“ Amazing how a few set of equipment in a limited space can be used effectively for the teambuilding initiative. ”
– Vida Monteiro, Regional Head FM Operations Africa and MENA, Standard Chartered Bank

“Able to provide sufficient practical experience for participants to build up team corporation among each other. In these programme our staff member could understand each other in a better position towards future challengers.”
– Lim Hui Ching, HR Executive, Modern Building Materials Pte Ltd

“Rediscover some places in Sentosa and Mount Faber that I would not have noticed if not of this programme.”
– Wendy Wong, Regional Regulatory Affairs Manager, Bayer (South East Asia) Pte Ltd

Good overview, demand was clear, challenges need to be faced and know-how platform needs to be established.”
– Katharina Urban, IT, Bayer (South East Asia) Pte Ltd

“The programme left the right learning points without being at all onerous. It was fun! The timing was right – no time to get bored! The Facilitators were very good. Thanks!”
– Graham Warby, Standard Chartered Bank

“I have a fun time and enjoyed the activities a lot. Keep up the good work!”
– Ivan Ho, Assistant Vice President, HSBC Bank (Singapore) Ltd

“Trusts in each other and planning ahead before executing the obstacle like in our daily works. Complete a project as a whole like clearing the high wall with the whole company working together.”
– Ho Gim Choon, Project Manager, Modern Building Materials Pte Ltd

“The programme and Facilitator, Joey was great! I disagree on the statements that relates back to work because I thought the programme was more for teambuilding and fun, not relevant to apply back at work. Having said that, the teambuilding part was good to foster closer ties with colleagues.”
– Meifang, Brand Manager, Bayer (SEA) Pte Ltd

“The Facilitator, Sasi and LB doing a good job with well explanation of rules and regulations on the last outdoor activities – Good job and keep it up!”
– Guan Chee Tatt, Customer Support Engineer, Kulicke & Soffa Pte Ltd

“There was a good range of activities to bring across the values as well as to keep the participants focused and involved throughout the day. At the end of the day, the objectives were met.”
– Laura Lim, Head of Programme Development, Ministry of Trade & Industry

The interaction between all parties was a nice experience and we really enjoyed our time there.”
– Daniel Lin, Senior Marketing Communications Executive, Kulicke & Soffa Pte Ltd

“Really enjoyed it – Had fun and got us to know each other individually and as a TEAM.”
– Richard Jeffreys, Standard Chartered Bank

“Facilitators had clear communication and knew their training materials well.”
– Ernest Wee He Sheng, Student, Singapore Management University

“It was a great programme! Mugan was professional and able to engage the TEAM very well. His TEAM of helpers were also efficient and very helpful.”
– Raymond Ling, Manager, IBM Singapore

“Team bonding and fun and enjoyable. Thanks ”
– Sherry Tan, Edwards Lifesciences (Asia) Pte Ltd

“I get to see the beautiful beaches and explore the part of sentosa that I have not seen before  ”
– Samantha, Technical Science Executive, Tanglin Trust School

“Good Facilitator, Meaningful activities and concept of building in The CSR Challenge! with teambuilding definitely flies with me.”
– Judy Heng, HR Director, Edwards Lifesciences (Asia) Pte Ltd

“A great many thanks to FOCUS TEAM for the patience, and to Yongjun’s TEAM for a job well done hosting Global Blue’s programme!”
– Luqman Rezuan, Manager, Global Blue Service Company Singapore Pte Ltd

“Interactive Facilitators, assistant , camera man. Ability to balance fun and objective of the programme.”
– Meng Yang, Director, Edwards Lifesciences (Asia) Pte Ltd

“1) An opportunity to get to know other colleagues that we would not have met. 2) An opportunity to understand how colleagues react outside of the workplace.”
– Diane Alison Wah, Admissions Officer, Tanglin Trust School

“Excellent facilitation and The Supermarket Race Challenge! was a very creative meaningful activity.”
– Jarrel Ong, Senior Specialist, Edwards Lifesciences (Asia) Pte Ltd

“To be able to have fun while learning.”
– Nur Azra Aqilah, Student, Alcon Singapore Manufacturing Pte Ltd

“The whole programme in general was very exciting.”
– Annabelle

“Programme was well organised and prepared.”
– Alex Kot, General Manager, Speedy-Tech Electronics Ltd

“The idea about making Car with the card box was fun.”
– Muhammud Firdaus Bin Mohamed Noor, Production, Alcon Singapore Manufacturing Pte Ltd

“Being able to explore the heritage around the school area as well as eating good food along the way.”
– Yi Huei, Teacher, St Margaret