“ You guys did an awesome job! We were impressed with the dedication, attention to detail and safety and truly appreciate all the hard work and dedication FOCUS Adventure put in to make this programme a success.

Facilitators did a great job and were extremely accommodating with all of our requests. They played a great support role and did an awesome job capturing all the great moments on camera.

Thanks again and we look forward to working with you again on future programmes. ”
– Harish Nambiar, Group Account Director, OgilvyOne Worldwide, Singapore

“Dear FOCUS Adventure, thank you so much for co-coordinating the programme for our team. We have a great time and I could see some strong teambonding during the short 3 hours. Hope to have a longer time the next round. Thanks again and hope to see you again real soon!”
– Sock Hwa, Canon Singapore

“We received good verbal feedback from the staff. I would like to specially thank you for going all the way to help accommodate our requests and needs where FOCUS Adventure could. We appreciate that. The Facilitators are very professional and special mention must go to Dean and the photographer.”
– Agnes Lim, Lead Teacher, Townsville Primary School

“It was fun, got to know the colleagues better, gave us the opportunity to bond. Using legos was a creative way to help participants to visualise the departments/schools mission.”
– Grace Seah, Teacher, Townsville Primary School

“important lessons drawn from the activity – very relevant to our work/success.”
– Cristina Co, Operations Manager, Dassault Systemes Singapore

“Thanks for the assistance at the teambuilding programme in Phuket as our two days programme went very well. Thanks for the good warm-up. Some participants said The Roller Coaster Challenge! was one of the most memorable activities of our two days.”
– Ichiro, Cerebos

“Good experience and excellent programme, hope to have more chance to do such kind of teambuilding among our international team.”
– Xiukun, GMG Global Limited

“The activities we had was something which make different members to play together and make us talk to everyone even we are not familiar about each other in the same organisation. Thanks so much.”
– Candy Lee, Logistics & Shipping, Grandluxe Pte Ltd

“The pace timing for each programme was just right and everything else falls into place. Simply awesome!”
– Sharimi Shamsuddin, Deputy Manager, Grandluxe Pte Ltd

“Would be even better if we could have longer programme or maybe overseas trip like Bintan… Bonding within the group could be better if we spend more time together … BRAVO TEAM …”
– Jay Jay Jumali Jumahar, Assistant Manager, Peperoni Pte Ltd