“ I have been to several courses and FOCUS has the best Facilitators. They tried to relate the activities to our work, and yet are not overbearing. I love the element of fun in all the activities and the Facilitators who made my stay so enjoyable. The rain hardly dampened our mood thanks to John and Joey who brought umbrellas out for us in the rain. I’m also thankful for the photographers working in the background and taking all the unglam shots. These photos would be reminders of the fun that we had. ”
-Teo Soo Yan, Senior Executive, MinLaw

“Time away from work to interact with fellow colleagues whom we dont normally have chance to know better.”

“Two new companies joining together. This was an excellent integration activity.”

‘Binding -Get to know each other and begin having a sense of team. Shared purpose, goals and targets Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/4876210″
-Carol Ting, Accounts Manager, ALFA LAVAL

“The Roller Coaster Challenge! and Teamwork.”
-Martinus Getty Santika, Senior Axapta Consultant, ALFA LAVAL

“All in all good job!”
-Willi Lendzian, Staff, ALFA LAVAL

“Team bonding exercise.”
-Lee Wei Thian, ABM, APB

“It ties in to our objective for being FOCUSED, brave and big.”
-Tan Jiak Kheim Doryn, Senior Marketing Coordinator, APB

“Fun afternoon for all! And the winners were grinners!”

“It was well-coordinated and the program design was quite interesting”.
-Frank, Manager, Apple

-R.Swaminathan, Engineer, ASM

“Good Team Building.”
-Abdirahman, DSM, BATA

“Environment itself is great for fun..”
-Alvin, System Engineer, Bayer

“The activities give lots of fun and it helps to break the barrier between staff of different level and from two different section.”
-Tee Yam Pheng, SeniorManager ( Estate Management/T2), Changi Airport Group

“We all had fun during the Team Building exercise! Generally in day-to-day work life we all are cohesive in our own teams…But now in a geographically diverse virtual Team where we work, its important to collaborate at every possible point!! The Geo-caching Challenge! we had dealt with all that but with FUN…so the experience stays with us forever!! Thanks!”
-Anmol Rao, Consultant – CMA, Bayer

“All the activities are fun as well as provided a way for everyone to work as Team. The way the group is form on each activity also allowed us to have the opportunity to collaborate different people and gave a real meaning of Team Building. Thanks FOCUS Adventure!”
-Kenneth Neo, Senior Project Manager, BAYER

“My colleagues (Participants)were present, cooperative, and spontaneously participated in all of the activites. Its the people that make the whole experience pleasant.”
-Sharon Er, Project Management, BAYER

“Everyone having a good and fun time together” 
-Weiliang, Sys Engineer, Bayer

“The Facilitators were very articulate and engaging. Not a dull moment.”
-Karen Samson, Account Manager, BRENNTAG

“The activities were fun and interactive. The Geocaching Challenge! was a unique activity.”
-Muhd Helmy, Manager CIOC, Cisco

“Walking distance was just right and sufficient time to know the key sites within 3km radius from Equatorial Hotel.”
-Peter Ong, HD QMT, Cisco

“The Teamwork that brings success to our common goals.”
-Syed Noor, DY OC SDU, Cisco

“Excellent location!”
-Yap Tiem Yew, Director, Civil Service College

“Teamwork,Challenging, bonding, learning cooking of different dishes and Team effort!”
-Muhamat Jusli Bin Sardi, Senior Technician, CMA

“Lead Facilitator Alil and the Team had done a very FUN programme and memorable experience. Especially The Cooking Challenge!”
-Jasrinda (JAZZ), FOS, Costa Sand

“We had FUN while cooking..”
-Hanisah, HI/Guest Services Manager, Costa Sand

“Cooking as a Team. Enjoying the food together.”
-Madeleine Lim, FOM, Costa Sand

“Get to collaborate with fellow colleagues (who are not very familiar with one another in the first place because of geographical reasons) to accomplish a mission impossible (i.e. The RollerCoaster Challenge!). It was good fun and inspiring.”
-Joseph Ng, Senior Vice President, DBS

“Great Facilitators who are able to keep the attention and drive the Participants.”
-Lynn, SVP, DBS

“Plenty of time to rest and recover.”

“The activities organised with the theme of building Teamwork was one of the key area.”
-Michael Teh, Senior IT Consultant, IDA

“Team bonding”
-Shan Wong, Senior IT Consultant, IDA

“The GPS equipment should be tested regularly to ensure that information is updated and relevant.”
-Soh Poh Chew, IT Consultant, IDA

“Great and well done! We really had fun, and learnt from the programme arranged.”
-Joey Lo, QM Manager,Infineon

“Overall experience was great…”
-Mike Wong, VP, JP Morgan

“Lively interaction among Facilitators and Participants, fun and interesting activities made it a very enjoyable one day program! All Facilitators were very engaging and friendly, do keep it up guys!”
-Jenny Gui, HR Manager, Keppel

“Friendly staff.”
-Yong Chiang Soon, Project Manager, Keppel

“Get to know each other better and work and move as a Team.”
-Irene Kwek, Project Admin, Kulicke & Soffa

“The activity is very good for fun and Team Building.”
-Jimmy Jiang, Area Sales Manager, Lloyd

“Interaction with other Participants from other department”.
-Lam Lee Choy, SENO, LTA

“1) Able to see the fun side of a person. 2) Identified leadership role. 3) Got to know my colleague better.”
-Magdalene Goh, PA, MAS

“The Teamwork, photo session and activities.”
-Sindhu, Admin, MAS

“Facilitators took initiative to drive participants to hotel, dinner venue, back Vivocity, etc. Were friendly and approachable and tried to make everyones experience pleasant.”
-Corrine, Senior Executive, MinLaw

“The Facilitators are the keys to my pleasant experience as they are very effective, very motivating, able to communicate and engage all of us in the activities that made the program fun and successful.”
-Nicole, Senior Executive,TM registry, MinLaw

“The Facilitators were very helpful and gracious during their course of work. They were also accommodating and maintained a comfortable level of professionalism. I am very impressed with them.”
-Nursharini Arifin, Deputy Manager, MinLaw

“Excellent Facilitation and fun courses. Keep up the good work!”
-Samuel, Assistant Director, MinLaw

“I have been to several courses and FOCUS has the best Facilitators. They tried to relate the activities to our work, and yet are not overbearing. I love the element of fun in all the activities and the Facilitators who made my stay so enjoyable. The rain hardly dampened our mood thanks to John and Joey who brought umbrellas out for us in the rain. I’m also thankful for the photographers working in the background and taking all the unglam shots. These photos would be reminders of the fun that we had.”
-Teo Soo Yan, Senior Executive, MinLaw

“The Facilitators have great energy with welcoming and pleasant attitude. Noticed they had to overcome the challenge of bad weather and we appreciate the effort. This was a great opportunity to learn, interact and have fun with colleagues from other departments in MinLaw. Having this programme early on the induction programme should encourage us to bond and network. I’ve met the objective of making friends as a form of networking in the workplace and had awesome fun. But I wish it did not rain.”
-Zubaidah binte Sallehuddin, Senior Executive, MinLaw

“The outdoor activities widen my perspective of Team spirit.”
-Choo Ying Ying, Assistant Manager, MIZUHO

“Having activites outdoors was a refreshing change.”
-Cliffton Tay, AD/NEA, MTI

“We would like to thank you, Joey and your Team for organising a fun-filled Team Building programme for us. All of us enjoyed ourselves and we are still talking and laughing over it even though we have been back for a few days. We look forward to receiving the set of photos and video CD from you for another round of laughter.

As it was our first Team Building exercise, some of us were a little bit apprehensive at first as we did not know what to expect. However, everyone participated in all the activities and it turned out really well. Besides the fun element, the activities also incorporated the importance of Teamwork which was one of our FOCUS for this retreat.

The hand shaking warm up session was good. It livened up the atmosphere. Joey was able to set the right mood and got everyone participating in the Team Building activities. It was really good to see the whole company working hand-in-hand to complete one of the Team Building exercise (the 3 squares and 1 circle game).

Once again, thank you for a job well done!”
-Brenda Leong, Business Executive, MUN HEAN

“The activities organised were challenging and fun. Everyone enjoyed themselves.”
-Jessie Ang, Exe. Secretary, MUN HEAN

“ACTIVITIES WAS FUN and Very Adventurous..”
-Lina Llie, Sales Support, MUN HEAN

“Facilitators able to create and maintain the Team Building atmosphere. Well done!”
-Hor Wee Min, Operation Manager, NCS

“The friendliness of the Facilitator, the thought-provoking activities, and most of all, the Teams’ presence.”
-Tiong Poh Shien, Senior Consultant, NCS

“Meet new friends”

“Team spirit.”
-Anil Shahood, EHO VIII, NEA

-Hadijah Binte Abu Hasan, EHO, NEA

-Mutthiah Pillai Perumal, EHO, NEA

“The activities were fun and enjoyable and at the same time requires some quick thinking out-of-the-box (paradigm shift).”
-Kong Eng Chuan, Lab Technologist, NUS

“The place and the Facilitators.”
-Pallsamy, Operations associate, NUS

“Enjoy all the activities.”
-Poonkodhi, Staff, NUS

“The Facilitators are great. They are clear and consistent in their instructions.”
-Violet Teo, Manager, NUS

“It’s fun!”

-Wu YaJun, LT, NUS

“There was never a moment without fun in any of the activities “

“The Facilitators are nice and very professional.”
-Business Analyst,Schenker

-Staff, SHELL

“Great activity!”
-Nur Aminah, Staff, Shell

“KeyPunch energiser exercise…was great! “
-Fran Munoz, Staff, SKF

-Jacky, Staff, SKF

-“Staff are friendly – The High Elements which provide participants with opportunities to confront fears Team members encourage each other to complete the Challenge.”
-Choo Sau Mei, Prison Officer, SPS

“The Laser Combat Challenge! experience.”
-Christopher Sng, Prison Officer, SPS

“Fun and exciting activities.”
-Edmund Cheong, ICC Officer, SPS

“Keep up the good work. I enjoyed myself very much. Thank you.”
-Kelvin Koh, Personal Supervisor, SPS

“The venue was right and the Facilitators did great to jump-start the environment ~ good job!! Programs and activities complimented each other. Had a really great time! Thank You FOCUS!”
-Michael Ng, Security &Inspection Officer, SPS

“Teamwork vs Bonding – Enjoyable Adventure at FOCUS.”
-Muhammad Haeikal, Prison Officer, SPS

“The Laser Combat Challenge! is fun and highly interactive.”
-Mohamed Nurazimi, Staff, SPS

“The Facilitators are friendly and helpful. Special compliment Andre (main facilitator of that day), TK (high elements- friendly n patient), and not forgetting the great photographer, Fajri for the beautiful pictures:)”
-Serene Tan, Prison Officer, SPS

“Lots of fun and laughter!”
-Shah, PS, SPS

“The food is good!!!”
-Soh Chi Yiong, CW, SPS

“Well planned out activities. Its enjoyable and fun. Well done.”
-Goh Cheng Hsien, Staff, SUPREME COURT

“The Facilitator is very helpful and friendly.”
-Ryan, Asst Director, SUPREME COURT

“Both the indoor and outdoor activities are up to expectations:)”
-Toh Bee Chuan, Manager, SUPREME COURT

“Promoting Team-work and cooperation.”
-Yahya Abu Hassan, Head Interpreter, SUPREME COURT

“Activities were fresh and new. Not the usual Team Building activities which you are able to get it anywhere.”
-Teh Su Fern, Transactional Compliance Manager, Zimmer