.
-Melvin Tan, Soitec

I enjoy a lot on such SSCSS family day hope we will have a Sony Family too.
-Khim, Sony