“ Programme conformed to the basic principles of programme design and achieved optimal arousal. Emphasis had also been placed to take care of the well being of participants (including morning tea break etc). The finale activity of getting fellow group mates to present the certificate to each other is creative and fosters stronger inter-department interactions. On the whole, the programme was great and well planned with minimal time delays. ”
– James, Analyst, Colliers International

“Overall it is a good teambuilding activities to foster close collaboration in the TEAM.”
– Dolly Sim, QA Manager, Lumileds Singapore Pte Ltd

“Getting to know each other from different organisation and work background better with good communication and interact with them in an effective manner.”
– Khairun Nizam Bin Md Sani, Production, Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific Ltd

“A first experience for most outdoor activities. Challenging indeed.”
– Chua Kok Hong, Maintenance Flight Lead, Ministry of Defence  

“The Facilitators were really good and caring, and conducting the activities well. They were capable of linking back each activity to a workplace setting.”
– Marcus Eng, Ministry of Defence

“Great Facilitators, got feedback from participants that this has been a memorable evening for them.”
– Shakirah Djuanda, Marcoms Analyst, Pacific Life Re Limited

“Very well planned programme and had created a very fun bonding session.”
– Jane, HR & Admin, APM Property Management Pte Ltd

“Being tied together in a TEAM, makes it more important to move in a group and you cannot leave anyone behind or out in the challenge.”
– Koh Seng Thor, Executive, Raffles Quay Asset Management Pte Ltd

“This was the first time I have participated to this kind of programme and I found it to be a very constructive way of creating a different kind of bond with the Office TEAM. I realized that the office TEAM and the ships TEAM is actually a big TEAM, working together. I became more relaxed in the relationship that we normally have with the office.”
– Vasilescu Adrian, Chief Engineer, Bergebulk

“Provides bonding time for colleagues who are often engrossed in work.”
– Soo Kiong Sing, Manager, Lumileds Singapore Pte Ltd

“The last activity of the day was simple but a good lesson for teambuilding.”
– Lee Kah Hooi, Vessel Manager, Bergebulk

“The Facilitators were very engaging. The pleasant experience was also helped by the enthusiastic participants.”
– Low Yong Li, Senior Officer, Singapore Customs

“Hi, base on my time in Lumileds, we have engaged FOCUS for 3 times. It shows that we appreciate the programmes which you offer and how the Facilitators lead the programme. They did a wonderful job and we could not ask for more. We had lots of fun and laughter, thank you.”
– Joachim Ng, Senior Manager, Lumileds Singapore Pte Ltd

“Activities easily related or reflected to our working place/environment. Overall I enjoyed. Thanks.”
– kumana rajan, Ministry of Defence  

“It makes you think more and focus on teamwork and communication.”
– Alan Corlett, Senior Manager, Berge Bulk

“Nice job , guys!! Really fun and educating.”
– George, Chief Officer, Berge Bulk

“Very engaging Facilitators, which made the whole experience much more enjoyable and memorable! Great work, keep it up! ”
– Lynette Low, Research Associate, J.D. Power Asia Pacific Inc

“It was an amazing experience… Effective communication, quick thinking, TEAM consensus and high TEAM morale are so essential in a group activity… Thanks ”
– Sravasti Talukdar, INSEAD – The Business School for the World

“Facilitators are much more closer this time round as this is our second session. They are once again very flexible and accommodative to changes last minute. Overall, a very successful programme. Thank You.”
– Simon Poon, Training Coordinator, ARLANXEO Singapore Pte Ltd

“The Facilitators were in great spirit and they are very versatile, very adaptable to changes. Truly appreciate their effort in making the programme a successful one. Thank You”
– Simon Poon, Training Coordinator, ARLANXEO Singapore Pte Ltd

“Got the Encouragement from the Facilitator and also their expert knowledge.”
– Leong Yoke Leng, Ministry of Defence 

“The Facilitators were really enthusiastic, and kept the group motivated throughout the day.”
– Aqil, Ministry of Manpower Singapore

“Overall, it was fun and a good experience for the company to get together to do something other than work. Ultimately, we all know that teambuilding cannot be forged within a day and in just this activity so we got to recognize this. But the Facilitator was very engaging.”
– Xingti Liu, Manager, Corp Comm, JD Power Asia Pacific Inc

“Really good activities planned, Facilitator was awesome ”
– Jacqueline Cai, Senior Associate, Ogilvy & Mather

“The friendly Facilitators and the programme allowed us to get to know each other from daily life activities.”
– Ha Wui, Management Associate, DBS Bank Ltd

“Thanks for all the kind arrangements FOCUS have helped to make our programme a successful one. Also thanks for the goodwill gesture…”
– Wendy, Prudential Services Singapore Pte Ltd

“The TEAM was welcoming. It is never easy to manage programmes. The intention to improve communications amongst staff was achieved with them getting to know each other better, not just in the usual working setting but also in different situations like this. Job well done. Special thanks to Jeff, Damien, Ketut and Darmadi.”
– Cheok Kai Weei, Finance Director, DPF Pte Ltd

“Its all about the Facilitator, SASI. He was just amazing.”
– Ganesh Babu K, CEO, INSEAD – The Business School for the World

“I like how efficient and effective the programme is. The logistic is so smooth. I have never seen any organisation dealing with things so efficiently. The activities were fun and interesting. Nothing is boring at all. Well-planned! I think its really nice to have one Facilitator during each activity! It really enriched our experience!”
– Claire Chen, Management Associate, DBS Bank Ltd

“1. The Build-a-Boat Challenge! was appropriate activity selected for this programme. 2. I had a very enjoyable time with lot of laughter during the warm up activities conducted by the Facilitator.”
– Rahul Samsi, Senior Sales Manager, INSEAD – The Business School for the World

“a)Getting to know each other better out from the work place. b) Think out of the box. c) Brain storming.”
– Christy Koh Sio Yang, Sales, DPF Pte Ltd

“It was fun and everyone enjoys the learning process.”
– Loo Yue Mei, Senior Sales Executive, Boral Plasterboard

“Deep was very Enthusiastic and he has very high energy levels! Kudos!”
– Jerlyn, Sales, Boral Plasterboard

“Deep is a good Facilitator, confident and able to communicate his points promptly across with our theme Stay FOCUS, Be Different in mind.”
– Si Yan, Assistant Marketing Manager, Boral Plasterboard

“1. The Build-a-Boat Challenge! was very applicable from the perspective of teamwork, coordination, having fun and building the spirit amongst INSEAD. 2. The group warming up activity done by Facilitator were especially very enjoyable and I can say I have not laughed so much in a long time as much as I did during this programme.”
– Rahul Samsi, Senior Sales Manager, INSEAD – The Business School for the World

“Absolutely good and brilliant from the TEAM.”
– Sathish Rajendran, Senior Director, INSEAD – The Business School for the World

“Good clarity provided by the Facilitator and great team working environment.”
– Vikram G, Regional Sales Manager, INSEAD – The Business School for the World

“I think overall it has been a great experience, the Facilitators were encouraging especially when it comes to Team Challenge Hourglass. It helped to build teamwork and foster rapport among different staff. I think Key Punch was a good activity that helps us to think out of the box and manage changes. I had a great time! Thanks FOCUS! ”
– Liow Xiu Hui, Admin Executive, Singapore Press Holdings

“Had a fun and fulfilled day! Thank you for all your hard work!”
– Alicia Tung, Executive, Singapore Press Holdings

“Team activities were quite useful in bonding and competing.”
– Suraj Pai, Vice President, SAP Asia Pte Ltd

“We were able to practice as much as we wanted before taking the challenge. After that, we are able to try the other rock climbing walls.”
– Christina Ang, Assistant Vice President, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation

“The food is delicious. The Facilitators are interesting.”
– Dion Chia, Assistant Manager, Singapore Press Holdings

“Thanks to Jeff, he kept a prize for me although our TEAM is No.2. He is the most humorous Facilitator I ever met and all of our guests had a wonderful time and our bosses really appreciated his efforts and also his TEAM with another 2 colleagues, Bryan and Totok. And also, Tessa is a very efficient person I ever worked. What a great company you guys are! I am so happy working with you all. Thanks again and look forward to working with your in the future.”
– Carrie, CHEP

“LOH Biao, the Facilitator and his TEAM made the whole difference to our teambuilding programme. Without his wit, enthusiasm and knowledge, we would not have had a great time. Kudos to his professionalism and dedication to give us a good programme!”
– Vrilnel Fong, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

“Sasi and Damien were both very engaging Facilitator and they both did a great job! Same to the rest of the Facilitators as well”
– Jolene Wee, Executive, Singapore Press Holdings

“Facilitator like Sasi and Damien has made the programme fruitful and let us understand better ”
– Rein, Executive, The Teambuilding Challenge!

“It was fun filled teambuilding activities.”
– Chuang Chee Keong, Database Sales Specialist, SAP Asia Pte Ltd

“Great co-operation, co-ordination, care and concern was demonstrated during activities and throughout the programme.”
– Jess Wong, Municipal Services Office, Singapore Polytechnic

“Learning point for everyone also get together out of office for teambonding.”
– Vivien Chan, Municipal Services Office, Singapore Polytechnic

“Getting the TEAM together and learn together. The experience gained from this, allows me to bond more with my colleagues.”
– Freddie Chua, Municipal Services Office, Singapore Polytechnic

“Get to work together with the person whom is always stern looking and unapproachable.”
– Poon Poh Kheng, Senior Contracts Manager, Koh Brothers Group

“Resort atmosphere is good for teambuilding programme.”
– Steven Loh, General Director, Fico Pan-United Coporation Ltd

“The Facilitators had the right level of energy. Activities were engaging for the entire duration the programme.”
– Han Qingguang, Senior Executive, Raffles Medical Group

“Calling all types of Nationalities to participate is EXCELLENT! CHEERS!!”
– Chinnu Chettiar Pandia Raj, Senior Facility Engineer, Pro-matrix Pte Ltd

“All of them are well planned and organised.”
– Chan, Project Director, Koh Brothers Group

“The Facilitators are very helpful and Passionate.”
– Wang Xiaoying, Student

“Regardless of which activities I have opted for my TEAM, FOCUS Adventure has never failed to meet our objectives and also an enjoyable programme for everyone! This is the reason why I am a returning customer!”
– Melinda Chia, Executive Assistant

“Thanks to Jeff, he kept a prize for me although our team is No.2. He is the most humorous Facilitator I ever met and all of our guests had a wonderful time and our bosses really appreciated his efforts and also his team with another 2 colleagues, Bryan and Totok. And also for Tessa, she is very efficient people I ever worked. What a great company you guys are! I am so happy working with you all. Thanks again and look forward to working with your in the future.”
– Carrie, CHEP

“Overall we had a great time and achieved our objectives. Since we had quite a number of people not very familiar with Singapore, it was great for them to discover the Singapore Heart… while bonding to each other. My management is also sharing the great impression of professionalism, originality and great service. For sure we will contact FOCUS for our next programme!”
– JEP, Optimal Plus Singapore Pte Ltd

“On behalf of my team, I would like to express my appreciation to Mugan, Fajri, Bryan and Tze Hao, and certainly not forgetting Gladys and Lindsay. Without you guys, this would not have been possible. Previously I have attended programme facilitated by Mugan, I must say he is good in engaging the participants. My team enjoyed themselves very much, especially during the launch of The Build-a-Boat Challenge! On the whole, all was good! Once again, a big thank you!”
– Melinda Chia, Executive Assistant, SAP Asia Pte Ltd