I had a great day to all point of view. Im so happy to see a company with a so professional way of life.
-Cornaille, Staff, Air France

At first, doing interesting activity then you show me why we did this activity and then we share about the value we found out through activity.
-Hana Yoo, Staff, Air France

-Lydie, Staff, Air France

I learnt that to meet the goal in the limited time and budget, Teamwork is really important.
-Saori, Staff, Air France

Thank you for a great day, we thoroughly enjoyed it! Brilliant, job well done!
-Anthony Rasera, Regional HR Manager, Atradius

The programme was very good and all of us enjoyed ourselves very much and have benefitted from it.
-Ayres, Staff, Bao Zhong Tang TCM Centre

The Facilitator was able to engage everyone.
-Foon Yin, Assistant Physician, Bao Zhong Tang TCM Centre

Understanding and patient Facilitators, able to meet the needs of our group members.
-Lim Sock Ling, Asst. Physician, Bao Zhong Tang TCM Centre

Ideal place for outdoors activities.

1.Enable us to meet and interact with Top Management and all All Staff Levels by means of participating and sharing our experiences,and Team Building efforts. 2.Expose us with new exciting adventures and fun.
-Goh Seng Poh, Manpower Support Officer, Civica

Creating and having fun from the activities and a break from normal day to day stressful responsibilities. And through the exercises, impacting to the staff the understanding of inter-related dependence and the effects of ones responsibilities to one another.
-Joseph Thio, Controller, Bayer

Fun activities, Good food.
-Jennifer Lee, Cataloguer, Civica

The venue, the programme and the people.
-Nur Alia Dalilah, Admin Assistant, Civica

Fun, positive energy, inclusine of all participants.
-Pauline, Library Consultant, Civica

Good Team Building event, brings back some energy and motivation.
-Juergen, Staff, DAIMLER

Introducing the different environment culture to the particpants.
-Norlida Shariff, General Manager – HRD, DAIMLER

Everyone was friendly and helpful. Very sporting!
-Alice Thong, Assistant Treasurer, DnB

The Geocatching event was great, we had a balance of really Team building (working) and relaxing at the massage station and then for a fun ride in the Luge, thats really fun ! thank you guys, great job !
-Doris Chia, Administration, DnB

Dear Gladys and Andre,

We would like to thank you for a wonderful Team Building experience with FOCUS Adventure.

Gladys, you were amazing with helping us coordinate the preparation, the timing and rates, and also showing us around your campsite and facilities.
Your professionalism and smile made us comfortable with what we saw and liked.

Andre, you and your Team (Alok and Ketut) were an absolute ball of fun and joy! It was smooth throughout with great transitions from building up the team spirits, to wet weather activities (so as not to let the bad weather conditions dampen our mood).

We were all very impressed with the videos, the photos and the overall experience which blew us away. We are all very excited to receive them soon!

-Kristine Kesavan, Financial Analyst, , ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Team collaboration during the Raft building.
-Catherine Solano-Pilueta, Recruitment Executive, GEMALTO

Well organised for participant to FOCUS on learning. Activity is very suitable for the traning objective.
-Go Tick Seong, Senior Section Manager, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

Awesome TEAM SPIRIT Breakthrough Discovery..
-Teng Siew Wei, Staff, HP

The Facilitator is able to catch our attention all the time.
-Jacquelyn, Lab Officer, HSA

The course was fun and engaging and at the same time brought the message of Team building across. Though it was more of participation, there was many laughter shared and friendships bonded. Truly an engaging experience. Thanks guys!!!
-Khairunnsia Muhd, Regulatory Inspector, HSA

Teamwork will make stronger company.
-Rodrigo Gadiano, BPA, HSA

The Facilitators and FOCUS staff are good, friendly and helpful. Very nice environment. Very enjoyable and fun activities being organised. All the activities are not stressful and the talk is very useful.
-Hamsiah Yunani, Executive, IDA

Energetic and positive Facilitators.
-Lim Zhen Qin, Assistant Manager,IDA

It was fun!
-Jerry OSullivan, Senior CM, Lend Lease Asia

All the activities we participated are very exciting!


Although in 4 groups,only one same mission….to work together to build a raft to save 4 persons at one time.
Lim Wee Hoon, SENO, LTA

The activities were fun!
-Low Kim Lian, SENO, LTA

The ice breaking session where I found out my new colleagues playful-fun side =)
-Jennifer Tan, Personal Assistant, LTA

There are no hierachy, everyone is equal with same objective to have fun and take back some useful learning experience.
-Rosni, Executive Service Officeer, LTA

Got to learn to paddle the right way!!!
-Suryana Abd Rahman, HR Assistant, LTA

The Facilitors were fun and energetic.
-Dana Cameron, Audit Manager, Mazars

The venue and the Facilitator was brilliant!
-Faye Thompson, Marketing, Mazars

The challenges were fun and the video too!
-Yasin, Audit Assistant, Mazars

I can see that all staff are participating actively and we are having fun.
-Tsai Yen Min, Manager, Mediatek

Great Teamwork.
-Euan Lloyd, Lawyer, Meinhardt

All the activities are fun and effective.
-Catherine Gregorio, Medical Technologist, National healthcare

A time of meeting up together for the whole organisation.
-Cecilia Yeo, PSA, National healthcare

Very creative and fun. Had an enjoyable day with friends and colleaques as we do not work in the same area/division.
-Hajjah Aminah Bte Nai, Senior Staff Nurse, National healthcare

Mixing around of people.
-Lim Han Huei, Medical technician, National healthcare

All the challenges are very good for us.. as a Team that developed even more.
-Mary Ann Cabico, Medical Technologist, National healthcare

Energy and enthusiam of the Facilitators definitely changed our mindset and perception of the activities.
-Noor Aqilah Bte Abdul Malik, Patient Service Associate, National healthcare

Facilitators were friendly and helpful, definitely made this an enjoying one.
-Nur Hartini Ratiman, Patient Service Associate, National healthcare

The activities were meaningful. Nothing is impossible to achieve in the targeted time.We have fun with different department.Really have fun and good time!
-Rohana Binte Tambi, Med Technologist, National healthcare

Good Facilitator and training programme. Super enjoyable!!
-Sharine Lim, Medical Technologist, National healthcare

All the Facilitators were friendly and made the day a memorable one…..Kudoos to the Team:)
-Shobhana J Gandhi, Med Tech I/C, National healthcare

Thanks for planning and organizing the event. There were all good feedbacks about FOCUS Adventure and we will definitely get in touch again for future events!
-Lam Lijuan Sara, Senior Operations Executive, Operations, National Healthcare Group Diagnostics

Activities well paced out, Facilator able to present well.

The cooking experience!
-Cheng Fook Choy, Lab Support Expert, NESTLE

The activity is fun and very enlightening.
-Choy Yin Leng, Chemist, NESTLE

The ice breaking activity was fun and interesting. It did bring our whole department together.
-Dawn Lim, PSA, NUHS

Participation among the Team members..
-Michelle Mercado, Staff Nurse, NUHS

Thank you.

The Facilitaors were articulate and personable. They lightened up the atmosphere and providing encouraging words, which made the sessions enjoyable.
-A/Prof Chui Wai Keung, Deputy Head, NUS

Had fun with colleagues that seldom interact with, and good laugh at colleagues and own antics :p
-Diana, MAO, NUS

The relax environment and the friendly Participants.
-Helene, Manager, NUS

Enjoyable activity.
-Johannes, Staff, NUS

We’ve learnt to know each other’s weaknesses and strengths and most importantly working as a Team. Great job, FOCUS Adventure for the great programme. Cheers!
-Juliana, MAO, NUS

Reliving our silly action from the Video.
-Kenneth, LT, NUS

The video!
-Li Xingwen, NUS

Teamwork and co-operation.
-Lim Soh Keow, MAO, NUS

Teamwork is important to bring a success for company.
-Lye Pey Pey, Lab Technologist, NUS

The fun team of Facilitators as well as the activities lined up for us.
-Liza Mohamad, Mgt Asst officer, NUS

Interact with fellow colleagues whom we dont get to see often.
-Norwati, MAO, NUS

Good Facilitators and relevant activities. Would have preferred more outdoor to indoor activities.
-Priscilla How, Asst Professor, NUS

Fun learning experience which is different from our daily routine working life.
-Sai Mee Chin, Laboratory Officer, NUS

It was quite fun, especially the balancing act!
-Sek Eng, Staff, NUS

We were able to interact and play with our colleagues outside the office working environment.
-Yap Siew Choo, Manager, NUS

(1) Group problem solving process (2) Fun element of the process dynamics
-Teo Seow Miang, Laboratory Technologist, NUS

The location and weather were superb, the activities were fun and meaningful, the food was lovely and the Facilitators were great, well done FOCUS!
-Trevor Inglis, Staff, Rio Tinto

The activities and excerises that we engaged before the actual challenge in USS are enjoyable and very meaningful.
-Valerie Ng, Executive Secretary, Rio Tinto

Outdoor activities outside of the work environment
-Valda Tsang, MS, Rio Tinto

Very good activities and created good opportunity for our staff to know each other well.
-Chan Teng Mun, Director, Global Category & Sourcing Management, Parexel

-Saharizat, SSG, Police Coast Guard

My colleagues and I enjoyed the loose change activity very much. We had great fun. Thanks.
-Tan Lay Khim, Assistant Manager, Prudential

– G Santa Kumari, Assistant Administrative Executive, Singtel

The activities made everyone of us get closer to each other. We had fun and great Teamwork.
-Jessie, IT Analyst, Singtel

The pace was just right (also cater to the elder) so all of us can join the activities.
-Masilah, Assistant Engineer, Singtel

Building the Roller-Coaster!
-Kwek Sing Ngiap, Senior Computer Operator, SingTel

I’ve enjoyed myself totally throughout the day, especially during the indoor mini activities! Thank you for what you have planned for us.
-Ng Pei Wen, IT Analyst, Singtel

Geocaching is fun and interesting!
-Tan Joo Li, Scheduker, Singtel

-Zachary, IT Analyst, Singtel

Team Participation.
-Sony Ericsson

A very strong Team Building organizer. I have no worries and no regrets in choosing FOCUS Adventure to be our Facilitator for our corporate Team Building.
-Carol Lim, Strategic Buyer, Sony Ericsson

To have the activities in Sentosa instead of main land is really refreshing. :-)
– Ong Ku Soon, Engineer, Sony Ericsson

Get to know more colleagues during this Team building and build up good relationship through this event.
-ST Electronics

The environment!
-Magdalene Tan, Assistant Manager, ST

Outdoor activities and Facilitors and Participants interaction!
-Kuah Kah Eng, Manager, ST Electronics

It has been an excellent experience. Thanks!
-Edric Ong, Assistant Engineer, ST Electronics

Thanks so much for your Team of Facilitators to lead us in the Team building challenge. We do enjoy it very much and have still been talking about it.

Do keep in touch and looking forward to have more experiences with FOCUS adventure in the future.
-Kah Eng, Staff, ST Electronics

Translate activities to everyday work and make participants see relevance.
-Leslie Tan, Assistant PE, ST Electronics

Teamwork within the activities.
-Tan Yan Ee Andy, SDD, ST Electronics

Atmosphere !
-Joel, Sales, Stinis

Teamwork ,cooperation among the member ,fun.
-Amanda Koh, Supervisor, TANGS

Great Teamwork with your Team members that make us having a great experience.
-Azizah Ali, Merchandiser, TANGS

The venue is perfect for such activities, I really enjoyed.
-Josephine, Executive, TANGS

I’ve so much fun with my colleagues.It bonds us much better.
-Juraina Jamri, Cashier, TANGS

Team bonding, leadership, Teamwork!
-Ma Keng Ho, IT Executive, TANGS

Fun, interaction with fellow colleagues and strong bonding during the activities.
-Mohamad Izwan, Retail Assistant 1, TANGS

-Peter Loh, Assistant Retail Manager, TANGS

I really enjoyed myself for this course and i get to know more of my colleagues well.. It a good interacting programme.. Thank you FOCUS..
-Salamah Al-Ameenah, Staff, TANGS

The Challenge!
-Wil Andrew, Staff, TANGS

FOCUS Adventure was able to organise the activities to accomodate both the adults and children and made the family day event a success.
-Hanisah, Corporate Secretary, TAO TRUST

Firstly, it was good to have it in an enclosed area where everyone could bond in air-con comfort. Secondly, it is ideal for crowd control. The big screens are great for dissemination of information. The Facilitator was really in full control and lively. I enjoyed the togetherness feel. Thank you.

One of the Facilitators shared his experience about how other company performs and react to the activities n makes us feel excited n looking forward towards the activities.
-Benedict Chua, CLASS II Officer, UOB

While having fun getting, result could be achieve as long as people work as a Team.
-Evelyn, Manager, UOB

Everyone lets their hair down and interact freely.
-Iris Yau, AVP, UOB

Great Teamwork, especially during the Cooking Challenge.
-Ng Mei Leng Frances, Manager, UOB

We get to know staffs from other department and work together in a team to do the assignment given.
-Nordeanah Mohamad, SGC,UOB

Teamwork,bonding and coordination to complete the challenge given.
-Nur Hamidy Bin Hamid, CLASS II Officer, UOB

Strong participation from everyone.
-Shu min, Business Director, UOB.

-Tan Mei Ling, AVP, UOB

-Ting Nien Hong Stella, FVP, UOB

The activities were fun and the facilitator was able to interest participants to get involved. The video clip captured some of the interesting snapshots that refreshed participants memories of the event.
-Zulkifli, Zone Coordinator, Civica