So exciting! I don’t know virtual gathering like this can be so much fun!”
Gary Rustandi
“It’s quite interesting to see how a virtual team-building program can be run. Lots of fun factors. Thanks.”
Diana Goh Registered Nurse
“Great programme. Enjoyed my time with the virtual amazing race! Thanks to Gavin and team!”
Shangkari Rasandran
Assistant Manager, CRED
“Didn’t know what to expect for a virtual teambuilding, but it was so well planned! Fun activities!”
“It’s an enjoyable activity to participate with colleagues especially during this challenging period. Thank you very much for facilitating the event! ”
Serene Lok
Manager, SingHealth
“Was fun, really loved the video – hoping to see it soon!”
Diyls Chua
“Well done! never thought online team building can be so interesting and engaging.”
Luke Lim Candidate
“Very enjoyable time which allowed me to make new friends and do activities that made time pass by quickly! ”
Lidia Maliki
Assistant Manager (Legal Operations & Policy), MCCY (SYC-ROMM)
“Thank you very much for organising a valuable program. It was quite effective to know new colleagues each other. ”
Satoshi akatna
“Pleasantly suprised by how fun and engaging a virtual teambuilding session can be. I guess its the technical problems that affect the quality/ enjoyment of the whole process, but overall still very fun”
Isaac Chua