"Thanks Hwee Li and Sasi! On behalf of the team, a big thank you once again to you both as well as all the FOCUS Adventure team mates who were there that day. They were really very helpful and were attentive to details and made the night go smoothly! Without them we would have been a real fluster! "
"Enjoyed how Bryan was able to impart some meaningful learning points from each activity. Definitely got us thinking and reflecting. Thank you Bryan and team! "
Junni, SM (OD)
"The conductors are very friendly, helpful and encouraging!! They did a really good job in making sure our day is fun and fulfilling!! "
Suah Yun Zhen
Singapore Police Force
"Sasi was an excellent trainer! Making the training much more fun and enjoyable, also bringing practical applications into the picture."
Benjamin Lin, Investigation Officer
Enterprise Singapore
"Truly enjoyed the entire experience. It’s one of, if both the best team building activity I’ve attended. Kudos to all the FAcilitators."
Andy Goh Jian Rong, Executive Manager
"The FAcilitators are professional and friendly in executing the programme. The activities are also specially planned to teach us valuable lessons and FAcilitators are able to relate the lessons back to our workplace. Really enjoyed the whole programme and the opportunity to bond with my team mates!"
Ow Bao Yi
"Thank you for the great show. It was never a wrong choice to go with FOCUS Adventure. Really appreciate the quick response to situations and last min requests. Have a good weekend ahead :)"
Desmond GAY
Epson Singapore Pte Ltd
"Bryan was absolutely effective in his facilitation and was able to maintain the energy for the group. The activities were engaging and meaningful in bringing out the lessons. I think this is one of the best team bonding events I have been to. 👍🏻"
Phoebe Toh, Snr Manager
"FAcilitators provided guidance and advice as well as motivating words along the programme especially during the high elements course and rafting."
Mohammad Azizi Bin Sani
Singapore Police Force
"Got to know my team much better after the activities. Perfect platform to learn or practice teamwork and leadership qualities!"
Kate Heng
"Activities were very engaging and have definitely helped in forging some friendships."
"The structuring of the course allows one to appreciate the flipsides of any situation as well as recognizing the interdependency and importance of collaboration."
Lim Zheng Yang
We enjoyed the team building activities. It was aligned with the theme of the kick-off meeting - Stronger together to achieve our goal. Bryan was very energetic, engaging, and insightful. The energizers were great. I especially want to call out the "value" exercise. That was really insightful and fun. The roller coaster was not easy but it was great to see we could "make it work" at the end. Last but not least, it was a nice surprise to see the photos and the video at the end of the session. Pris mentioned that you should include this service in the initial quotation. Overall, we were very happy with how things turned out. 
Pin Sin
Roche Diagnostics