I learned: strategies plan ahead before the activties start is important for success.
-Carmen Chin, DBS

I enjoy the activities.
-Michael, Dell

Getting to know our colleagues better.
-TK Wong, Dell

Interacting with my work colleagues outside the working environment.
-John Philip Loring, FICO

The course helps us to experience the ideas we have firsthand. The Facilitator is humorous and movtivated us well.
-Richard, Fico

The high elements challenges were awesome! If only there is more time to try the rest of the challenges.
-Fazlin, First Campus

The team bonding activity is good.
-Hee Onn Nah, First Campus

First time experiencing such outdoor activities. Fear in my mind is something can be overcome with Team support; happy that I was able to complete the given task.
-Jennifer Tan, First Campus

The content was relevant and practical in our jobscope.
-Masliah Bte Abdul Rahman, First Campus

All the Facilitators made sure we had fun. 
-Tengku Fadhlina, First Campus

The facilitators kept the participants engaged in the activities
-Zahidah, First Campus

Key areas – The warm welcome by the Facilitators. The clear explanation of the steps. The location of Team Building.
-First Campus

Preparation for the event or warm up was absolutely awesome! It got us pumped up. The Key learnings session were equally brilliant
-Paul Abraham, HP

Very good program. Would certainly recommend it.

I had so much fun. Full of surprises and excitement. Great job FOCUS! Thank you so much!

It’s really a fanstatic experience. It is too enjoyable and meaningful in targeting Teamwork most successully. Thank you!
-Sharon Tan Chay Huang, IMH

A good generally Facilitating exercise that promotes interaction. Well done.
-Andy Hor, IMRE

The Rollercoaster Challenge was a well thought out theme!!
-Chua Chee Tee, IMRE

I like the mousetrap activity as it made everyone trust in their partners.
-Koh Chii Boon, IMRE

Fun and effective activities.
-Maureen, IMRE

The course was enjoyable, as the Facilitiator was not lecturing the subjects to us, but showing them to us via the activities and actual examples, which were fun and long lasting in memories.
-May Tan, IMRE

Facilitators did a great job in ensuring the activities were run smoothly.
-Moh Chuan Hui Lionel, IMRE

Outdoor activities ares interesting and adventurous.
-Ang Siew Mui, LTA

At the end of the day, FOCUS Adventure was able to cap the points via interesting video recorded throughout the entire trip.
-Ang Wan Theng, LTA

James was an excellent Facilitator. He was able to engage the group largely and made the entire Team Building experience an unforgettable and memorable one.
-Angeline Lee, LTA

The giant feet activtity let us experience how important for us to co-ordinate Teamwork.
-Ang Soon Lee, LTA

Bonding and fun activities.
-Audrey Chay, LTA

It was a good day. Enjoyable.
-Fauzi, LTA

Able to work in Team Building and make more friend from another division
-Florence Soh, LTA

The Washing Machine was a good activity because it really taught us that we must have the Trust in our colleagues and we just relax our body by falling off and allowing them to pass one to another when we close our eyes.
-Gena Tan, LTA

Activities were not too strenuous, and the objectives were clear.
-Geneve Tan, LTA

It was really fun and I enjoyed playing all the activities. I’m really looking forward for the next Team Building session however, I prefer it to be an outdoor activity the whole day.
-Hairani Bte Sidek, LTA

Fun, Teamwork and spirit!
-Irene Cheah, LTA

The programmes were refreshing and unpredictable, e.g. in The Rollercoaster Challenge! we had not expected to combine with other Teams for the final presentation.
-Lee Heng Lin, LTA

The outdoor activities were quite fun.
-Lim Poh Siew, LTA

The Cooking Challenge! and The Rollercoaster Challenge! were good. The lunch and tea breaks were nice too.
-Loh Kok Fah, LTA

FUN, CO-OPERATION, Work as a Team, discussion, Care and concern, confidence, sharing and caring.
-Lok Bee Lai, LTA

To perform as an effective team is emphasized here. But debrief of the activities are not so clear.
-Marcus, LTA

Teamwork and trust.
-Rini, LTA

Good Facilitators. Interative atmosphere. Interesting group activities.
-Tang Jeck Ling, LTA

The games organised for us is very fun and really effective in involving everyone to join in the games. Our facilitators are very kind when leading us throughout the games.
-Teo Bee Hoon, LTA

Interactions with other Tteammembers and colleagues.
-Yvonne, LTA

Great job. We have enjoyed ourselves!
-William, LTA

Effective Facilitator.

The activities are fun.

Teamwork, enjoyable and was able to get to know colleagues residing in different office.


Overall, the team building programme were enjoyable and fun.
-Ee Siew Fong, LTA (SAI)

I didn’t know rafting can actually be so fun. Enjoyed myself. Thank you FOCUS.
-Goh Sok Eng, LTA (SAI)

Trust, teamwork, listen and clear communication
-Roger Lim Buk Guan, LTA (SAI)

We had Fun, Thank you!
-Boone, Merck

Great job, FOCUS! Most special thanks to our facilitators for making our team building activities a success. Cheers!
-Tricia Tambong, Merck Serono

I liked the Energizer in which we massage our colleagues as it served as the ice-breaker before the Team Building activities started. The activities really helped us to improve our communication with fellow colleagues, and I felt we have made stronger bonds with each other.
-Analyn Elpedes Hernandez, NUHS

Able to do Teamwork as there is no designation i.e. everybody is on the same level on that day and that makes it fun and enjoyable.
-Ma Lourdes, NUHS

I enjoy the activities in The Team Building Challenge!
-Munesy, NUHS

The Team Building Challenge! was fun and interesting
-Nurjan, NUHS

Good Teamwork and Facilitator.
-Redzuan, NUHS

Everything is just FANTASTIC!!! What can I say????
-Salmiah, NUHS

Fun and great Teamwork!
-Soh Ai Lin Alina, NUHS

With this experience, I got to know my colleagues much better than just working with them throughout these years. Thanks to the FOCUS Team who made this a meaningful experience

Encouragement, Teamwork
-Aishwarya .S, NUS

The Facilitator is able to react fast to situations
-Christine Hu, NUS

Exciting and fun.
-Hou Yanyan, NUS

The Team Building Challenge! is very inspiring and encouraging.
-Liang Junxin, NUS

Very nice outdoor experience.
-Margaret Oh Soh Hoon, NUS

The Team Building events were interesting!
-Natascha, NUS

Fun and challenging!
-Veen Senn, NUS

The sat nav was good, but it puts alot of pressure on one person. Should teach a couple in each group, so can share it around.
-Chad Evans, RGS

Fun and interesting.
-Helen Tee, RGS

The Incredible Race! activity was not too strenous and was manageable for everyone.
-Hui Jing Hua, RGS

Friendliness and enthusiasm of the Facilitators
-Shaun De Souza, RGS

Great opportunities to work with staff from other departments. Activities allowed for good Teamwork

Nice variety of activities, puzzles, and challenges

Engaging and well planned

Vidoe sharing session was something new!
-Ammaiappan, Roche

Bonding and Teamwork.
-Charles Richard Sng, Roche

Teamwork and understand who you are and how we can work in a team.
-Hamli, Roche

After a long day of business briefings and brainstorming sessions, team was tired, however, facilitator successfully managed to engage everyones attention and revitalized the team for the event through ice-breakers and humor.
-KPP Prasad, Roche

The activity to show Teamwork!

Building teamwork
-Vinson Lee, Roche

The activities are engaging and interactive. Debriefing is relevant and allows sufficient self reflection
-Carol Ng, Starhub

The activities made the learning more impactful.
-Cho Poh Pheng, Starhub

The Facilitators are very engaging throughout the activities; they are professional and effective in conducting the whole session. Very fun too!
-Alice Yang, UOB

As for myself, Im rather a anti-social person, I hardly approach to talk to anyone unless he/she takes the first step. But somehow, I tried to be opened up and be the first to do so this time round, so yay!
-Dawn, UOB

Fun and enjoyable group activities. We were able to interact more with fellow colleagues and achiveing Team Building as a team
-Doreen Zhuo, UOB

The program was enjoyable and we feel totally relaxed.
-Elaine Lim, UOB

The entire event was extremely fun 
-Fernandez Florence Francine, UOB

We were forced to really interact with one another.
-Gerhardine Foo, UOB

The Team Building Challenge! was a wonderful experience!
-Hariet, UOB

I think the time allocation was quite tight or insufficent but the over-all concept was great!
-Hermy, UOB

The activities played were all a pleasant experience for me
-Jasper Sanidad, UOB

Luge ride and interesting Teambonding games.
-Leow Lay Sing, UOB

Entertaining and challenging..
-Mark Anthony A. Uy, UOB

The emphasis on objective of the course, having fun and good learning experience.
-Radyatunisah Abdul Rahman, UOB

They made us like celebrities all day hehe
-Sienna Honorio, UOB

The closing presentation!
-Teng Kuan Siong, UOB

Teamwork, ideas and suggestion
-Teo Poh Chuan, UOB

The Facilitators are friendly, everyone was participating.
-Wang Chen Chung, UOB

We all had fun!

Shan and his Team did awesomely in facilitating the Team Building. We experienced an incredible level of trust, energy, bonding, tears, connecting and commitment. I remember my honest conversation during our first meeting and the issues we face as a Team and what our GMO wanted to achieve. FOCUS came through with it and delivered so much more. Shan was so buckmanized – we felt he was one of us. We were 100% fully engaged. FOCUS rocks!
-Ariane, Buckman

Knowledge sharing, knowing each other better and demonstrating trust level among peers. Everything is possible if we have the CAN DO attitude in us.
-Jenny Choo, Buckman

Facilitators and FOCUS Team were supportive in helping put the programme together.
-Suzanna Teh, DW

Activities encouraged RD, or rather small detours to discover more creative methods to achieve objectives.
-Cher Yi Song, EMA

The activities were organized.
-Jacintha, EMA

I was impressed that the Facilitator did some background research on our organization before the course, and was able to relate it to our core values.
-Siu Hang, EMA

We had really great fun bonding and the Facilitator were considerate to bring a bottle of sun block spray for us. =)
-Vivien Ho, Equinix

Activities planned were well suited to the group
-Grace, Exxonmobil

The singing together and simple activities which are adequate to create the togetherness.
-Lin, Exxonmobil

The activity to form square using rope was fun.
-Premkumar, Exxonmobil

Facilities were well maintained.
-Andy Chanco, Fiserv

It was a good fun day out of work and the activities are good pointers to working together.
-Catherine Lim, Fiserv

Good Job!
-Raji, Fiserv

At first the group was shy and exhibiting low energy but the Facilitator was able to get everyone going in a short span of time, as we only had about 3 hours for the activity. For me, this was key to making it successful.
-Ginger So, Fonterra

Job well done.
-Benny Lim, Halcon Primo Logistic

The field activities where I experience balancing myself with the aid of the harness moving across one single trunk from one end to the other.
-Christina Tham, Halcon Primo Logistic

Climbing up the pole!
-Jong Yem Chun, Halcon Primo Logistic

Everybody has to play a role in each program.
-khaing myo yin, Halcon Primo Logistic

I like video right after we have done the activity
-Rizal Andytama, Halcon Primo Logistic

We got to know our colleagues better!
-Vincent Lee Chan Chun, Halcon Primo Logistic

The Facilitators are very friendly, and willingly to give some advice certain area that I am not sure.
-Halcon Primo Logistic

Good Teambonding.
-Mark Lim, Markem-Imaje

I know it is the hotel’s decision to have a half day Team Building with FOCUS but I just feel that a Full day event will be more fulfilling! My second Team Building with you and I simply enjoy the whole process with learning and having fun at the same time!
-Gooi Chia Yee, Marriott

Overall interaction with the participants and energy level of Facilitators were great. Thank You.
-Naresh Kapoor, Marriott

Energizing and Fun along the way!
-Rachel Chung, Marriott

The video show, the environment (getting away from the city), a time to bond with fellow associates.
-Wendy Teo, Marriott

The warm-up Activities were very interactive and refreshing!
-Audrey, Mettler

The activities…Yeah man…
-Siew Chin Koon, Mettler

We learned yet it was fun. I really enjoyed myself!

The way the Faciltor conduct the course.
-Calvin Lee, MPA

Although it is just a one day programme (which I think its too short), the programme was fun and memorable. We, the participant start off as a stranger to one another but end up being close to each other.
-Hairul Hafis Bin Mohamed, MPA

Everything is important and pleasant.. Keep it up!!
-Muhammad Taufiq, MPA

I like The Team Building Challenge! so much. We had so much fun .It should have camping there for Team Building. Alot sweet memories I bring back and always make me smile when i recall back.
-Sani, MPA

Determination,commitment and satisfaction.
-Tng Poh Chye, REC

The Facilitators are very much appreciated for their dedication to what they do.
-Joel Galang, Sanofi Aventis

The Facilitator is experienced and fun!
-Sanofi Aventis

Have the chance to know each other better no matter what position,gender,race and age.
-Affandy, Smartag

The Enegizer activities are fun. Video and photos are great!!
-Lee Be Yong, Smartag

The ice breaking Energizerss to kick off the event and video presentation to end the whole day event was great! Thank you FOCUS team for the wonderful time. You guys are indeed professional!! :)
-Marie Ong, Smartag

All the challenges are very creative and in fact giving us a very good experience to let us apply thinking and change of mindset, as well as understanding the importance of Teamwork.
-Ng Boon Seng, Smartag

Sharing and trusting.
-Niza, Smartag

Good pace, Facilitator was able to keep the energy of participant up
-Wong Chee Howe, ST Aerospace

Teamwork, communication!
-Anne Seet, Wingtai

Getting to know more people and have fun together.
-Lee Wan Ting, Wingtai

(1) Met some new colleagues, enable easier relationship building in future (2) Giving encouragement to one another during low periods -eg when our dominos collapsed (3) Having fun while working on mini projects
-Chua Sau Ling, Wingtai