“ I would like to express appreciation to FOCUS Adventure Pte Ltd for the efforts in developing a meaningful and exciting teambuilding programme on 8 July 2017.

The teambuilding programme was very well received. Our TEAM went back with fond memories and more importantly, with better understanding on the importance of working as a TEAM.

Thank you again for a job well done. We look forward to working with you again in the near future. ”
– Angel Ding, Managing Director, Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd

“I had fun with my TEAM in the activities, and the CSR component helping the local school was also very fulfilling.”
– GE Life

” The whole experience from contacting FOCUS, meeting, presentation, confirmation to the actual day was straightforward and enjoyable. Although there was a little hiccup to the flight line before the actual day, the TEAM made the extra effort to sort it out and allow us to have the full TCH experience. Kudos to TEAM FOCUS! ”
– Noelle Heng, HR Manager, S11 Granuity Management Pte Ltd

“The activities really brought across the strong message that team work is the key to success.”
– Cindy, Inland Revenue Authority Of Singapore   

“Everybody works as a TEAM and help one another.”
– See Mui Far, Assistant Finance Officer, Inland Revenue Authority Of Singapore

“Facilitators able to make the participants to get involved and enjoy themselves in the activities.”
– Brenda Chen Liyi, Admin officer, Inland Revenue Authority Of Singapore   

“The programme was designed in such a way that it suits all ages.”
– Meera Sahib Bin Aspar, SAAO, Inland Revenue Authority Of Singapore  

“Facilitators were very responsive to whatever queries that we had.”
– Safinaz Binte Isaam Marie, Admin Officer, Inland Revenue Authority Of Singapore     

“Nice ice breaker activity in the beginning and overall all the activities were physically and mentally stimulating. The last activity of challenging everyone, men and women of varied ages and physical condition to scale the Wall was a great way to show what team work can be achieved.”
– Charles Lim, Admin, Winning Alliance(s) Pte Ltd

“Great~ Look forward more teambuilding programmes with FOCUS in the future.”
– Peng Jiawen, HR Executive, Winning Alliance(s) Pte Ltd  

“Ability to influence and bringing interactive fun to the teambuilding.”
– Sherene Ong, Marketing Manager, Mayer Marketing Pte Ltd  

“Quick response to the participants feedback on coffee mix sugar options.”
– Fong Sook Han, Senior Admin Officer, Inland Revenue Authority Of Singapore

“The Facilitators are well trained and excellent customer service. It helps us to boost our TEAM spirits and get together. Kudos to them all”
– Mohanmad Iszraei Bin Adenan, Senior Assistant Administrative Officer, Inland Revenue Authority Of Singapore  

“It is FUN and evertone are able to participate. Team work to make the success.”
– Cindy Koh, Executive, Marina Mandarin Singapore

“The opportunities to get to know TEAM members better. Even the ice breaking activity of getting to know each others favourite food was light hearted and enable us to know each other on a more personal level. This will help in creating the teambonding spirit.”
– Kwek Gim Ha, Manager, Inland Revenue Authority Of Singapore

“New ice breakers activity despite attending the programme by FOCUS group for many years!”
– Sharon Quek, Philip Morris International

“Great team work among both teams, and their team members have shown good interest and participation throughout the teambuilding activity. This is also made possible by the Facilitator.”
– Danny Yap, Finance Manager, Grundfos Singapore Pte Ltd

“Encouragement from the Facilitators and team mates whom I just met for the first time.”
– June, Marketing Manager, Dell EMC SEA

“We are so impressed by the excellent work of Sasi and his TEAM, Magenta, Peter and Berwin that until now the church has not stopped talking about how fantastic they are.  Many of us still have not get over the fun and the joy. The activities were simple but the delivery by Sasi was powerful and impactful.

As we do not have enough, we would like Sasi and his TEAM to lead the Ice Breaker(Energiser) again next year (2018), for our Church Camp from 10 to 13 Jun, and again in Johore.”
– Covenant Vision Christian Church

“The challenge is to overcome and complete each stage of the 24 meters high challenge tower.”
– Steven Teo, Manager, S11 Granuity Management Pte Ltd

“The activities present have bonded us well!”
– Qian Hui, Assistant Manager, Ministry of Manpower  

“Enthusiastic Facilitators created positive learning experience.”
– Angie Teng, VP Finance, EMERSON Process Management

“Interacting with the children and forging close bonds and beautiful memories.”
– A.Nithyadarrshiny, Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Ltd

“The energizer activities were really fun, and a large part was due to the Facilitator, Bryan who was very effective. Thanks for all the arrangement and the programme was very well-received.”
– Tsui Ping Ong, Office Manager, Varde Partners Asia Pte Ltd

“Clear explanation and smooth transition between activities.”
– Daryl, Nanyang Business School

“I need to give a big thank for all the Facilitators who involved on our One dream One Angliss programme in Batam Island. We have high motivation and become a strong and united TEAM. Hope to see you guys again well done Bravo!!”
– Angel Ding, Managing Director, Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd

“Activities were able to reinforce important values.”
– Chua Jing Ying, Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Ltd

“All programmes are useful for my learning.”
– Kelly Chow, Finance Manager, EMERSON Process Management Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Everyone was rather cooperative and we could achieve objectives and goals within reasonable timings that were considered relatively good performance from our TEAM.”
– Low Hui Yi, Guest Services Agent, Marina Mandarin Singapore

“As I was new to the TEAM, this was a great way to get to know my colleagues outside of the office. It was also my first visit to Pulau Ubin, and I really enjoyed that aspect of the day. Some of the challenges were quite difficult, but overall, it was well designed and facilitated and was very memorable.”
– Charles Thompson, Salesforce

“Using the GPS to track location. Very interesting. Good!”
– Cheryl Lim, Admin Assistant, NTUC Income

“Faciitators know the way and the execution of the programmes to make everyone equal.”
– Patrick Teh, Senior Manager, Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd

“We had a great day at your facility, please pass on our thanks to Mugan and the TEAM. Mugan did an exceptional job on the day itself, he was focused, enthusiastic and attentive at all times. Thanks to Jessie also, you were of great support in the run up to the day itself.”
– Stephanie, Amgen Singapore

“We had a great day with great challenge”
– Sylvain, sales, Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd

“Thanks! Our group really enjoy the teambonding. Hopefully more of this teambonding in future.”
– Kelvin Low, Executive Chef, Wildlife Reserves Singapore Pte Ltd

“Good exploration of DISC personalities Fantastic explanations.”
– Lin Wen, Dietitian, National University Hospital 

“The Rafting Challenge! + The Pixel Challenge! was a good combination, not just pure physical activity – The trick of the saboteur was good, though Facilitator could have been more explicit on the deeper meaning/relevance to daily lives.”
– Charmaine Cheuk, AEW Asia Pte Ltd

“The Facilitators are very courteous, helpful, cheerful and lively! Safety precautions were discussed and applied consistently. We have learned relevant and helpful principles on collaboration and teamwork in a fun way.”
– Irma Borja, Operations Manager, EMERSON Process Management

“The Facilitator made the programme even more fun and enjoyable. Timings of activities were just right and balanced. Good job!”
– Sneha, Amgen Inc.

“Enthusiasm of Facilitators really positively influenced everyone.”
– Jared Yong, Financial Analyst, EMERSON Process Management

“Facilitators were very high energy, engaging which set a conducive atmosphere. Loud enough to be heard without being overbearing. Facilitators took the effort to know some of our names which made it a bit more family-like atmosphere. Overall, I enjoyed the programme.”
– Pamela Yap, Finance, EMERSON Process Management

“Sufficient time for unwinding and bonding / rest Personal growth space.”
– Wilma Sin, LTA, Ministry of Transport

“Weather was pretty good and the activities helped to further bond with my colleagues, whom we hardly had chance to work together as we are of different sections. Lindsay has been extremely accommodating and patient during the whole programme planning. Thanks!”
– Elaine Lee, Senior Executive, NTUC Income

“I challenged my fear of heights and made a lot of friends.”
– Kimberly Han, Ministry of Transport

“The Team Challenge Hourglass! definitely a must-keep activity for any teambuilding camp :) ”
– Sheila, Ministry of Transport

“Facilitators are very encouraging especially for The Team Challenge Hourglass!”
– Ng Zicong, Scholar, Ministry of Transport

“Thank you so much for all the help in making this teambuilding fun. Everyone had a great time and the facilitation TEAM, most specially Jeff really did a wonderful job. Please extend my regards and thanks to everyone.”
– Divine Garcia, Senior HR Executive, Emerson Automation Solutions

“Very good Facilitators did really nice job. Keep doing!”
– Pradipta Sarkar, Principal Scientist, Procter & Gamble

“We had a fantastic time during the teambuilding and everybody had a lot of fun. Probably our best teambuilding so far!
– Sarah, Senior Director, Hilton International Asia Pacific Pte Ltd