“ Thanks for coordinating such a great and important programme for us, despite us having last minute arrangement, the TEAM will always try the best to accommodate all our requests. It was very enjoyable and fun!! Once again, thank you for everything. ”
– Angeline Wong, Key Account Manager, Beiersdorf Singapore Pte Ltd

“Fun and enjoyable activities. Though we do not have enough time to finish the activity but its worth the fun. ”
– Melanie Fadrilan, Evonik Oil Additives Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Venue was good, adventure activity was well designed and achievable. Well done.”
– Tony Mercieca, Chem-Trend Singapore Pte Ltd

“Continual mixing of groups for the different activities really made the programme fun yet meaningful as we have to keep working with new people.”
– Lester, Officer, Mizuho Bank Ltd

“Activities were interesting and fun. It helps us to know ourselves and others better and bring us closer. The activities made me aware what my strength and weakness are. I also realised that nothing is impossible. Most importantly, we must give it a try. Everyone is a great team player and participated in the activities. Facilitator was able to blend in with the TEAM, and eventually become friends on the last day. Had a great time.”
– Alexis Quek Ai Sim, Ministry of Defence  

“There are a lot of activities that allows the group to understand each other strength and weaknesses. Forming a greater and stronger TEAM.”
– Bai Ruiliang, Ministry of Defence

“A lot of my first time experience were accomplished through the programme, the safety of it were ensured at all times, very professional.”
– Chang Wei De, Ministry of Defence  

“The activities or mission is relevant and fun.”
– Lee Siew Hock, Ministry of Defence

“Thank you for your support during the programme. I have been receiving feedback that it was fun and meaningful, so it was a success. Kudos to the TEAM. We are pleasantly surprised that the photo turned out well despite the bad lighting. Thank you.”
– Nicole, Merck Singapore

“Thank you, Yong Jun and FOCUS TEAM for supporting this programme. We couldn’t have done it without you and the TEAM. Thanks a lot for the patience bearing from the start as well – Unbelievable!”
– Andrea Goh, Merck Singapore

“It is a different teambuilding experience for The Rafting Challenge!”
– Wendy Wang, Senior Manager, Prudential Services Singapore Pte Ltd

“The Facilitators conducted the programme well and fun with objectives met. Well Done.”
– Liau Yee Xiang, Engineer, SP PowerGrid Ltd

“Able to improve relationship with new colleagues.”
– Jasper Ng Kang Tai, Engineer, SP PowerGrid Ltd

“Excellent vibes and energy created during the programme.”
– Raymond Seah, IT Director, MSD Pharma

“No comments so far. Overall are awesome!”
– Tom Becher, Business Development Consultant, Rolling Arrays Consulting Pte Ltd

“Having great fun with my colleagues.”
– Goh Puay Hoon, Beiersdorf Singapore Pte Ltd

“Enjoyed my day and had great fun.”
– Roslindawati Hamzah, Receptionist, Beiersdorf Singapore Pte Ltd

“Thank you so much for the great partnership. We certainly hope to have opportunities to work with you again in future.”
– Claire Phoey, Human Resources, Mizuho Bank Limited

“The Facilitators did a great job. Enjoyable and fun, unfortunately the time is not enough (I believe) because we enjoy too much and overlooked that we have to finish the activities on time. Overall, FOCUS provide a pleasant and meaningful teambuilding programme.”
– Melanie Fadrilan, Evonik Oil Additives Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“FOCUS TEAM was flexible and accommodating requests at last minute. However, tend to miss a few points and managed to correct them immediately achieving the results needed.”
– Jennifer, Director, Human Resource, Chem-Trend Singapore Pte Ltd

“Activities foster a lot of TEAM interaction and camaraderie. Facilitators were well prepared. Venue was good. Overall, day was fulfilling and no major hiccups experienced. Great job!”
– Steve, Application Lead, MSD Pharma

“The Build-a-Boat Challenge! The engagement levels of the Facilitators, the willingness of the participants to share and work together to complete the challenges.”
– Amanda Tan, Graduate Analyst, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

“Teamwork creating the painting. Knowing and interacting with new people from other teams.”
– Arjun Makhija, Systems Specialist, MSD Pharma

“Get to know some colleagues whom I may not get to know if i did not attend this programme.”
– Jace Quek, Customer Service Coordinator, Johnson & Johnson

“The Facilitator was able to help participants relate lessons learnt from the activities to the practical context of the workplace.”
– Joel Giam, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation 

“We had fun to the max and the Facilitator doing a great job bringing all of us together and achieved the objective that we need.”
– Chang Chew Yuan, Project Manager, CommScope Solutions Singapore Pte Ltd

“Sasi was great! He was approachable and insightful linking our experiences to theories in change, Leadership, teambuilding and then also connecting them to the workplace. Great job!”
– Lan Nguyen, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

“Being a TEAM player, work with the TEAM to set target and achieve objectives.”
– Zeba Mallick, Admin, Rolling Arrays Consulting Pte Ltd

“Overall very impressed and enjoyed my day!”
– Ken Lam, Prudential Services Singapore Pte Ltd

“The activities were good but the outdoor activities were cancelled due to rain and the ones done indoor were repetitive. We were not expecting any repetition and that was the only dull point of the whole activity.”
– Vedanti Jain, HR Assistant, Rolling Arrays Consulting Pte Ltd

“The Facilitator is able to bring spark up the atmosphere for everyone to be engaged to the programme. We really enjoy ourselves, learned and bring something from this programme into our work.”
– Diana, Specialist, CommScope Solutions Singapore Pte Ltd

“Great teambuilding programme. Good way to get to know people I did not know.”
– Chris Keith, P&G, Procter & Gamble  

“Simple activities to get a different perspective on work.”
– Anselm Chua, Great Eastern Life

“We had an enjoyable teambuilding programme yesterday. Please extend my thanks to the rest of the delightful TEAM.”
– Angeline Lee, Manager, SPRING Singapore

“The entire programme was designed in such a that people were getting involved, sharing, caring, contributing with ideas, and the method helped the staff to open up their think tank and do a self improvement. OVERALL GOOD DESIGN.”
– Ayyappan, Manager, Tionale Pte Ltd

“There was plenty of fun and joy and the TEAM members were all free of stress. This makes a lot of difference as everyone was willing to hear and listen to each other thus promoting effective communication.”
– Tionale Pte Ltd

“Wonderful Facilitator and overall is really fun.”
– Andrew Lum, Trainer, Kulicke & Soffa Pte Ltd

“Thank you to our Facilitator – Mr. Sasi Kumar for making our teambuilding a fun and memorable programme. Wish the time given was longer as 1.5hrs. Times are just too short to cover the whole of three beaches. Overall, thumbs up to FOCUS Adventure and teams. Thank you.”
– Yvonne Ee, Executive Secretary, Kulicke & Soffa Pte Ltd

“We had fun and enjoyed the programme. Three cheers to the 4 Facilitators for their job well done!”
– Winnie, Ministry of Defence

“It is good to take us out of the normal working routine to emphasis on TEAM focus and TEAM work. have faith in the TEAM. Can achieve!”
– Thomas Hui, Senior Engineer, Delphi Automotive Systems Singapore Pte Ltd

“I would like to feedback that Lead Facilitator (YJ) did a wonderful job! He is a natural. Also, not forgetting Ernest and the video-photographer, Ketut as well that worked so seamlessly as a TEAM. Thanks!”
– T.T. Tan, Delphi Automotive Systems Singapore Pte Ltd

“The lead Facilitator was good. Goal of each activity was communicated clearly. We had fun.”
– Cheong Mei Ling, Software Engineer, Delphi Automotive Systems Singapore Pte Ltd

“Facilitator, Mugan spoke well and was able to incorporate humor into the presentations.”
– Chiu Weng, Great Eastern Life

“Engagement of the Facilitators were good.”
– Nicholas, Singapore Management University

“The TEAM enjoyed the programme. I Would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeff, Natalie & Tessa for the wonderful experience. Indeed we have discovered a stronger “bond” after the programme : )””
– Carol See Toh, Secretary, Standard Chartered Bank

“The flexibility to think of ways to approach the tasks given and supportive nature of the Facilitators.”
– Chompunuch Chachchaval, Singapore Management University

“Everyone had something to participate in and thus had to contribute thus making the teambuilding a really effective one.”
– Venkata Desikan Ranganathan, Senior Systems Engineer, iDirect Asia Pte Ltd

“Very refreshing – Thanks to FOCUS in helping me meet my objectives.”
– Himanshu Bhardwaj, Student, Singapore Management University

“Well organised activities and experienced Facilitators.”
– Yang Su, Singapore Management University

“The lessons from the activities were meaningful and relevant.”
– Lim Hui Hong, Ministry Of Transport Singapore

“YJ was a particularly amazing, energetic, caring Facilitator!”
– Deepak S Warrier, Ministry Of Transport Singapore

“The element of creativity in the activities and the constant high energy the Facilitator has is amazing. Coming to this programme, I thought it will end up to become any typical programme I have been to in schools and this totally transform that experience. It was so fun and so hyped. Indeed delivering a different experience.”
– Lee Yik Loong, Ministry Of Transport Singapore

“Builds up teamwork and promote bonding among staff.”
– Catherine Goh, Administrative, Ministry of Defence

“The activities were unique and required a suitable level of out of the box thinking which I thought was very beneficial especially since we are often so used to following the rules and not challenging ourselves.”
– Teo Jaf Qi, Ministry Of Transport Singapore