“ On behalf of my staff, I would like to thank all of you for making this a memorable and fun experience for our teachers. What especially meaningful was how all the activities were tied in nicely to the objectives of the programme – teambuilding to ensure organisational excellence. We look forward to similar future collaborations with you ”
– Sheela Ostlund, School Staff Developer, Ministry of Education Language Centre

“The Facilitators are good especially Sasi. He is really fantastic.”
– Eliane Yeow, School Administrator, Singapore Management University

“Resilience and thinking out of the box.”
– Ray Aziz, Opera Estate Primary School

“Great programme for newbies like us to get to know colleagues. But looks like the more senior folks were not there – giving the impression that its a more young people gathering. Good FUN nevertheless! Thank YOU, FOCUS TEAM!”
– Soo Chai Chew, Career Advisor, Singapore Management University

“I have gained some experiences on that day.”
– Ganiah binte Ahmad, Opera Estate Primary School

“We have got good opportunity to bond with our colleagues.”
– Shameema, Opera Estate Primary School

“Fun and interesting activities which met the objectives.”
– Tasyrif Bin Omar, Teacher, Opera Estate Primary School

“The inference of the programme to working environment.”
– Shan, Singapore Management University

“Identifying Leadership and discovering talents through the programme.”
– Ong Seow Peng, Vice Principal, Opera Estate Primary School

“Friendly, helpful and humorous Facilitators and TEAM made the programme very enjoyable.”
– Shelly Li, Assistant Director, Singapore Management University

“Spending time with family, able to be in the outdoors.”
– Bernadette, Chinese Development Assistance Council

“The Facilitators were professional and the activities were fun for us. It was a great day to be away from work. The GeoCatching Challenge! was interesting with technology used with the GPS.”
– Jasmine Tan, Assistant Manager, Singapore Management University

“The Facilitators are able to guide participants by providIng clear instructions in the beginning and also explanation of the objective at the end of each activity. Well done.”
– Theresa Lim, Assistant Manager, Singapore Management University

“Getting to know other members of the PACE family better.”
– Michelle Neo, Business Development Manager, Singapore Polytechnic

“The Facilitators are very well trained and are able to bring up the atmosphere and help us to relate back to some things at work.”
– Jean Chew, Assistant Manager, Singapore Management University

“The humor made the whole experience very enjoyable, the knowledge more digestible and stays better in the memory. Thank you TEAM, the experience has been great!”
– Bency Chua, Senior Manager, Singapore Management University

“Facilitators were able to debrief and provide a glimpse of what the activity is about, which was a good takeaway and closure.”
– Edwin Chng, Manager, Singapore Management University

“On behalf of Shell Woodlands TEAM, thanks to TEAM FA for hosting the programme well. Also please convey our thanks to Jeff who set the atmosphere for the programme.”
– Sam Govin, Lubes Production Manager, Shell Eastern Petroleum Pte Ltd

“Fantastic Venue (Sentosa) and Great Equipment (GPS Finder)”
– Eugene, Assistant Director, Singapore Management University

“Facilitators were able to conduct the programme with much humour. The regular random groupings were very much effective in breaking down the walls between participants. After each activity, there was always a sum up of how the activity relate back to work that I find very meaningful. Lots of laughter, I really enjoyed this day  ”
– Geraldine Quek, Executive, Singapore Management University

“The Facilitator (Jeff) was fantastic! This seriously was the BEST teambuilding programme I have been apart of. Thank you.”
– Yolanda Mallouhi, Edwards Lifesciences (Asia) Pte Ltd

“Facilitator was enthusiastic made the activity lively fun, was able to debrief well on the activities.”
– Malcolm Dsouza, Human Resource, Edwards Lifesciences (Asia) Pte Ltd

“Seeing how my colleagues brain storm and clear the obstacles.”
– Sabrina Chong, Senior Operator, Matrix Bharat Pte Ltd

“Jeff had been a great Facilitator! Very well received by the TEAM. The other Facilitators such as Loh Biao and the photographer were also very friendly and motivating. Will highly recommend the teambuilding activities that FOCUS Adventure have to offer to others. Great Job! And a big thank you for making it such a success!”
– Jarrel Ong, Senior Specialist, Edwards Lifesciences (Asia) Pte Ltd  

“It is my first time having teambuilding. I find The Incredible Race! fun though super tiring after that.”
– Roselind Tan, Office Manager, Teledirect Pte Ltd

“It was quite a good experience. The number punching activity was very nice.”
– Sameer, Daimler South East Asia Pte Ltd

“This is my first time having teambuilding and I must say I had fun though is very tiring… thanks much for the knowledge.”
– Roselind Tan, Office Manager, Teledirect Pte Ltd  

“I have always enjoyed my teambuilding experience with FOCUS Adventure. Looking forward to having it with them again for next year.”
– Saedah, Manager, Singapore Polytechnic 

“The programme was conducted in light-hearted manner and it makes it easier for participants to absorb the learning points. I think the programme is very relevant to our work environment.”
– Yanice, Daimler South East Asia Pte Ltd

“Seeing a different side of my colleagues. At work, they are always very serious and discipline. But through this programme, I see an adorable and fun side of them. This is something which holds the deepest meaning to me.”
– Jing Wen, Sumitomo Electric Automotive Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“The activities are really fun and it makes everyone laugh and have a good bonding time. It is a really pleasure experience.”
– Teo Kia Hui, Sumitomo Electric Automotive Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“Required all team players to have better communication, coordination and built better bonding with one another.”
– Neo Hui Jing, Senior Executive, Sumitomo Electric Automotive Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd

“Just want to convey our thanks to a great programme. The facilitation, venue and organisation of the programme was better than our expectation.”
– Li, MCC Transport

“Facilitators did a fantastic job. Only feedback would be to have more outdoor activities. ”
– Abraham Ponniah, Assistant Director, MTI

“Team Challenge Pyramid creating good relationship with colleagues.”
– Lea, vet nurse, The Animal Doctors

“Unity and cooperation among teachers to come up with their master piece in completing the project and also the out of work environment.”
– Masturah Salleh, Ministry of Education Language Centre

“You guys have been very professional and we all gain valuable insights and had an awesome time with the activities and brainstorming session. Will certainly be in touch for future activities of such.”
– Nabil Mattar, Trading Strategist, IG Group

“Clear instructions received. Facilitator set the right mood.”
– Radiyah Ahmad, Service Control Manager, Aardwolf Pestkare (S) Pte Ltd

“Reminder from Facilitators to keep ourselves hydrated.”
– Paige, Senior Executive, Singapore General Hospital

“The activity that left the most impact was the one where we passed the ball around. As it brought as through a lot thought-process and human behaviours which as relevant to work.”
– Vincent Natasha, The Animal Doctors

“Being able to work with people that I would have otherwise little chances to work with.”
– Chua Puay Puay, Teacher, Ministry of Education Language Centre

“Energizers were good way to engage and warm up. Activities, though supposedly Low Elements, were actually more difficult than expected.”
– Lydia Ching, Business Development Manager, Matrix Bharat Pte Ltd

“The opportunity to get to know one another better and to enjoy some laughs.”
– Dayhim Djazeb, General Education Officer, Ministry of Education Language Centre

“All activities are fun and very entertaining.”
– Marlina Hamdan, Teacher, Ministry of Education Language Centre

“Wonderful organisation. Loved the fact that each activity was followed by a discussion of learning objectives. This made the experience fun and educational. Good job!”
– Sheela Ostlund, School Staff Developer, Ministry of Education Language Centre

“Working with other members as a TEAM towards a common goal. There was a good combination of play and work.”
– Tan Hua Moy, Teacher, Ministry of Education Language Centre

“The Facilitator was humorous, the programme was well planned and the planning TEAM did a great job of putting together a customised programme very relevant to our needs. Well done!”
– Samuel Wight, Education Officer, Ministry of Education Language Centre

“The surprise element during the transition from an activity to another is fun!”
– Faiezah, Teacher, Ministry of Education Language Centre

“I feel want to back again for this programme. I am really enjoyed in outdoor activities…”
– Balan A/L Andy, Marina Mandarin Singapore

“Facilitators were warm, funny and cheerful. Managed to build all our spirits up. The re-cap video at the end was a fantastic closing for the programme.”
– Alia, HSE Executive, Thales Solutions Asia Pte Lt