"Thanks so much for an amazing time – Bryan was absolutely amazing and the team had a blast."
Barclays Bank
"Fun activity with corporate learnings embedded behind!"
Ankit Singh, Managing Director
Msg Global Solutions
"Excellent work leading us in this teambonding activity!"
Theeba Rani
"Very well-planned, i thoroughly enjoyed myself."
Natalie Oh, Senior Executive
"Great time to know each other better."
Jodelle Tan, Assistant manager
"FAcilitators are engaging and they are able to convey their instructions clearly."
Kim Seng
"The activity was fruitful and met it’s objective. Thank you Berwin, Kyle, Roshan and PV"
"Great activities, well planned"
Brandon New, Intern
"The lego game was fun!"
Yew Shu Ning
"Berwin was humorous, which was good"
Tan Xuan Yuan, Manager, Digital Literacy and Wellness
"Appreciate the video playback - captured the memories of the session! Thank you!"
Wai Yin
"Thanks Sasi! It was fun and LSP is a great tool."
Jocelyn Lang
"Excellent delivery and activities"
Derrick Amoah
Wyeth Nutrition
"The programme is well programmed and organized, in a timely and effective manner! Really appreciate the clear explanations and examples and activities."
Zeng Lingping Pindar, Application Group Manager
Wyeth Nutrition
"Many thanks for personalising the training for us ! Great efforts!"
Jerlyn, HRM
Wyeth Nutrition
"Thank you for being considerate for each member’s wellbeing and expectation!"
Esther Tan, Senior Development Partner
Enterprise Singapore
"Though challenging, it’s a great activities to bring together the team and enhance teamwork and collaboration."
Suzanne Soh, Senior Development Partner
Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd