“ Thank you for a fantastic time at our Team building event on 23 Nov 2012. The activities were incredibly challenging and really provided an opportunity for us to think on our feet and work together! It was really an excellent experience that some of us are still raving about it today!

Once again, thank you for taking the time to be a part of this meaningful School event. Enjoy the photos (everyone was so funny and kept the event upbeat all day) and I hope you will keep good memories of that day! ”
-Phyllis Kum, NUS Business School

The key factor was fun, It was a very pleasant experience for me. The Facilitator really knows how to make us laugh throughout the course.
-Muhammad Rafiq Bin Yazid, SPEAR Operator, SPS

The location just allow us to forget about work, the time together is much that we look out for and the fun we have seeing each other doing funny stuffs together and have it in video is what we laugh it out. That sums up our pleasant experience.

Team Building : It is fun with full of laughs. Especially everyone start to talk how good their souvenir is. LOL

-Lim Yong Peng , AVP, NATSTEEL

I really enjoyed the Angry Bird Challenge as well as the Roller Coaster Challenge. These large scale challenges gave the Teams an objective to work towards and the end result (whether success or failure) gave us a great sense of achievement/satisfaction.
-Sylvia Fong, Senior Executive, NUHS

The activities were fun but educational.
-Criselda Villegas, ACRM, GSK

Personally, I like the blindfold and the 5cents/ 10cents games. Most importantly, the Facilitators were helpful, encouraging and fun.
-Lily, Cust Svc Exect, ST Electronic

The programme itself was just right as it allows the mixture of old and the young ones to actually collaborate and participate actively. If i were to have a programme, i will definitely take up this. I wish there is a kayaking activity.

Well thought out programme and great facilitator!

1 of the games are the 5 cent 10 cent coins, thats an effective game for ice-breaking.
-Esther, Admin executive, ST Electronic

Interaction of staff/Out-of-work environment/Fun activities
-Christina Lee, Residence Manager, Far East

All the Facilitators were great and helpful.
-Liu Po Tong, CNB

Facilitator was relaxed, patient and humorous. Learning points were meaningful and straight to the point.
-Madeline Chua, VP, UOB

Very engaging. Able to know more people through the programme.
-Tan Chin Hwa, Senior Trade Officer, Customs

The Team building activities was fun.
-Jaya Subramanian, HRIS, Schneider

To cultivate Team Bonding through games which strengthens our understanding for each other in which it can raise productivity for the company in the near future.
-Dang Hup Yuen, Technician, OILTANKING

Able to get together and Teamwork is very important
-Catherine Liang, senior executive, OILTANKING

The Fun of working together as a Team
-Willie Lui, Master Consultant, NTUC

Lots of humour and punchlines to get the same tacit points across!
-Dianne Swee, Principal, Ascension Kindergarden

It has created bonding and Team building. Understanding on how another party works and communicate.
-Angeline Kua, Senior Executive Assistant, NUHS

It’s my 1st time to a retreat I really enjoyed tremendously. The area is a bit run down, some mosquitos around. Should the place be tidily kept it would b a great place to have a wonderful retreat. Kitchen utensils is not complete like I needed a grater and there is none thus we have to purchase one from Vivo City which is quite expensive. Anyway, we still buy it as we need it. On the whole, it was real great fun both with the FOCUS personnel and our colleagues. Thanks once again to ALL.
-Lee Yoke Yeng Suzanne, Sne Exec Asst, NUHS

We all had fun and its really a good bonding session for us.
-Qianhan, Assistant sales manager, IKANO

Fun and meaningful programme and experienced Facilitator
-Chan Su Min, customer service assistant, TJS

The objective of bonding and working as a Team despite with differences were achieved. Points to improve: The cooking utensils and cutlery were old, dirty.The rain water was also dripping onto the utensils. Sponge was not clean.
-Christina Ng, Executive Secretary, NUHS

Cooking area just outside the training room was fantastic. I had great fun whether you are cooking or just watching my friend doing the cooking. There is a feel of bonding so kampung style.
-Kim Yeo, Executive Secretary, NUHS

Fantastic Facilitators, both TK and Hweeli and even Camera man were awesome!
-Eve Kwek, HR Manager, Schneider

Enhance relationship among each other important as a Team.
-Ng Jen Li, Senior Export Officer, TJS

Teams work is very important.
-Kwek Joo wah, Airforce Engineer, MINDEF

Meeting and get to know each others from different departments. In knowing them better and their reaction.

Able to relate activities to work
-Md Faris, Assistant HSE Engineer, PPL Shipyard

Good job FOCUS!!!! Great time with great people.
-Muhammad Faizal Bin Muhammad Shah, CERT Leader, PPL Shipyard

Good time management and friendly facilitators
-Kiew Choon Meng, Scientist, SIMTech

Good Facilitators, good food.
-Gan Chin Wei, Research Engineer, SIMTech

The entire mode, atmosphere spirit is hightened with a good sense of humour while we were enjoying the fun, we were constantly steered along the learning curve too! Thumbs Up to everyone!
-Kate Lee, PA to ED, SIMTech

The Facilitator, Joey, was able to actively engage with the participants and facilitate learning well. Concepts were clearly articulated throughout the activity. The team, Sabrina , Joey, and others who were there were very hospitable to ensure that our needs are taken care of. Thumbs up to FOCUS Adventure for the great service! Will definitely promote FOCUS service when we have other Team Building events.
-Asiha, SHRE, NTUC

It was fun
-Adrian Ow, Asst Director of Sales, Far East

Participation of everyone. Profiling is a good tool to start understanding your colleagues. Questions remains what next and how to keep the ball rolling.
-Paul Chung, Regional HR Mgr, OILTANKING

Good mix of indoor and outdoor activities.
-MM Wong, IDM, SIMTech

Friendliness of the Facilitator really helped made this into a pleasant experience. I am glad this did not turn out to be another army training camp.
-Foo Yeong Han, IDM, SIMTech

Good Facilitators, good food.
-Gan Chin Wei, Research Engineer, SIMTech

The raft making was fun, wish we could have more time to make it a success.
-Tan Poh Wee, Physicist, NUHS

The lead Facilitator is pretty interesting. The venue and the food. The rafting. Weather.

passing balls to our team members – its very challenging (teamwork and FOCUSING)
-Ho Poh Geck, Patient Care Associate, NUHS