Great Job, guys!
-Cindy Ong, American Express

The photo video-taking. As participants, we will not have the time to capture every moment, so it’s great that you have this service to capture the moments. Thanks once again for everything! It has been an enjoyable day for my team!
-Serene Wan, American Express

Fun and good Team Building. Met expectations.
-American Express

The outdoor activities emphasized the need for Teamwork. My personal takeback is that even though the leader is strong, he or she will usually not be able to get far ahead if the Team is still lagging behind. We must progress as a unit, as a Team. The activities helped very much to emphazie this point.
-Allan Francis Jesu Dass, Atlas

Engaging in The Team Building Challenge! with my colleagues certainly had given me the opportunity to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses better. Furthermore, I had managed to overcome what I thought was an impossible course to complete.
-Bobby, Atlas

Good Trainers
-Chee Chi Yee, Atlas

Good rapport between Facilitator and participants. Activities met the objectives of warming up the participants, as well as allowing the Teams to strategise among themselves to make sure they passed the challenge successfully.
-Jesline Lum, Atlas

There was great rapport between the Facilitator and the Team. I’ll do it all over again, even though I was shaken a little it was great fun.
-Parthiben, Atlas

Facilitators were vibrant and that made the program exciting.
-Faizul Haque, BW Offshore

People are kind and loving without the existence of competition and the rewards will be endless fun and laughter, and Teamwork really works!!!
-Edward, EMA

All good. Just continue.
-Sven Mario Jadzinski, GEA

Think out of the box. Creative thinking. Teamwork spirit.
-Payoongsak, GEA

A lot of interaction amongst people.
-Andy Phua, HP

The energy and enthusiasm of the Facilitators as well as the participants energised everyone involved to bring out their best efforts.
-Ho Yoke Meng, HP

Good interactive activities.
-RaShidi, HP

Experienced the importance of Teamwork and opportunities to know each other (meet new people).
-Stanley Adiwena Oentaryo, HP

The friendly, knowledgeable and experienced Facilitators.
-Toh Hong Chuan, HTA

The friendly Facilitators and fun activities made it an engaging and fun experience for all of us.
-Alvin, MAS

It is something new for us; it is a good experience and now I can tell others what it is like to have done an Incredible Race!
-Choy Mee Keun, MAS

The well-organised program and the energetic Facilitator made it a fun day for all of us.
-Eunice Ng, MAS

Being able to interact with my colleagues in a non-work setting
-Yinshan Loh, MAS

Faciliators are able to relate the various activities to daily work situations. Effective Teamwork is emphasized throughout the event. Lead Facilitator Terence is humourous too.
-Dorothy, Micron

Teamwork, meet new finance Teams, more self-confidence, challenger enjoy!
-Haris, Micron

Fun, encouraging and interactive
-Jaeger Goh, Micron

The activities were not too hectic, the best part was in the air-con room for after lunch session. Although The Roller Coaster Challenge! was a bit boring -, asking accountants to construct roller coaster – it turned out to be quite amazing when the roller coaster that we constructed was working! Overall, it was a fun day…
-Judy Ooi, Micron

Teamwork is important to an organisation!
-Linda Yong, Micron

Meeting the finance family in person, in a fun, friendly and informal way.
-Ong Peck Choo, Micron

When we connect all the activities to our daily work activities, they are all connected and making sense. We can apply it to enhance our wroking environment
-Dave Tan, Mount Faber Leisure Group

Facilitator Shan was confident and took good control of the class. He made relevant and useful references when giving examples. He is a good trainer.
-Raj, Mount Faber Leisure Group

Knowing more friends/co-workers and working as a Team.
-Jessica, NUHS

Using the GPS to guide your Team makes it memorabloe especially when you and your Team are not too familiar with the places to find. Great Camaraderie among members helped to pull us through.
-Mona Soh, NUHS

Activities that brings people together with a common objective.
-Sim chay Poh, HP

Able to have a good lunch with good colleagues by the beach!
-Nurhafieza Zainal, NEA

Good transport, facilitator able to relates it well.
-Sharon, NEA

Thank you for all the hardwork… we really enjoyed ourselves very much.
-Joreen Lim, NUHS

Enabled us to have closer working relationships with each other.
-Kuan Siew Suan, NUHS

The Facilitator is easy-going and fun. He was able to link the concepts back to work. Also, the finale where there is video and photos flashed really made the trip a memorable one.
-Lee Jia Hui, NUHS

The interesting and well thought activities that had lessons that were applicable to the working world.
-Abdul Wahid Bin Wahinudin, NUS

I find the mouse trap activity is very good. I have never handled a mouse trap before and this is really an eye-opening experience for me.
-Angela, NUS

The enthusiasm of the Facilitators. Very infectious. Also, the Lead Facilitator (James, I think?) was careful with his choice of words – polite yet humorous.
-Daniel, NUS

The activities allowed for interactions between staff.
-Soong Beng Ching, NUS

Very glad to have Focus Adventure running the Team Building. Cheers
-Samir, PA

Lunch is good. Team Building activities are fun and not too invasive. Service is good.
-Steve Ng, PA

Friendly atmosphere
-Chu Wah Cheung Michael, Presai

Overall, a good session for staff to bond across other divisions.
-Foo Siang Huat, ROCP

Good pace for me Useful bonding session
-Ng Yoke Foong Margarita, ROCP

No forfeit. Facilitator does not embarass or pressure any participants.Very polite and friendly.
-Matthew Cheah, ROCP

Effective and enjoyable day.
-David Ramsay, Salesforce

Overall, well-organized Team Building session. Great job, guys!
-Julian Lee, Salesforce

Overcoming personal mental fear in certain challenges.
-Andrew Neo, Urs Chel

Tough but well done.
-Mike, Urs Cheal

We had good communication and were very co-operative.
-Hafiz, Viking

Facilitator knows how to bring up the moods of our staff. The Team Building activities helps us explore around the resort. Energizers are fun!
-Peggy Ng, Viking

The Team Building Challenge s Excellent! We learn and had fun at the same time!
-Charlene Phuang, Wizlogix