“ Thank you for the support all this while. At the same time, our TEAM from Centre for Healthcare Simulation (CHS) would like to thank your wonderful Facilitators, Tze Hao, Jeff, LOH Biao and Anto for making our programme extremely fun and memorable! Despite overrunning our internal work plan session in the morning, they were supportive and patient with us and managed to get the schedule back on track.

And due to weather, we didn’t managed to experience the outdoor activities. Nevertheless the Facilitators were awesome and had a non-stop laughter and fun learning experiences. Maybe this will be the reason for us to come back to FOCUS Adventure again in 2 years time at Sentosa for our Biennial Retreat cum Teambuilding session. Once again THANK YOU for the job well done!  ”
– Hafizah, NUS (Centre for Healthcare Simulation)

“Venue (Sentosa) is a pleasant and relax environment, away from the city (office).”
– Chee Chen Pin, Manager, iDirect Asia Pte Ltd

“The Facilitators put in a lot of effort to engage us and promote teambonding.”
– Ang Wei Jian, Ministry Of Transport Singapore

“Facing my new found fear of heights and completing the Team Challenge Hourglass as a TEAM. The Facilitators were helpful and gave confidence. Pleasant would not be the word to describe it but it was a great feeling.”
– Gavin, HP

“The Facilitators know how to live up our spirits throughout the programme.”
– Dina Farhana Hashim, Teacher, St. Gabriel

“Dianne, Damien and Jeff did an excellent job of organising the teambuilding activities at Xishuangbanna. Jeff could explain the activities and rules in Chinese clearly. My TEAM mixed of travel agents, corporate clients and Mount Faber, tremendously enjoyed ourselves, especially when we were the winning team! Thank you for the good work done.”
– Fabian Lim, Manager, Sentosa Development Corporation

“The Incredible Race! was a fun experience for me and I enjoyed doing it.”
– Faridah Binte Osman, Management Executive, Singapore Customs

“The Facilitators were very good at bringing the TEAM to work together and have fun.”
– Luqman Bin Abdul Manap, Higher Customs Officer, Singapore Customs

“Our objective was fun and teambonding. We took away learning of interacting with our colleagues.”
– Sowmya Sridharan, Talent Manager, Citibank Singapore

“The good coordination and organised flow of the programme.”
– Goh Wan Wei, Ministry of Education

“The photo quizzes and GPS quizzes are very enjoyable.”
– Chia Han Ning, Primary School Teacher, San Yu Adventist School Limited

“To be able to work with different department colleagues and also to learn ideas from each other.”
– Susan Hoe, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary

“Building the roller coaster and the activity bring out the positive attributes of the TEAM members.”
– Faraziyah, Teacher, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary

“Communication is important for teamwork to be successful.”
– Heryati, Teacher, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary

“The TEAM of Facilitators were great. Facilitators are the key factor to any good programme. They must be able to deliver the programme effectively. The Lead Facilitator, Yong Jun was good. Today was my second experience with FOCUS Adventure. And once again, I am satisfied with the activities especially, how the activities were carried out and planned to meet the objectives of The Teambuilding Challenge! Thank you! My staff had great fun!”
– Linda Teo, Pasir Ris Crest Secondary

“Fun activity…which was likely the main goal. Thank you!”
– Mitch Callihan, PMG Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Built bicycles from scratch for needy children. Really touched that the teambuilding programme also helps to contribute back to the society.”
– Aini, Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Like the sense of humour and enabling the TEAM to relax.”
– Chow Lai Kwan, Manager, Procter & Gamble

“Interesting and good interaction with people you know but not meeting them as often during work.”
– Regina Wong, Shipping Manager, Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“The learning behind various activities makes the experience meaningful.”
– Chee Ghee Seng, Instrument Analyst, Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Schedule was clear, activities were well-facilitated (enough training aids) and suitable for the demographics of our group.”
– Phua Sze Chao, Engineer, Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Clear instructions given by the Facilitator leads to better understanding of the activities to be carried out.”
– Farhana Zura Bte Abdul Rahman, Teacher, Opera Estate Primary School

“Not done before but manageable activities, learning aspects to take back, video at the end which summarized the days activities people actions.”
– Sara, Executive Secretary, Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“The Facilitators are very professionals and are able to deliver the key messages to the participants. All of the Facilitators provided great assistance to our requests and even took the extra mile to source for food for the participant despite the issue of shortage of food with Orange Clove.”
– Cindy Peng, Training & Development Executive, Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“The wet weather programme was effective in teambuilding, showcased the creative thinking process of our peers and the ability to showcase their talent. It was nice to see everyone in a relaxed environment.”
– Zi, Teacher, Opera Estate Primary School

“Able to relate to office matters. Fun and lively!”
– Hafizah Ibrahim, Assistant Manager, NUS (Centre for Healthcare Simulation)