“ The activities is nicely arrange for the morning and afternoon that end with a short video clip session, I love this! Enjoying and laughing along together… Nice! The Geocaching Challenge! creates the time of co-operation and bonding togetherness during the walking and running and get to see and understand the colleagues bit more. The Geocaching Challenge! equipment is also an eye-opener for me too, get to see how it works instead of being ‘just a follower’. ”
– Ang Meelay, Senior Executive, SONY

“Sasi was an awesome Facilitator. Everyone in the TEAM loved him. Those who went through multiple FOCUS’s teambuilding programme have shared that he was the best Facilitator that they have had thus far.”
– Wei Wen, Singapore Economic Development Board

“Our time at FOCUS Adventure was great, definitely above and beyond what our TEAM expected.”
– Joshua Sim, Assistant Manager, Singapore Management University

“Great bonding time spent doing the activities.”
– Khamisah Bte Hassan, IRAS

“The designed teambuilding programme is adequate as the team enjoyed building a carton box car. We learnt from the programme that the key to the success is a good team work.”
– Stella Huang, Project Coordination Manager, Alcon Singapore Manufacturing Pte Ltd

“Even though the activities were simple, but it worth the time. Had a great time working with the team because of the activities!”
– Nurul Aini Binte Irman, Assistant Officer, Alcon Singapore Manufacturing Pte Ltd

“To sum it up in a Poem: We came as an individual, We bonded as a team, Despite our differences, We conquered all challenges as ONE, 1 Heart, 1 Mind, 1 Unity, Victory was born from our fruit of labour.”
– Angela Lim, Executive, DiethelmKellerSiberHegner

“The enthusiasm of the Facilitators made a difference, and energize the TEAM into each segment of the activities of the day. They made all the difference between a good and a great programme!”
– Joshua Sim, Assistant Manager, Singapore Management University

“No one was informed of the purpose of making the bikes till at a later timing and we can see how much the bikes were meant to be made in a proper and most secured position as people in the team knew the importance of giving the proper and well fixed bikes to the children, based on safety reasons. Thank you so much for an awesome FOCUS team.”
– Lucille Lim, Team Administrator, Mircosoft Operations Pte Ltd

“The programme was very interesting and refreshing for the managers to come together and get to know one another better. The team activities were good!”
– Jmi Eng, Team Lead, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

“The activities were fun and the venue was excellent.”
– Ng Jing Zhong, Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

“It was fun and engaging and being able to spend half a day off work to network and explore Sentosa with team activities was a good way of building up new relationships.”
– Lee Lai Fong, Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

“Programme was good. Activities and rides at Sentosa were great!”
– Partha Chandra, Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

“Teamwork, communication and improvement of my knowledge… I enjoyed it!”
– Gopikumar, Supervisor, Applied Materials South East Asia Pte Ltd

“It was a fun experience and definitely worth another visit.”
– Amanda Yap, Senior Consultant, Willis Towers Watson

“All of us were able to sit together to share individual’s feelings experiences.”
– Gary Loh, SONY

“The programme went well yesterday and my staffs were quite involved and enjoyed it. Food was fantastic.”
– Nicole, DiethelmKellerSiberHegner

“Fun and engaging. The Roller Coaster Challenge! is a fun way to strengthen existing bonds while creating new ones. Awesome!”
– Jonathan Wong, Operations Coordinator, BP Singapore Pte Ltd

“Very professionally carried out and yet fun and inspiring. Facilitator deserves a big bonus!”
– Wilfrid Wong, Director, Standard Chartered Bank

“The Facilitators and photographer were great and fun in starting the activity. They broke the ice…”
– Elaine Ong, Executive Assistant, Siemens Healthcare Pte Ltd

“Experienced Facilitators who were able to deliver the objectives we wanted.”
– Lim Sze Ling, HR Manager, Dun & Bradstreet (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“All activities are fun and everyone is engaging and happy with the results. Thanks Damien for the excellent service and leading the teambuilding activities!”
– Teo Siow Thing, Specialist, HCP Healthcare Asia Pte Ltd

“Received feedback from participants that the programme should be 2 days instead of only 1 day. With a longer duration, they could both enjoyed the fun times as well as benefit more from each topic.”
– Alison Low, Regional Manager, HCP Healthcare Asia Pte Ltd

“The Facilitator is wonderful and made the teambonding even more effective.”
– Irene Koon, Manager, SONY

“Involving everyone of the participant and highly motivating and removing all mind blocks during the programme. Simple things make great different.”
– Ramanujam Rengasamy Reddy, Vice President, HCP Healthcare Asia Pte Ltd

“Hi, I would like to compliment the Lead Facilitator, Sasi on the day, he was most motivational and surely put me at ease when we climbed up the obstacles!”
– Genie, Assistant Vice President, Taurus Wealth Advisors Pte Ltd

“It was so much fun. Very different to any other teambuilding activities I have done in the past and really allowed me the opportunity to interact with colleagues in a different setting. Sentosa was beautiful!”
– Natasha Diasinos, Ferring Pte Ltd

“1. Able to do the activities together with my team mates 2. Being active and participative with everyone 3. Communication to get the activities complete”
– Magdalene Goh, Customer Service, SONY

“Teamwork, good communication and have great FUN.”
– Zauyah, Senior Executive, SONY

“The Project Manager, Dianne was very ready to meet my requests. Mugan was energetic and his TEAM was very hospitable as well.”
– Joel Tan, Manager, Trybe Ltd

“Good interaction with team members and learning experiences has been fun and engaging.”
– Lee Min Yin, Senior Director, SABIC Asia Pacific

“Felt the energy level and the sense of humour of the Lead Facilitator.”
– Woon May Li, Senior Manager, Ferring Pte Ltd