“The venue is great and the program is just great for team work and building relationship with colleagues ”
Ben Li
Associate Director, Control Risks (Singapore)
“The hosts are the most important in these types of teambuilding and for this situation they were great! There was great energy, jokes, etc.. which is the most important ”
Eugene Foo
Connected Services Product Manager, Volvo
“The engagement of the lead FAcilitator to the participants was very engaging!”
Celese Ang
Executive Secretary, KFC Restaurants Asia Pte Ltd
“Making new acquaintances, respecting each others differences and trust. ”
Fahadah Jais
Educarer, PAP Community Foundation
“Interactive games that are both meaningful and fun. ”
Management Trainee, NUS (Global Relations Office)
“I learnt that this is a team effort and we will not be able to complete based on individual effort. Trust is the key word and we got to trust our team members to achieve the ultimate goal. ”
Ten Cai Ting
QA Administrator, Takeda Development Center Asia Pte Ltd
“The FAcilitator Sasi has great sense of humour and can boost the crowd (especially after a heavy lunch) Well done! ”
Ten Cai Ting
PAP Community Foundation
“All the staff has enjoyed the activities very much.  The activities were fun  everyone is very involved in all the activities. ”
Sharon Tong
Daimler South East Asia Pte Ltd
“Great FAcilitators that could elicit discussion among GRO ”
Linda Cheng
Assistant Manager, NUS (Global Relations Office)
“Great FAcilitators that could elicit discussion among GRO ”
Linda Cheng
Assistant Manager, NUS (Global Relations Office)
“FAcilitators were so nice and at the same time challenging us to come out of the comfort zone”
Thilak Baluchamy
Senior Manager, Volvo
“Team bonding brings people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Fun activities that help people see each other in a different light allow them us to connect in a different setting. After completing team building activities together, participants (including me) better understand each others strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This understanding help us work even better together on future progress vital to each of everyone company.”
Alijandro Chua Prado
QA Officer, KFC Restaurants Asia Pte Ltd
“Another key area is perseverance and never give up. The instruction was to go for three rounds and all teams achieved that even though there was already winner team. ”
“The FAcilitator Sasi was able to add in the rafting segment at the last minute when requested. This made the program even more memorable for the participants. Good job! ”
Deborah Wong
TM Specialist, Borouge Pte Ltd
“The true of spirit of team work came out during the activities. ”
Shalini Pal
Sr Account Strategist, Google (G Tech)