Alot of emphasise on Teamwork and sharing trust and confidence on your Team-mates. Requires FOCUS on target and dismiss other distractions to complete each task.A good mix of fear, courage, motivation and fun.
-Gladys Poh, Abbott

Good Location, Good Facilitator, Apt props and equipment.
-Guru, Abbott

Nothing but only TEAM oriented activities and making everyone feel as Team more than individual.
-Sandeep, Abbott

This was a good opportunity for me to know my colleagues working in other area offices better.

Interesting indoor Team Building made the indoor activities fun!
-Boon Song, EDB

(1) The Lead Facilitator Shan was pleasant and helpful. He was able to Facilitate the activities well, adjusting to the Teams’ dynamics. (2) We had plenty of space and the entire place to ourselves at the FOCUS site. (3)Bintan Lagoon Resort was very nice, big and clean rooms and had plenty of facilities.
-Moo An Wee, EDB

Good Pace. Relaxed environment.

A good Facilitator during the program, exciting Team Building activities as well as the opportunity to bond with all my colleagues are areas that have made this a pleasant experience for me
-Annie Ho, Global Blue

The fun activities and the bondng with the Teammembers.
-Jas, Global Blue

The programme itself doesn’t challenge too much on the tired body and mind but allow us to relax in interesting Team-play that destress and at the same time allow us to exercise (by moving and running around).
-Charlotte, iDA

All the fun and laughter will stay with us – longer than the intended message to learn :)
-Christina Te, iDA

The bonding from the team activities.
-Hafsah Jasman Jili, iDA

I had fun that day. Keep up the good work!
-Hui Fang, iDA

The Facilitator who started the session kick-started the cheer. The music that went with the games, the momentum, the food… and the activities itself. The activities were not too mind boggling but emphasised on Teamwork such that I could enjoy the company of my colleagues and not wreck my brains too much. Thank you! 
-Lim Hui Pin, iDA

The outdoor activities and challenges are such great fun. And witnessing the less serious side of our fellow colleagues and team mates when we played and had fun together.

The Facilitators are patient and knowledgeable in their resective areas. Active and cheeful participants are key for the pleasant experience.
-Ong Bee Chong, iDA

The fun that I have with my fellow colleagues.
-Quek Cheng Hong, iDA

It was a well organised. Most of us were exhausted after that but enjoyed the fun.
-Stephen Lau, iDA

I had fun participating in the activities. This is one of the more interesting Team Building activity I have had. Good job to the FOCUS Adventure Team! I feel more time could be given to the teams to strategise for the Laser Combat. 1 minute is just too rush to get the Team members to contribute ideas and to agree on a plan. Without this time to plan, the Team Building element is lacking. Then it is just another shooting game.

The games that promotes team bonding among people
-Vira, GIC

We wanted a session to loosen up before our official meetings, to know each other better in an out-of-office setting and to have fun – and we got all that 
-Stene Forsund, Kongsberg

Have Team-members FOCUS on the objectives to accomplish, and learn effective communication.
-Albert Sin, LTA

Had lots fun and made new friends.
-Angeline Ho, LTA

The Bananaboat experience!
-Lim Ai Peng, LTA

The Energizer was good as it made everyone loosen up before the outdoor game. The Incredible Race! also allowed good Team-bonding and encouraged Teamwork. Everyone had fun and worked well as a Team.
-Ravin, LTA

Really enjoyed The Bananaboat Challenge!

The Geocaching Challenge! is fun and each Team has shared their experiences gained through this activity. The debrief was too short. My Team was not of good mix of diff dept maybe due to 2 members were absent.
-Ann Jew, Maersk Tankers

I guess the beach setting gave me a feeling that it is going to be fun
-Tyrene Teo, Maersk Tankers

The activities that made us think, co-ordinate and work together as a Team in order to achieve a goal.
-Hairulsham Bin Aman, MPA

The Lead Facilitator Joey was fun to work with, full of energy and witty too! And Dian did a great job with the videos and shots, wonderful moments captured!
-Muhammad Nursyam, MPA

A good Facilitator and enthusiastic participants! =)

The video clip taken during the day.
-Alicia, NEA

Looking forward for more fun activities. Not those boring presentations early in the morning. The Facilitators were very friendly and well organised..kudos to your Team!
-Hafiz, NEA

Friendly approach.

Thank you and well done
-Ho Poh Geck, NUHS NCIS

The song that is being choose was very meaningful. Really touched by the lyrics. Maybe I just went through tough times at work, that’s why the songs really touches my heart. Well done. Thank you.
-Lee Yen Ein, NUHS

First time. Nice venue with great food. Participants were casual, relaxed and sporting. Facilitator was friendly and comfortable.

Everyone were feeling relaxed and comfortable with each other. Makes this experience worthwhile.
-Tanliha Abdul Majid, NUS

Team building – all the Team members were generating ideas and sharing knowledge to solve the given challenges.
-Ong Wen Nee, OCBC

The tools and methods used were thoughtfully designed to bring out the most of the intended purpose and the best part was that the challenges were real serious and yet immensly enjoyable blended with humor.
-C.S.Dwarakanath, PM Asia

Would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to the Lead Facilitator Sau Bing, Emeris, Li Jia and all your Team for the fruitful and insightful experiential Team Building Programme at Bintan on 18 19 March 2011. Really enjoyed myself with all the fun filled activities that carry significant learning values, specially centered towards leadership and working effectively as a Team. 3 cheers to FOCUS Adventures! Hip Hip Hurray!
-Adam Sultan, Raffles

The activities that I had participated in were very interesting and thought-provoking for me. The afterthoughts had brought fresh ideas and insightful lessons into my personal and work life that I can apply right after that weekend. Though the Team Challenge Pyramid was particularly emotionally challenging for me, I was very glad to go through it with my colleagues, as it truly unlike those obstacles that I had gone through in my previous Team Building outings.
-Bernard Lee, Raffles

Sau Bing and his Team were very helpful and encouraging, especially during the pyramid climb.
-Soo Miew Ching, Raffles

The fun and the friendship plus trust in one another.
-Chia Chong Meng, RSAF

The Facilitator did a fantastic job to keep the crowd lively.
-Wang Shujie, RSAF

Facilitators were clear in their explanaton of the activities.
-South-East CDC

The Geocaching Challenge! had brought together the staffs in building closer bonds with each other. There were staff who had problems with each other and were not on talking terms but after being put together in the same Team, they had learnt to understand and work together as a Team to accomplish the challenge. This is truly a great achievment.
-Nanayakara Selina James, SGH

We all learned to be more understanding, taking care, good communication, closer to each other and most importantly we all have fun and have high Team spirit. We really enjoy it so much. Thank you for making our course intersting and lively!
-Samsiah Bte Kasmis, SGH

-Roger Lim, Sony

Everybody were enjoying and kept a smiling face. I’m very happy and enjoyed very much.

The fun and laughter in the programme. The opportunity to network with others
-Choo Pui Ying (Janet), South-East CDC

Fun good interaction!
-Matthew Lim, South-East CDC

Outdoor challenges! I was actually hoping for more rope activities like the Mohawk Walk, etc which I have tried when I was in another organization.. Nevertheless, had a great time. FOCUS Adventure is the best of all provider that I have attended. Kudos to all!
-Kamaliah Mohamed, SingHealth

Able to interact with colleagues in a fun and relaxing environment.
-Chiok Ching Gek, Singtel

I enjoy the interactions during the program. I’m glad to see the cheerful and fun side of my serious co-workers.
-Faustina, Sony

Everything is well-organized and executed in time.
-Grace Tan, Sony

Venue was ideal and the food menu was good.
-Kkoo Leng Leng, Sony

Team Building activities is acceptable. A fun work out day. Quite enjoyable. Look forward to the next one.
-Tan Choo Lam, Sony

Very fun, interactive engaging activities which enhanced Team-spirit and made our bond with each other stronger.
-Mariati Rahim, Towers Watson

The Team Building Challenge! was very fun and didn’t feel like a chore. The Facilitator, Andre, always gives us the lesson to learn after each activity
-Yee Sian Chen, Towers Watson

Well organised and informal setting. Fast paced.
-Amitabh Agrawal, Wilhelmsen

Almost everything. 
-Eunice Lim, Wilhelmsen

Good interaction. Facilitator was able to control. More action and less talk.
-Jitendra, Wilhelmsen