“ I give 5 points as this is the most serious feedbacks which i ever give because its SiMpLY AWESOME!.! The days before I was quite sad about work,but after this session,I feel much better and happier.thanks to Alil,lead Facilitator,Lem and the other guy for the great time and effort.I enjoy myself very much.never know that cooking can be so much fun especially with the recent tv shows about going to cook for people and visting villages. ”
-Kam Ying Kit, Duty Manager, Costa Sand

It is fun..
-Jemson, Consultant, ADP

Time bonding for everyone of us.
-Aida Rahim, Purchaser, ASM

The activities allowed Team engagement; different role playing helped understanding each other better in a light-hearted manner. The element of fun injected into the activities made the experience more unforgetful!
-Daniel Wee, Snr. Mech. Engr, ASM

Passionate Facilitators, flexible in making subtle changes in program to keep goals in mind.
-Francis How, Director of Engineering, ASM

In general, the activities engaged all Participants. Keep up the good work.
-Loong Meng Onn, Project Manager, ASM

I believe the Participants really enjoyed the programme, observing and making a comparison with previous runs as well. NUS CBmE also informed us that the room arrangements and sound system worked well. :)
-Sarah Wong, Staff, A*STAR

The Team building games were creative, and engaging.
-Vanessa, Research Engineer, A*STAR

-Steven, Commercial Support, Atradius

Physical Challenges, Special Tasks.
-Nurul Morshed Khan, Operations Manager, BATA

Beach challange make me see characters of the other person (Team mate)
-Alfa, Sales, Batam View Beach Resort

Every activities teach us how to thing outside the box !! thats so interesting!!
-Thording, EEA, Batam View Beach Resort

All of the activities are enjoyable.
-Ryan Constantino, Senior Account Manager, BRENNTAG

Creative activities!


Good learning and good Facilitators!

-Anneta Ong, Support Officer, Changi Airport Group

The surprise pictures and mugs are really nice. I also noticed that the Facilitator took the trouble to bring us umbrellas when it was raining.
-Farhanah Ramli, Senior Associate, Changi Airport Group

Fun experience.
-Pauline, PM, CISCO

The Cooking Challenge! activity was fun and brought us closer.
-Nicole, Executive, CMA

-Costa Sand

I give 5 points as this is the most serious feedbacks which i ever give because its SiMpLY AWESOME!.! The days before I was quite sad about work,but after this session,I feel much better and happier.thanks to Alil,lead Facilitor,Lem and the other guy for the great time and effort.I enjoy myself very much.never know that cooking can be so much fun especially with the recent tv shows about going to cook for people and visting villages.
-Kam Ying Kit, Duty Manager, Costa Sand.

The people in FOCUS was good as they showed a professional way of conducting the activities.
-Norazila Binte Ishak, GRO, Costa Sand

Going to VivoCity and had fun to complete the task given!
-Sapiah Salleh, Reservation Manager, Costa Sand

The activities is well planned and can be easily related to work environment to help Participant appreciate the value.
-Deputy Director, CPF

There is a lot of fun!!
-Albert Lim, IT Consultant, CPF

Fun and relaxed activities.
-Clarence Ong, SITC (OMS), CPF

The activities did not stick to one group division, so all of us were able to meet and work with different people in the department.
-Madonna, CP-ITC, CPF

Team Building Effective communication skills.
-Norzailailah, ITC, CPF

Weather was just right =) Colleagues are cooperative…
-Stella Cheang, Executive Officer, CPF

Good and friendly Facilitators. Clear instructions and objectives. Review of learnings at the end.
-Eugene Chng, VP, EMC

Camcorder shooting and impromptu playing of the recordings thereafter was a pleasant surprise and extremely fun too.

-Ada, ELP, GE Life

I have always appreciated the value of experiential learning. FOCUS helped me learn more about my strengths and weaknesses.
-Koh Rong Wei, EFC, GE Life

All Facilitator were very friendly helpful. Really enjoyed myself. Will highly recommend FOCUS Adventure to my friends colleagues! Good job done keep it up!!!
-Selena Wong, Executive Life Planner, GE Life

To be able to get to know everyone well.
-Suzana Kamis, PA, GREY

A fun day to get to know the rest of the organization.
-Henry Aw, Tech Manager, HETAT

Able to participate in Team Building activities with my colleagues helped to strengthen our bond and deepen our relationships, as we are able to conquer challenges together and have great fun as well!
-Jonny, Site Manager, HETAT

It makes our company to know each other and to have fun.
-Gerwin Paul Dizon, Project Engineer, HETAT

-Khine Myat Swe, Staff, HETAT

Fun, real Teamwork with lots of enthusiasm and zeal.
-Joyce Cheng, Executive Assistant, IDA Intenational

The whole FOCUS Adventure Team was really encouraging. This made every one participated and contributed to the Team Building. overall. it was done and ended very well. Thank you.
-Lim Boon Chun, IT Consultant, IDA MOE

Activities: Activities on beach and in the room were interesting and fun.
-Ang Soon Hong, Project Manager, IHIS

Small Teamwork plus Big Teamwork to build the Roller Coaster.
-Henry Goh Sun, Principal System Analyst, IHIS

Relaxing without too much of FOCUS on individual attention.
-Hermas Chong, Manager, IHIS

The activities that bring peoples to work together as a Team.
-Lee Tiam Chua, Senior System Engineer, IHIS

Knowing other people.
-Ronald Allan, Systems Specialist , IHIS

Excellent Training….had lots of fun….
-Disha Parekh Mohanty,Site Communications – Jhagadia, LANXESS

The whole session was very good… got to learn a lot how Teamwork is necessary at work.
-Udaykumar Murthy, Corporate Communications Specialist, LANXESS

Great bunch of Team.

Good Team bonding activities and interesting challenges.
-Gracia Ang, Assistant Director, MAS

My Team was really fun!! -The tasks were really set the perfect distance apart- not too far to discourage you from attempting to cover everything, but not too close to make it a breeze. -I really enjoyed the dragon dance: after a huge lunch it was such a fun way to get into the spirit of the exercise.
-Naomi, Associate, MAS

The excitement of treading into the unknown and not knowing what the outcome is from the race, but all that said, it was REALLY FUN! LOL…
-Olivia Wong, Personal Assistant, MAS

Relevant to work.

Clean facilities and well expressed Facilitators.
-Lee Kah Leong, Investigation Officer, MOM

Getting to know more people.
-Noorfa, Employment Agencies Investigation Officer, MOM

I like how the Facilitators were very friendly and make me comfortable through out the session. The activities were well explained. The before and after briefing of activities were well-done as it get us to think and reflect on our daily working life. i really enjoyed my Friday the 13th with FOCUS. Wish the best for all your projects.
-Nur Fadillah Binte Rahmat, Asistant Job Placement Officer, MOM

All of us manage to bond together
-Steven, Staff, MOM

The activities played were fun and enjoyable.
-Woon Jing Shing, Snr Research Analyst, MOM

-Lina, Admin, MUN HEAN

Creation of good memory for every activity.
-Wit Yi Toe, Engineer, MUN HEAN

All group activities.
-Enock John Valan, Production Supervisor, MSD

It was an enjoyable Team building session away from the usual office setting and new friend were made during the event.
-Kan Tun Yee, GTO Engineer, MSD

Make more fun…
-Monica Garai, Technician, MSD

The activities are fun especially the outdoor activities.
-Nick, Staff, MSD

-Yapp Hon Ping, Pharm Tech II, MSD

Navigation segment is the best.
-Chew Yuen Onn, SSG, NS

The right kind of people participating.
-Randal, DY S4, NS

-Annie Goh, Executive, NTUC

Good Facilitators made it all possible!
-Charissa Chiam, Senior Sales Manager, Orchard Hotel

The activities were fun and yet let the participants think about the underlying purposes.
-Ang Leng, Quality Specialist, ROCHE Quality

Nice food and weather for activities. Wide functional room for indoor activities.
-Teck Wei Choh, Manufacturing Biotechnologist, ROCHE

We had had a full day on leadership behaviours, Teamwork and communications the day before, so the FOCUS experience complimented the previous day, and reinforced the messages in a fun and different way.
-Samantha Rich, Head of HR, SC

The program was well designed.
-Xie Wen, Chief Risk Officer, East Consumer Bank, SC

It was a successful event.
Many thanks to you and your Team’s efforts!
-Bing Han, Staff, SONY

So so good.
-Narihiko Uemura, MD, SONY

Thanks for organizing the Team Building. Since its an indoor activities, seems that we have lots of discussion. Though end result may a bit different with outdoor activities, its quite interesting.
-Rut Nurhayati A, Senior Programmer, SURBANA

Overall the Team Building helps us a lot in our daily work.
-Francis Lim, Sales Executive, VIKING

Everyone seems to enjoy the Team Building… which is very important as it release our stress at work.
-Rudianah Bte Noor Deen, Accounts Assistant, VIKING