It was a great experience and fun.
-Winnie Cheng, ARIBA

Flexibility! There was less rules and regulation on the race. So it is not confusing and we all enjoyed the time together as a team.
-Michelle, Ciba Vision

Simply awesome!! I was quite skeptical before the programme actually started but was rather impressed overall!!
-Prem, Ciba Vision

The programme was recorded by video and can share the fun immediately together.
-Michael Yeung, Gemalto 

The Lead Facilitator was friendly and approachable which made the programme fun and interesting
-Sandra, HSA

The activities are indeed bond-building!

The Facilitators were friendly and helpful!
-Lindee, HSBC

I enjoyed the High Elements. FOCUS Team’s friendliness. Great job!
-Wang Guojiu, HSBC

The activities were good bonding exercises. Well done.
-Linda Chan, IHUB

The Facilitators were very engaging and funny.
-Michelle Chia, IHU

Really thought our Team Building event was highly effective and well managed. Thoroughly enjoyed the day with plenty of laughs with work colleagues, even with those I had little association with before. Great job to the Facilitators and I highly recommend FOCUS Adventure!
-Wolf Midenberg Karcher, Karcher

Integration of fun in USS with Team Building was effective.
-Tan Yanbin, Loreal

Teamwork was achieved with all EM team and we had Fun!
-Ang Lay Keng, LTA

Getting to know and mix with the young new colleagues whom we sometime don’t even know!
-Anthony, LTA

Teamwork and co-operation amongst the Team members was great. Everyone in the team was able to accommodate one anther.
-Cecilia Lee Pheck Gek, LTA

Most activities require a team effort, so they help in bonding our division in some way.
-Heiryati Kordi, LTA

The Rafting Challenge! is a good experience of how familiar strangers for colleages can group together to co-ordinate co-operate to form a perfect team.
-Jennifer Lim, LTA

Well Organised. Details of each session and instructions were given clearly by the Lead Facilitator Joey. Thank you.
-Kelly Tan, LTA

The Team Building Challenge! was fun and well organised.
-Lee Chor Teck, LTA

The water-based and indoor activities were fun!
-Loo Kim Chwee, LTA

Some of the key areas that made The Team Building Challenge! a pleasant experience for me are Teamwork, fun and enjoyment.
-Lee Teow Hee, LTA

The objectives of the activities – show the teamworks, bonding of the Architecture Division.
-Lim Geok San, LTA

The fun and knowledgable activities!
-Mariana Hussain, LTA

1. All the Facilitators are helpful and good motivators. 2. Greatly appreciate your kind understanding to provide prayer room.
-Mirza Abdul Malik, LTA

The indoor and outdoor activities promote Teamwork!
-Ng Ngin Khwang, LTA

The overall prgramme was ran in a fun, interesting manner and yet stress free.
-Phua Kia Kwang, LTA

Clear instructions to all activities were given.
-Sherlyn Seah, LTA

I really enjoyed the water-based and also the fun indoor activities!
-Steven Loo, LTA

The Rafting Challenge! was indeed a pleasant experience!
-Tang K L, LTA

It was a pleasant experience doing The Rafting Challenge!
-Tang Kar Loke, LTA

The environment of the training venue was relaxing and soothing
-Tay LH, LTA

Sufficient teabreaks that kept us happy well-fed, beside the fun activities.. ^_^
-Winston Khong, LTA

I had lots of fun; i learn Teamwork, had bonding and garnered friendship.
-Yong Poh Lin, LTA

I appreciate the understanding and support given by FOCUS Adventure to the Muslim participants by providing a place for us to perform our prayers. Thank you.
-Zailani Mohd Idria, LTA

I enjoyed the whole activity and presentation very much.
-Cecilia Chua Sheau Yun, Nissan

The morning trasure hunt was a good outdoor exercise for all.
-Lim Kee Wah, NUS

The Cooking Challenge! was interesting and fun.
-Tan Liang Juin, NUS

The Team Building Challenge! was fantastic!
-Wong Wai Fong, NUS

The Facilitators gave lots of encouragement to the participatns!

-Khoo Ke Zin, OCBC

Interesting activities.
-Steve Tan, OCBC

The Facilitator was really friendly and made us feel comfortable.
-Lor Jin Feng, SE CDC

The Team Building Challenge! was held in a unique environment which was conducive for group participation.
-Chua Eng Chun, Singtel

We had a wonderful time. My Team felt charged up and cannot wait for the nextTTeam Building. The Lead Facilitator Shan did a fantastic job bringing across the objectives and messages. Some Team-members had already started their self-reflection during the session. Well done to all – Shan, Jay, Ketut and another gentleman (didnt catch his name) and of course Pauline.
-Eileen Tan, Singtel

This program has given me a chance to bond with my team mates.
-Germaine Lee, Singtel

The activities were fun and interesting. But it was also quite tiring.
-Joleen, Singtel

The challenge was on overcoming fear!
-Kevin Wibowo, Singtel

I was able to experience the High Element activities and overcoming the fear as i know i am doing it under the safe hands and guidance from the Facilitators.
-Lim Beng Lee, Singtel

Getting together as a group on The Geocaching Challenge!
-Mohd Sukhairi, Singtel

There are too many activities and make each too short for the group. But in all, I do enjoy the time spending there.

I enjoyed the whole event. Good job!

Activities were useful for building up Teamwork and critical thinking. Pace of activities was just right, with sufficient rest in-between.
-Lester, ST Aerospace

The fun and laughter is memorable, and I get to see the other side of my colleagues.
-Pei Teng, Tyco


The last seesion on the video show and the karoke time when everybody sing together as a team.
-Sunny Png, Bayer

The Facilitators were responsible and caring. They constantly reminded us to take care of our own safety as well as the safety of other fellow colleagues.
-Alice, IMRE

Activities that promote bonding and Teamwork.
-Alicia, IMRE

The Facilitators kept the tone light, and there were opportunities to interact with different people through the day. Sometimes the take-home message of an activity was a bit of a stretch, or not well articulated, but for the most part the games were engaging and it was fun to work with others and to see how other Teams approached the problem.
-Bill Burkholder, IMRE

The Roller Coaster Challenge! was a well thought out theme!!
-Chua Chee Tee, IMRE

Not too stressful. Good mix of activities.
-Johnson Goh, IMRE

Interaction with other colleagues.
-Low Ying Xiu, IMRE

1.funny; 2. relaxing; 3. knowing each other.
-Peng Xiao Yu, IMRE

The friendliness of the Facilitors from FOCUS, who are alway with smiles.
-Tan Sze Yu, IMRE

Interesting and fun activities.
-Teng Choon Peng, IMRE

The activities are interesting and enjoyable.

Lots of humour. Not too hectic.

Fun and do need to use braincells to create team names, model, etc.

The Facilitators have done a good job, Congrats to the Team! Activity was well-organised and we had a great time with you..once again thank you!
-Hafizah Mohd Salleh, JLand

The Team Building Challenge! makes me feel younger.
-Kelsom, JLand

The relaxed manner in which The Team Building Challenge! was conducted.
-Sharifah Nurulhuda Syed Ibrahim, JLand

Commitment from the group participants. We had new experiencess to grow effectively in our organisation.
-Siti Rokiah Mohamed, JLand

I came to understand that Team Building is very important in the organisation.
-Syima, Jland

The enthusiastic participation of the participants.
-Cai Kiang Liang, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

The energetic FOCUS Team!
-Ruchi Sharma, MAS

This Team Building experience was Unique!
-Tze Wan, MAS

Great learning experience in The Team Building Challenge!
-Xu Weijie, MAS

The Team Building Challenge! was an informal setting with a good mix of indoor and outdoor activities.
-Eng Chew, MOM

It was like sec 3 camp for me, and I truly enjoyed myself after so many years! Many thanks to the FOCUS Team!
-Humaira, MOM

Traniners were enthusiastic. Enjoyable!
-Kelvin, MOM

The Incredible Race! was challenging. It taught me the importance of Teamwork. A good co-operation between Team-players makes a strong Team that is able to achieve better results!
-Suzana Bte Sairi, NTUC

We were able to participate as one united HR team!
-Jessica, NUHS

Good job, FOCUS!
-Patrick, NUHS

Have fun with our fellow friends!
-Tan Joo Eng, NUHS

Encouragement from the Team to achieve the objectives!
-Chong CS, Plant

All the Facilitators have brought all of us a fun, memorable and good bonding with all colleagues to the exciting activity.
-Jessica Tung, Plant

The activities proposed and planned had been useful for team-bonding, thinking out strategies as a team as well as including some fear factor challenges into the games as well (a la-Mousetrap Tower). In many real office situations, fear of failing ad-hoc projects/tasks is always present, like our fear of the mousetrap snapping and hurting someone. But the successful building of a tower using just mousetraps is akin to have successfully complete a project. Excellent faciliatation by FOCUS! 
-Phua Chen Chen, Pfizer

This programme was fun and humorous! At the same time it taught me teamwork, team spirit, trust and there was interaction amongst colleagues.
-Carine Tay, Plant

I particularly enjoyed the listed: Timing (start and end), method of presentations, High Elements, Group challenges, Timed breaks and Encouragement!
-George Vargees Vathakan, Plant

Every Facilitator were very helpful and they led the event in a timely and perfect manner. The Facilitators motivated all the participants; which also make the participants in return become very active. The Facilitators are also humorous, which made the event very lively and fun.
-Jason Lee, Plant

The attitude of the Facilitators were good!
-Regina Koh, Plant

Good activities that energized the atmosphere, the objective behind every activity served good purpose.
-Ronnie Seah, Plant

The whale watch was fun and we could see a good Teamwork presented by the Team-members to stablize the plaform.
-Sekahar Subramaniam

Well done and keep it up.
-Sze Ling, Plant

The Facilitators were able to engage all the participants to immerse in the activities and end as a fun-filled day.

The Team Building Challenge! improved relationships amongst everyone.

There was professionalism in which the programme was handled. The customer-oriented and friendly FOCUS Team who were on hand to help us, the clearly engineered programs to fit our set goals and objectives.
-Sharon Neo, PMI

The small groups we had enhanced interaction amongst colleagues!
-Sharon Ng, PMI

The Energizers were effective ice breakers and our humourous Facilitator maintained good energy level!

The Facilitator enhanced our participation and learning by being able to assist us to get to the end result ourselves instead of spoo- feeding it to us. The learning then became ours.
-Anita, Shatec

The Team Building Challenge! was enjoyable and fun!
-Koh Boon Gek Jason, Shatec

Team Building!
-Beth, Watsons

The Team Building Challenge! was a good time of gathering everyone togethe.
-Carmela Castro, Watsons

Customer Satisfaction!
-Evelyn, Watsons

Team- bonding activities!
-Loh Yew Meng, Watsons

It was good having fun with each other while doing the task. At the same time we also learned!
-Merc Cocain Genova, Watsons

The venue is so relexing.
-Shafinge, Watsons

Every one was more relaxed and grew closer to each other!
-Ronnayot L, Windcor

We could recognise each others likes and dislikes.
-Stan Singh, Windcor

I really had fun and it was a good Team Building in which we got to know each other well!
-Xiao Ying Lisa, Windcor