Opportunity to remember others’ names.
-Apsorn, Staff, Diebold

The good humour and spirits of the company, ie. my colleagues.
-Kwan Mei, Legal Counsel, AVIVA

Shooting excercise to work as a Team and dinner excercise for the story/experience from the Facilitator.
-Winarto Widjaja, Country Manger, China UnionPay

No stress all fun!!
-Annie, EO, CPF

We have had fun in both sessions! We have gotten feedback that the 2nd session was even more awesome than the first! There were more challenges involved, and more Team interaction required.
Thank you and your Team for the hard work.
-Dorcas, Staff, CPF

The Facilitator, the atmosphere.
-Jerome Tan Yin Chuan, Executive Officer, CPF

The programme was refreshing and fun.

All activities were Great! 
-Lim Su Chern, ITC, CPF

The outdoor activity was fun.
-Maryam, Investigation Officer, CPF

The ability to interact and communicate with different memebers of our Global Mail Team at different times(from the warm up activities to the actual Teams that we were divided into)was insighful. The venue, Sentosa, that was used for this operation was perfect with lots of spaces to explore and discover! And most of all, the flexibility, warmth, promptness and ability to customise the program to ensure that our personal requests as a company were met from the very start until the day of the event itself.
-Andrea Peters, Administrative Officer, DHL

Active participation of each member of the Team to achieve the goal.
-Carrolyn, Accounting. Assistant. Manager, Diebold

Passionate learning experinece.
-Sandesh, Sr.Mgr. Fin. P & A, Diebold

The Facilitators were down-to-earth, friendly, and very encouraging, and there was never a boring moment during the course.
-Brandon Chew, Senior Officer, EDB

The due care and diligence practised by the Facilitators during all the outdoor activities made this a pleasant experience for me, as safety is one of the major concern. It would however be better if we were able to have Team building activities on the beach or elsewhere in Sentosa, to make our experience more memorable and to enhance the feeling of bonding with our colleagues.
-Clara, Executive, EDB

Got to know others in the Team.
-Harshana, System Integrator, GEMALTO

I really enjoyed all the activities as they enabled me to get to know my Team mates and have a lot of fun at the same time! Really enjoyed the activity outside and I thought the Facilitator on the day was excellent and presented well and was very engaging! We all had a great time and Id like to return again next year! Thank you to all the Team!
-Amy Green, HP Sales Executive, HP

Team interaction.
-Chai Keng NG, Regional Manager, HP

Had lots of fun and got to know my colleagues better!
-George Charalambakis, Staff, HP

On behalf of event committee, I’d like to express our sincere thanks to you and your Team, big thanks to Jay and crew members, well done !!
-Kim, Staff, HP

Teamwork and communication is important..
-Lew Yoong Foo, Staff, HP

It was dynamic and fun. The exercises were varied, short and diverse. Lots of humour too!
-Nathalie Bakker, Staff, HP

This would have been the highlight of my 5-day business trip in Singapore. I had a lot of fun, I got to meet new people and spending time with my own Team and getting to know them on a different level was great. I would recommend this to anyone!
-Rita Tzouvelis, IB Services Sales, HP

I wasn’t present but I heard from the Business Operation team that it went extremely well.
-Tan Wei Leng, Business Planning Manager, HP

Not too academic and lots of fun!
-Tang Tatt Seng, Project Manager, Lend Lease Asia

Fun-filled programmes which make the experience memorable and learning new skill/ knowledge in easier manner. Congrats on the excellent effort!
-Rohaida Bte Kasmani, SENO, LTA

Seeing colleagues enjoying the activities.
-Dennis Tan, GM(Service), Mercedes

Supply of sunblocks and video shoots of the event for a memorable experience.
-Foong Chin Chee, Assistant Manager, Mercedes

It was a great pleasure working with you and your Team. We thank you for accommodating to our needs and trying out new ideas with us. Appreciate your understanding and cooperation whenever I made any special requests. We are totally impressed by the Facilitation skills of Leon and his Team, they are very personable too, it was great fun! Please convey my thanks to the rest of the guys.

We look forward to working with FOCUS Adventure again in the near future.

-Soon Peck Sian, Organisation Development Officer, MOE.

It was a great way for us to have fun and work together on a project.
-Kelvyanne Teoh, Principal Therapist, Morning Star

Strong bonding between colleagues. Able to learn from each other the cooking techniques.
-Ng Chew Yong, Facilitator, Morning Star

We come from different centres, we communicate mainly by phone email. Is nice to get together to relax and have fun.
-Tricia, Finance & Admin Officer, Morning Star

Team building and cooperation were stress throughout.
-Chow Kam Wah, Principal Lab Executive, NTU (EEE)

This experiential learning create a high Team spirit and an opportunity to discover one-self.
-Clara Tan, Higher Laboratory Executive, NTU (EEE)

The enthusiasm of the Facilitators, the openness of the participants and the creative activities.
-Grace Ong, Senior Laboratory Executive, NTU (EEE)

Learn how to be more corporate and communicate with colleages, and the event is fun.
-Serene Tan, Admin Officer, NTU (EEE)

Everything is very exciting and the FOCUS staff is very friendly and helpful! Thumbs up for you guys :)
-Secretary, NTU (EEE)

The learning outcome – can be applied to our work back in the office.
-Sophia Kuo-Lim, Manager, NTU (EEE)

The Facilitators and Instructors were experienced and proved to provide yet another successful and well-enjoyed training (IRO has gone through a training by FOCUS Adventure previously). Through the course, we learn more about our colleagues, working together as a Team and the ability to be creative through a fun and enjoyable programme.
-Rafidah Masod, Senior Executive, NUS

I think there were many enjoyable moments. Especially the ice breakers or warm up activities in the morning were very unique. The Clay Modeling activity was good too. it allowed us to play and make things using the colourful clay. The finished product was amazing.
-Hui Min, Researcher, P&G

Collaboration with new members of Quality Department during this event (which was fun!) further enhance the working relationship.
-Su Yee Lee, QA Specialist, ROCHE

Good variety! Encouraged great Team bonding.
-Guy Whitcher, Staff, SC

It really brought the Team together in a fun atmoshphere.
-Haytham el Maayergi, Staff, SC.

Element of fun, well-organized and managed.
-Madhavan, Managjng Director, SC

Good mix between being fun and challenging. Really helped get to know others from the office in a different environment.
-Simon Cleary, Staff, SC

Geocaching and Building of Roller Coaster.
-Shanta, Assistant Administrative Executive, Singtel.

Everyone has a chance to participate have some fun.
-KC Sim, Assistant Engineer, Sys-Mac

All the activities were well-plan even on rainy weather, and the activities developed a great impact on each of us that made us recalled what we have learn.
-Sam Ng Zhen Wei, Student, Sys-Mac

Meeting cheerful Facilitors. (includes welcome and goodbye).
-Tan Nyo Kyin, Engineering Manager, Sys-Mac

Every area was nice!
-Yan, Engineer, Sys-Mac

I love the Rafting challenge. It really brings out Teamwork and when our raft went off-course, the whole Team encourages each other and we try our best to work as a Team to push the raft back to the correct track, though we were lagging behind.
-Celine, Assistant Manager, UNISIM

The outdoor activity. Even though we manage to have 1 outdoor activity only due to the weather, it makes the whole event enjoyable and unforgettable.
-Izarnawi, Assistant Officer, UNISIM

Teamwork and Unity.
-Mohamed Iskandar Bin Ngarif, Assistant Officer, UNISIM

Learn more about Team Building.

Visit to Universal Studios was a pleasant experience. The Mummy ride was indeed a challenge.
-Carol Woon, AVP, UOB

Something new to me..and interesting.
-Cary Tay, SGC, UOB

Fun and meaningful.
-Chloe Heng, MSM, UOB

Bonding and communication.
-Eunice Wang, Class II Officer, UOB

An opportunity to go out and play with colleagues.
-Jack Tan, VP2, UOB

Got to know my colleagues better and able to discover each Team member’s strength and weakeness.
-Johnny Deng, Manager, UOB

Thoroughly enjoyed the Indoor and Outdoor activities. Good work.
-Lau Kim Hai, SVP, Head Br Support, UOB

Unique programme compare to those that I had attended.

The outdoor activities programme which was arranged for the race were exciting.
-Lydia, SO, UOB

Teamwork, fun and venue of the place.
-Nashimah Binte Mohamed, Senior General Clerk, UOB

-Stan, BBM , UOB

Teamwork and communication.
-Tan Siew Chin, Manager, UOB

Learn how to build leadership and cooperation with each other.
-Teo Chay Kheng, Officer, UOB

This has been an interesting experience as this whole event was outdoor and away from the city area which do not remind us of work and have fun.
-Yap Yuen Choon Evon, Senior Officer, UOB

Get along with each other better and have better Teamwork. Learnt to cooperate more with Teammates.
-John Lee, Sevice Advisor, VOLVO

-Liew Hin Wey, Staff, VOLVO

I would like to thank your Team for Facilitating such a fantastic and fun day for Volvo and I would say you guys are really good at what you do! I’m sure the experience will be the topic of the week and soon everyone will be bugging me for the video! The event went very smoothly and thanks for keeping the programme timings close to schedule as well as accommodating to our many requests and the surprises at the end of the day. Though everyone is aching and tired today back at work, they have all positive feedback on the programme and are glad to have taken the time off their busy schedule for this event. We have definitely achieved our objectives from the event! The dinner was good but some of the bbq food for the first round was not very cooked (squid).
-Zann Lee, Marketing Executive, Wearnes Automotive Pte. Ltd